Sunday, February 18, 2018

Donate a Vehicle Green Bay and Make Someone Else Happy

Why donate a vehicle Green Bay Charities succeed

As consumers, we are known for changing our minds and making upgrades throughout life. Houses, clothes, jobs - all of these things have a logical progression as we made other lifestyle changes. Another thing that we tend to go through relatively quickly are vehicles, which can be useful for many years at a time, but still wear out the more we use them. As consumers, we always want to upgrade to newer, nicer and better model cars and trucks, but what happens to the old ones that we’re no longer using?

For many, the process of selling or trading in their original car is a part of the upgrade process, but for others, this isn’t the case and they’ll be left with a car or truck that they’re no longer using that they must find something to do with. Some people will need to get rid of these vehicles so that they aren’t tasked with paying for upkeep, registration and other fees on cars that they aren’t driving. When you donate a vehicle Green Bay, a lot can happen.

Donate a Vehicle Green Bay for Good

The cars and trucks that you’ll be giving to charities for these donations are often older models, meaning that they don’t have the same types of features and extras that newer vehicles do, but they’re still useful.

The charities that accept car donations often have a lot of different potential uses for them. They can be scrapped for parts if they are not usable or roadworthy. They may be used by the people that work for and with the charities in order to get patrons and users to and from different locations or to meet needs for the groups. The most common option, though, is that they are collected and sold at auction. This means that the vehicles will be able to provide transportation to someone that may not otherwise be able to own their own car, truck or SUV, and it will raise money for the charity when it is sold.

Even older cars are still worth something, and the money raised from this type of sale is very beneficial for charities like this one that rely on the kindness and generosity of donors like you to meet their yearly fundraising goals.Sure, donations of things like food and time are great, but a car? Wow, that’s really something special.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Four Steps Donors Need To Take In Giving To A Car Donation Milwaukee Charity

Have you ever considered donating a car to charity? If so, you may think that it must be quite complicated. After all, selling your car is a lengthy, complex process. Fortunately, in reality, there are only four steps that donors need to take in giving to a car donation Milwaukee charity, and only the first one could be seen as slightly complicated.

The First Step in Giving to a Car Donation Milwaukee Charity

The one and only complexity about making a car donation is choosing a worthy charity. There are so many causes, all of them good, that it is hard to choose one over the other. There are charities that work with young people, old people, and animals. There are also charities that focus on diseases, the environment, combating loneliness. The list is endless and there are no right or wrong answers. Only you can determine which charity you feel is deserving of your generosity. That said, there are three things in particular that you should look for:
  1. That the charity accepts car donations
  2. That the charity is efficient, meaning they actually spend the money from your donation on their cause
  3. That the charity is 501(c)3 registered, which means they have charitable status and that you can deduct your donation from your taxable income

The Other Three Steps to Making a Car Donation

Clearly, the hard part is choosing a charity. Should you have chosen one, for instance, then you are ready to make your donation and this requires just three more simple steps:
  1. Contact your chosen charity. With Rawhide, you can do so online. This is how you tell them that you have a donation to make.
  2. Wait for them to contact you back to ask for further details, explain the process to you, and arrange a date and time that is convenient to you to have the vehicle picked up.
  3. Wait for your tax receipt to arrive in the post and/or via email, which should be in around 30 days. This is what you need to claim the deduction at the end of the year.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

When to Donate a Car Madison

Donate a Car Madison to Help Those in Need

People need all kinds of things to lead full and happy lives, and one of these things is to feel like they have the ability to succeed. This can come in many different forms, but one of the most telling indicators is that people feel as if they have a purpose and a drive. Charities are created to help people that need something a little extra, and one of these things is the ability to own and maintain their own vehicle. Cars and trucks do not come cheap from traditional locations, which is why buying one from a charity auction is so appealing to people in need.

Charities often sell vehicles for amounts that are well below what would be paid at a dealership or through a private sale, but this doesn’t mean that the vehicles are subpar. Sure, most of them are not brand new or equipped with a ton of extras, but they are still reliable, still useful and can make a difference to those that drive them. When you donate a car Madison, you're doing a lot more than you'd think. 

Car Donation Madison: The Donations Keep on Giving

Cars and trucks are accepted by many charities all throughout the year, meaning that no matter when you come into ownership of an extra vehicle, you can get rid of it if you choose to. This means that if you inherit your grandma’s old car, or you are able to purchase a new one on your own without trading the old one in, you can connect with a charity and begin the donation process. By dropping it off at a predetermined location or arranging for a representative to come and pick it up, you can complete the donation.

Your old vehicle will be used, but this doesn’t mean that it will be used in a traditional manner. Some of the donated vehicles will be resold, others will be used by the organizations themselves in order to provide transportation to those that need them, and the rest will be scrapped or sold for parts. This last thing only happens when the donated vehicles are not safe to be driven or would cost too much to be fixed, but this means that they can still be useful.

Cars and trucks that have reached the end of their usefulness for one person or family are not always on the way out for everyone involved; sometimes it just takes a little bit of thinking outside the box to make the most of your situation. To find out more, visit!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How Can Giving To Vehicle Donations Milwaukee Charities Help?

Many of us do what we can to support charities and the less fortunate. We often drop our spare change in a collection bucket, make regular donations to a chosen charity, participate in a food bank drive and so on. Indeed, some of us even give to vehicle donations Milwaukee charities, meaning we give our old cars to charity. Every little thing helps, as they say, but few of us truly understand how a vehicle donation can help. What is it that charities do with the money they obtain from the donated vehicle, in other words?

How Vehicle Donations Milwaukee Charities Spend Your Money

Exactly how a charity will use the donations they receive from you will depend entirely on the cause that it supports. Naturally, a charity with a focus on combating loneliness in elderly people will spend money in very different ways from a charity that focuses on abandoned donkeys. This is why what really matters is the efficiency of the charity. Organizations such as Charity Navigator will tell you in a percentage how efficient is a particular charity. This percentage tells you how many cents of every donated dollar goes directly to the service users. A good charity is one with a consistent efficiency rating of at least 80%.

You will probably find that a lot of charities score far below that. They spend your donated money on things such as administrative and management costs, advertising costs, and costs to hire a middleman to help with vehicle donations. Their argument is that by spending more, they are able to collect more and therefore have more to spend on the service user, but this is debatable. Naturally, some expenditures are to be expected, but any more than 20% gives you bad value for money.

The Rawhide Example

One of the best vehicle donations Milwaukee charities is Rawhide, with website at They actually pioneered the system itself and they have a fantastic efficiency rating, ranging from 82% to 92%. Their work supports at risk young people and their families, helping them develop into balanced, contributing adults. Their work, as such, benefits the entire community for generations to come. So if you want to know how your donation helps, all you really have to do is look around you.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Can I Donate My Boat To Charity?

When the kids were young, my husband and I decided to buy a boat. We thought it would be fun to spend weekends on the lake, swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. And we were right. We have had years of fun with the boat, but we are getting older and the kids have moved out. This led me to wonder whether or not I could donate my boat to charity, and I was very happy to find out that yes, I can.

Why I Decided to Donate My Boat to Rawhide

The boat had served its purpose for us and it's now just sitting there and costing us money. Then, I came across Rawhide's website, at This is a Christian-based charity that works with at risk young people and their families. I fell in love with the work that they do! They are such a supportive group and they make a huge difference in the lives of not just their service users, but also the community as a whole. Most of the volunteers there, for instance, had been service users when they were young themselves. It was clear that, since I wanted to donate my boat to charity, this was going to be the charity that would get it.

Do You Want to Do the Same?

If you have an old boat, or any other vehicle that you no longer use, I want to urge you to donate it to charity. It makes a real, tangible difference to the work these organizations do, and it means a cause that you care about can get the help it so desperately needs. Before you do, make sure, however, that:
  1. The charity is 501(c)3 registered, which means they have official charitable status. It also means that you can deduct the value of your donation from your taxable income and reduce your tax at the end of the year.
  2. The charity is efficient, meaning that most of the money they raise will actually go towards helping their service users. Check Charity Navigator, for instance, for ratings and look for an efficiency rating of 80% or more.
  3. That you're working with a charity and not with a for profit middleman.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

How To Find A Boat Donation Near Me

If you want to donate a boat to charity, you firstly deserve a word of thanks. Your kindness will make a real difference to the cause that you believe is worthy of your help and this, in turn, will benefit society as a whole. However, you may now ask, "how do I find a boat donation near me"? If so, then the following information may be of benefit to you.

What Not to Do When Finding a Boat Donation Near Me

There is one key thing that you should not do if you want to donate a boat, and that is to respond to huge, expensive, advertisements. If you see a call for donations on a billboard, a bus stop, television, a magazine, or the papers, or you hear about it on the radio, then you need to avoid it. Those types of advertisements cost a lot, so they mean one of two things:
  1. The charity is wasting money donated to them by spending it on advertisements.
  2. You are actually dealing with a for profit middleman who only passes on a tiny portion of the money raised (sometimes as little as 5% in fact) from the donation to the charitable organization.

What to Do When Looking for a Boat Donation Program

Now that you know what not to do, you also need to know what you should do instead. The best way to find a boat donation program is by going online. You can enter details about your geographical location on your favorite search engine and a list of charities will come up. Make sure that you make sure that the website actually belongs to the charity itself, and not to a middleman, once again.

If you also need to know how the process of boat donations work, then do check out a website like They have pioneered the system of vehicle donations and were in fact one of the first charities to accept these types of donations. They have an easy to use contact form on their website, have the proper charitable organization registration, and are a very efficient charity.

Friday, January 26, 2018

When They Donate Car To Charity Madison, Donors Will Realize How Much It Can Help

Have you ever wondered just how many will benefit from a simple act of kindness? When they donate car to charity Madison donors will realize that the benefits are far-reaching, probably far more so than expected initially. When you donate, you may feel that all you are doing is supporting a charity - which, by the way, is a very important benefit in and of itself - but you are actually doing far more. Let's take a look.

When They Donate Car to Charity Madison Donors Will Help the Charity

Obviously, when you donate a vehicle to charity, that charity can benefit from it. It means that they can provide more and better support to their service users. But it is not just the charity that will benefit, but the entire community will actually become stronger. Consider a charity like, for instance, who works with at risk youths and their families. Through their work, these youths do not slip through the net and end up a drain on society. Instead, they grow into respectable, contributing adults who support their community as a whole.

A Car Donation Will Also Benefit the Planet

The second big benefactor of your kindness is the planet as a whole. Vehicles are made of highly recyclable materials. In fact, 95% of the elements of a car can be reused to build new cars or a variety of other products. This is why car donation charities will generally also accept vehicles that don't run at all anymore, as they can sell them to recycling plants. When you recycle, the entire planet benefits as it means less carbon emissions and more sustainability.

A Car Donation Will Also Benefit the Donor

Most people don't donate to charity because they want some benefits for themselves, but it is okay to be thanked for your kindness. The government actually shows its appreciation to you by allowing you to deduct the value of your donation from your taxable income at the end of the year. Make sure, therefore, that you donate to a 501(c)3 registered organization, meaning they have charitable status, and that you get a tax receipt.