Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Should I Donate My Boat Or Should I Sell It?

I have an old boat that I no longer use, and it costs me quite a bit of money to keep it stored and insured. Since I am considering choosing to donate or sell it, I also have to keep on maintaining, servicing, and repairing it, which costs even more money. But should I donate my boat or should I sell it? There are pros and cons for both options and I felt it important to consider them.

Should I Sell My Boat?

Selling my boat means that I will get quite a nice sum of money in my hands with which I can do a great many things. On the other hand, it also means that I have to go through the hassle of advertising it, answer countless questions from time wasters, show the boat to those who are interested, and probably haggle on the price. All of that will take time during which I will have to continue to handle the costs associated with owning the boat. Apparently, there are a lot of disadvantages to doing this but the fact that I will get a sizeable chunk of money is a very big advantage as well.

Should I Donate My Boat?

The other option is to donate my boat. Obviously, this means I don't get any cash in my hand at all. However, if I donate to a charity like Rawhide.org, which is 501(c)3 registered, it does mean that I can deduct the value of my donation from my taxable income and reduce my tax due at the end of the year. The fact that I have to pay less tax is quite impressive because it means my disposable income increases. On the other hand, because the boat will be sold at auction, I won't know how much it will sell for and there is a chance that I would have gotten a far greater value had I simply sold it.

So what did I decide to do? I went for the donation option. While it is true that it meant I ended up with only a reduced tax payment amount, the system was quick, easy and hassle-free. Plus, it meant I did something good for the less fortunate, which is a true win/win situation!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Want To Find Out More About Boat Donations?

Buying a boat may have seemed like a good idea at that time when you purchased it. You may have had visions of having fun with your family on a lake, floating about at sunset, doing some fishing, and generally having a good time. And perhaps that vision did come true, and you had years of enjoyment out of your boat. But eventually, there will come a time when the boat will become obsolete for one of many reasons. At that point, you may be interested in finding out about boat donations. Thankfully, you will be happy to know that for sure, there is a charity out there that will happily take the boat off your hands.

How to Find Out More About Boat Donations

Giving donations to a charitable organization is a personal decision. There are a wide range of causes to choose from, ranging from local to international issues, and ranging from those who want to help premature babies to those who want to help abandoned donkeys age in peace. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing your cause.
The internet is a fantastic source to help you find out more about such charities. You can enter some parameters about the things that matter to you, such as the regional scope and the demographic that they support. Make sure that you only search for those who accept boat donations. Once you have done that, the choice is really yours to make.

An Example of Best Practice

The government fully supports charitable giving and allows you to deduct the value of your donation from your taxable income to reduce your taxes. The only caveat is that the charity must be 501(c)3 registered. One charity that accepts boat donations and that has this type of registration is this one. They are also an example of best practice when it comes to donations because they are very efficient, meaning at least 80% of the value of your donation goes directly to the service user.

What really sets them apart, however, is how easy they have made the donation process. Simply tell them you have a donation to make through their online contact form and they will get the ball rolling. Within 30 days, you will no longer be burdened with your boat and have a tax receipt that you will use when filing your income tax.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Why Rawhide is One of The Best Car Donations Charities Madison Has to Offer

There are many car donations charities Madison  for residents to donate their vehicles to. One of them is Rawhide.org, and many people would agree that this is the best one out of the lot. Let's take a look at why this is so.

Rawhide Has Set the Standard for Car Donation Charities Madison Has Available

The first key thing is that Rawhide has set the national example of best practice. They were one of the first charities to accept car donations and it is believed that their founder was also the first American to make a car donation. For decades now, they have used this process to further their fantastic service and they continue to set the standard that other charities look up to.

Rawhide is 501(c)3 registered, which means they have full charitable status. This is confirmed by the IRS. The bonus for you as the donor is that you can deduct the value of your donation from your taxable income. Rawhide is also a highly efficient charity, with ratings between 80% and 95% depending on where you look. This means that, out of ever dollar donated to them, between 80 and 95 cents will go directly to the service user, rather than to administrative, managerial, and marketing/advertising costs.

What Else Makes Rawhide Great?

The fact that Rawhide does everything right and by the book means that you can feel confident in making a donation. Not just that, however, but the work that Rawhide does is also something that should be fully supported. They work with families of at risk youths, providing those young people with therapy, an education, and a variety of other forms of skills training, so that they can become well-rounded adults later on life. This benefits the community as a whole, not just the service users and their families. When young people become properly educated, respectful adults, they can give back to the community through their own employment. Additionally, many of the young people who went through the Rawhide system end up becoming volunteers themselves, further giving back to the community. It is a positive upward spiral, in other words.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Choosing A Good Car Charity Green Bay That Residents Can Trust

Lots of people want to help charities in Green Bay, Wisconsin. However, it is important to choose a car charity Green Bay residents can trust. Donating an old car provides the charity with much-needed funds, while being a benefit to the donor at the same time. After all, you no longer have a vehicle you don't want anymore, and you can deduct the value of your donation from your taxable income so long as your chosen charity is 501(c)3 registered. The only problem is that choosing a car charity can be quite difficult, because there are so many out there.

The Rules of Giving to a Car Charity Green Bay Residents Can Trust

There are just two "rules" that you have to stick to, at least if you want to get the most out of your donation. The first, as mentioned earlier, is that the charity has to be 501(c)3 registered if you want to deduct the value of your donation from your taxable income and reduce your tax due. The charity's website often indicates this, but do confirm it through the IRS as well.
The second rule is that you should donate to an efficient charity, with a rating of at least 80%. This means that 80% of the money you send to them will go directly to the service user rather than being spent on advertising, marketing, or managerial costs, for instance. Essentially, it means that the service user truly benefits from your kindness.

The Hard Part in Giving to a Car Charity

Unfortunately, you will quickly find that the vast majority of charities meet the above two requirements. Hence, when picking a car charity in Green Bay, you have to think about what matters to you. If, for instance, you care about building strong families and, as a result of this, strong communities, then you may want to consider a charity like this one. They work with at risk youths and their families, providing them with the opportunity to turn their lives around for the better.

There are many other options as well. None of them are wrong. It is all down to the things that you, as a donor care about, and those things are generally shaped by life experiences.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Understanding The Process Of Giving to a Car Donation Milwaukee Charity

It is likely that you are aware of the fact that there is a process available that allows giving to a car donation Milwaukee charity. Certain charities have been accepting these types of donations for a few decades now. However, because people don't buy cars all that often, and even fewer give their old ones away, not everybody understands the process involved.

How to Give to a Car Donation Milwaukee Charity

Making a car donation in Milwaukee really couldn't be any easier. This makes sense because the charities want to make sure that this is a convenient option for any potential donors. A charity like this one, for instance, has a simple contact form on their website through which you can tell them your contact details and what you want to donate. They will then get in touch with you to make the necessary arrangements to have the vehicle picked up. Because the charity is 501(c)3 registered, they will send you a tax receipt denoting the value of your donation, which is what you can deduct from your taxable income at the end of the year. It really is that simple.

What Happens After Donating Your Car?

Once you have made a donation, a charity can do a number of things. Firstly, they can sell it at auction, which is what most of them do. It is also possible for the charities to make some improvements on the vehicle so that they can sell it at a higher price. In this case, your charitable deduction will be that of the fair market value of the car when you donated it, not after they have improved it and sold it at a higher price. Last but not least, the charity can keep the car in use, for instance, by donating it to a service user or implementing it as part of overall service delivery. In this case, you can deduct the fair market value from your taxable income.

This also demonstrates the importance of the tax receipt. This should tell you exactly how much you can actually deduct, which may not be the value for which the car was sold, if it is sold at all. Naturally, your chosen charity will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Tips On How To Choose A Donate Car Green Bay Charity

Donating to charity is easy. We all love to do it because it gives us an opportunity to help the less fortunate and support the causes that we believe in. The hard part, however, is to find the donate car Green Bay charity that we feel would be most worthy of our donation. There are a few standard things to look for:
  • A charity should be 501(c)3 registered, which indicates its charitable status and means you can deduct the value of the donation from your taxable income.
  • donate car Green Bay charity should be efficient, meaning at least 80% of the money they obtain through donations will go directly to the benefit of their service users.
But even with that, there might still be still several charities to choose from. Hopefully, the following will help you to choose the one that is right for you.

Choosing a Donate Car Green Bay Charity

There are three main categories of charities, based on what they support:
  1. People
  2. Animals
  3. The environment
This is a good starting point when choosing a particular charity. If you pick the environment, you simply choose a specific environmental cause that you care about and find a charity that matches that. If you pick animals, then you can focus on the type of animal you care about, and there will be a charity to match. But if you choose people, then there are many other possibilities and options that you must consider, too.

Charities Helping People

Charities that help people can further be divided into many subcategories, including:
  • The elderly
  • The young
  • The sick (with a focus on particular illnesses)
  • The disabled (with a focus on particular disabilities)
  • Victims of certain crimes
  • Victims of certain disasters
  • And more
You then also have to determine whether you want to help people locally, nationally, or internationally. Essentially, what you have to try and do is narrow down things by your personal preference. A charity like Rawhide, whose website is available by visiting www.Rawhide.org, for instance, focuses on at-risk young people and their families in the Green Bay area and takes a Christian-centered approach for that. As you can see, that is a very specific type of charity, which may just be exactly what you were looking for.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Reasons To Donate Boat To Charity

If you have a boat but you don't use it anymore, it may be time to consider giving it away to donate boat charities. Charities like Rawhide, for instance, rely on the generosity of people to keep their services running. So why would you consider giving your boat away?

10 Reasons to Donate Boat to Charity

  1. You are doing something good for people who need help, like at risk youths.
  2. You help the environment by recycling something you no longer use, meaning that it's not just sitting there and collecting dust (or algae!).
  3. Donating is much easier than selling, since you don't have to advertise, deal with time wasters, and negotiate on the price.
  4. You can deduct the value of your boat from your taxable income, thus reducing your taxes, after you donate it.
  5. You have the freedom to choose which charity you want to support and make a very significant impact straightaway.
  6. You will no longer be responsible for the various associated costs of owning a boat, including registration fees, docking fees, insurance, maintenance, taxes, fuel, and so on.
  7. You can donate a boat that is no longer running or in a state of disrepair.
  8. The process of making boat donations has becoming increasingly easy over the years.
  9. You can see the impact of the charitable work you have supported in your own community, depending on the charity you chose
  10. You no longer have to feel guilty about owning something quite expensive that you don't really use.

The Process of Giving to a Donate Boat Charity

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to donate a boat and you will be happy to know that the process is incredibly easy:
  1. Pick a charity that is 501(c)3 registered, which means you can deduct the value of your donation from your taxes.
  2. Arrange for them to pick up your boat.
  3. Wait for them to sell it at auction or do other work with it.
  4. Await your tax receipt.
  5. Deduct the value of your donation from your taxable income.
As you can see, the process is simple and easy. Add to that the fact that you do something good for your community and the world in general, and there should be nothing standing in your way to donating your boat.