Thursday, April 27, 2017

How Vehicle Donations Can Be Used as Fundraising for Charities

How Vehicle Donations Can Be Used as Fundraising for Charities

Looking for a way to raise funds for your charity or nonprofit organization? Consider accepting vehicle donations.  Unlike clothing and household items, car and boat donations can be put to use in a variety of ways throughout charities.  The first (as you may have guessed) is direct use of the vehicle within the charity.  Chances are that you have more than a few uses for a vehicle, whether that be moving canned goods or bringing supplies to the haven.  The second, you may not have thought about: Auction and scrap metal.  Both of which can bring in a few hundred dollars per vehicle donations to charity Milwaukee.

Many charities are already accepting vehicle donations to charity Milwaukee and putting the extra capital to use to better their programs and services throughout the community.  For example, Rawhide has been accepting car and boat donations for many years.  In fact, they've even arranged free pick-up to help donors who don't have a way to tow the car or boat they want to donate.

Not a Charity? Why to Consider Vehicle Donations

If you're not an organization but this article happen to catch your eyes, it's worth noting that vehicle donations to charity Milwaukee are a great way to supply the charity of your choice with a sizable donation that will make an impact on their mission.  Unlike clothing and household items, car and boat donations give charities capital assets that they can auction off for higher monetary values or simply provide and fulfill transportation needs within the charity.

The best part?  If you choose to donate with a 501 c recognized charity, you can use the receipt of donation as a tax deduction on your federal taxes.  Simply save the receipt for your records and remember to turn it into your accountant or tax preparer when tax season comes along.  So instead of selling that old car for a price you know you're going to resent, consider donating it to a charity that you truly believe in.  Give new life to that car and support your community, too!

How Charities Use Car Donations to Fund their Mission

How Charities Use Car Donations to Fund their Mission

Believe it or not, car donations are quickly becoming one of the quickest and easiest ways for charities to raise funds for their mission. In many cases, these car donations Milwaukee supply the means of transportation and save the charity thousands of dollars because they don't have to buy a vehicle.  This is especially helpful to charities that provide transportation services. However, the charity doesn't have to have transportation services.  Whether the vehicle is in working condition or not, it can still be used to incur funds for the charity.  If they can, they will auction the vehicle but even the money from scrap metal can go far when it comes to purchasing supplies for the charity.

Could it get any better than giving your old wheels new life by donating to charity?  Why, yes it can.  If you donate with an IRS recognized charity, you can use the receipt you get after completing your donation to file a tax deduction on your annual federal taxes.  Simple save the receipt for your records and make sure it's included in the files you hand over to your tax preparer.

Where to Complete Car Donations

Looking for a credible place to donate your old car?  Consider Rawhide.  This faith-based charity has been working with Wisconsin's children for over 40 years.  Together with their caring staff and volunteers, they provide correctional programs to at-risk youths and their children.  Over the years, they've helped to redirect the lives of thousands of children and prepared them to create a beautiful life.  When you donate your old car to Rawhide, your helping them continue a legacy of work that always has the same focus: Wisconsin's children.

To start the donation process with Rawhide, simply visit their website and fill out a contact form or give them a call directly.  You'll be asked a few questions about the car you're trying to donate as well as the location they'll need to pick the vehicle up from.  After that, all you have to do is wait for your pickup day and receive your receipt.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Make a Car Donation or Volunteer With Rawhide

Make a Car Donation or Volunteer With Rawhide

Many of us would like to help our community in some way, but many of us do not have the financial means to make a cash or even a car donation. Luckily, there are many volunteer opportunities out there that simply require our time.

Volunteer With Rawhide

Rawhide is an organization that helps at risk youths to overcome behavioral issues and become productive members of society. Rawhide accepts a variety of donations, such as cash, stocks and bonds or even a car donation Green Bay. However, Rawhide also offers many ways you can help through volunteering, including:

  • Transportation: Many of the boys at Rawhide do not have reliable transportation, so they have difficulty getting to places like work, school, or church. Volunteers can help out by providing rides for these boys to get where they need to go.
  • Foster Care: Many of these boys come from less than desirable living situations or cannot care for themselves independently. Foster parents can help by providing these boys with a temporary but loving environment in which to live as they work to get their lives back on track.
  • Tutoring: Many of the boys at Rawhide are lacking in basic academic skills. While Rawhide does provide many educational opportunities for them, sometimes they need a little extra help. One-on-one tutoring can help them to learn at their own pace and become more confident in their abilities.
  • Special Events: Rawhide hosts events here and there to help benefit the organization. You can volunteer to help out with these events to ensure that they are a success.
  • Mentoring: While the boys do gain work experience and learn how to apply for jobs during their time with Rawhide, doing so in the real world can still be a daunting task. Having a mentor to help them make that transition can make a big difference in their lives as they actually become independent.

Many people have come to realize what meaningful work Rawhide does for the boys it helps, prompting them to volunteer and make a difference. In fact, many boys who have been helped by Rawhide have been known to come back and volunteer their own time in helping other boys.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Snowmobiles Can Be Vehicle Donations!

Snowmobiles Can Be Vehicle Donations!
Winter may be over, but for those of you who just love the snow, you may already be looking forward to next winter. If this is the case, there s a good chance you may enjoy snowmobiling. If you have never been snowmobiling before, start learning now so that you are all ready to go by the time the snow starts to fall again!

Tips for Snowmobiling

  • Make sure the snowmobile you buy or rent is in good condition. If you want to buy one but are tight on money, consider buying one from a charity that accepts vehicle donations.
  • Before you hit the snow, make sure the battery has plenty of life left in it.
  • Keep emergency supplies with you at all times while riding, including a blanket, matches, cell phone, first aid kit, food, water, etc.
  • Do not ride alone. Instead, have at least one other person with you in case you need any assistance.
  • Make sure someone knows where you will be and when you will be back before you leave.
  • Never leave your snowmobile under an avalanche path.
  • Do not wear cotton as an attempt to stay warm; this will only leave you wet and cold.
  • Do not stray too far from where you are familiar. Doing so is a good way to get lost.
Snowmobiling can be a blast, but like other hobbies, it is not for everyone. If you give it a shot and realize that you don't enjoy it or simply do not have the time for it, you may as well get rid of your snowmobile and make a little money off of it.

To get rid of your snowmobile, you could take the time to try to sell it. However, there is another option. There are many charities out there that accept vehicle donations Green Bay, so consider giving it to one of them! If you donate your snowmobile to a charity that is recognized as a 501 (c)(3) organization, you should be able to claim your donation as a tax deduction and get some money back. Wondering where to donate your snowmobile for a tax deduction? We encourage you to check out Rawhide!

Understanding Car Donation Services

Where Are Car Donation Services Available?

Understanding Car Donation Services
If you’ve got a car that you’re looking to get rid of but don’t want to go through the hassle of putting it up for sale or trying to work with a dealership, look no further than your local charity organizations. Many of these charities offer the ability for people to make large donations of things like cars, trucks, ATVs and even boats when they have them on hand - people just need to know where to look.

Many locations across the country allow for people to make donations of this nature, but car donation services Madison go one step further: they allow donors to schedule a pick up service for vehicles that cannot be driven for one reason or another. When you find the organization that you’d like to donate to, you can consult with the website in order to get a better idea of what will go into the process, where your vehicle will go and what the money raised by the sale will be able to accomplish. In short, though your vehicle donation may seem like something small, it has a huge reach… and the best part is that the donation process is not at all complicated, even though it is thorough.

Utilizing Car Donation Services

The only thing that you need to do in order to make the donation of a car to charity is have ownership of the vehicle and be willing to part with it for no profit. Even though you won’t be making any money by giving it away, you’ll be entitled to a tax deduction, as long as the vehicle’s paperwork is properly filled out and completed at the time of the title transfer. If you’re unsure of what your vehicle is worth, the representatives of the charity will be able to advise you about the best course of action to take to make sure that you get the right credit for your tax filing.

Using car donation services will do a lot of good for a lot of people, even though it may not seem that way. The charity that initially takes over the vehicle will make money when the vehicle is finally sold, providing them an opportunity to continue helping those that need it by way of creating opportunities for programs, classes, supplies and fundraisers. In addition to this,the people that end up purchasing the vehicle from the charity will also benefit via the acquisition of their own personal car or truck, allowing them to set their own schedules and establish some independence and confidence for a much lower cost than there would be by doing business with a lot or a dealership.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Did You Know You Can Donate a Vehicle to Charity?

Did You Know You Can Donate a Vehicle to Charity?

Before you call the scrap yard or put up those Craiglist adds, I've got a question: Did you know you can donate a vehicle to charity?  It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about donating to charity, but it's a great way to make a sizable donation to a charity you truly believe in.  Not only can charities often get more from your old vehicle, you can save yourself the heartache of trying to sell a car that isn't exactly holding its value.

So instead of feeling upset that your old wheels are pulled for scrap or just flat angry that you didn't make much money back on the car, consider giving back to your community.

How to Donate a Vehicle with Rawhide

Lucky for you, Rawhide has been accepting car donations for many years. Their process is not only quick and easy, it's extremely easy to use.  All you have to do is visit the Rawhide website or give them a call directly and tell them you'd like to donate.  The representative will take your information as well as information about the car in order to determine what kind of tow-truck they'll need to send with the pick-up volunteer.

In the meantime, you should clean the vehicle of any personal belongings you may wish to keep.  Once the car has been towed to the charity, Rawhide can't ensure that any personal belongings left behind can be recovered.

Once Rawhide has put your vehicle donation to use, they will provide you with a receipt that you can use to apply a deduction to your federal income tax.  This form has all of the necessary information you need to communicate your charitable act with the IRS.

When you donate with Rawhide, it really is that easy!  So if you need to get rid of your old car (or are looking for a place for donating boats to charity Wisconsin), consider choosing Rawhide.  Not only can you ensure an extremely easy donation process, you can feel good knowing that the charity you've just donated to impacts the lives of thousands of children for the better every year.

Why Vehicle Donation Is Better than Selling for Scrap

Why Vehicle Donation Is Better than Selling for Scrap

When your old set of wheels is on its last legs, you may be tempted to call the scrap yard and get ready to taste disappointment when the tow guy hands you 200 dollars and calls it a day. But what if I told you there's an option where you can feel good even when the tow guy shows up? Consider vehicle donation.

Believe it or not, many charities accept old cars and boats as donations to their mission.  In some cases, the charity can use the old car or boat directly within the charity for transport or activity.  In other cases, the charity will auction the vehicle or scrap it themselves to incur funds for their mission.  Unlike household and clothing donations, cars and boats give local charities a great way to earn money for their services and programs.

The best part?  You can even use the receipt you get from your donation as a deduction on your federal incomes taxes.  Just make sure you remember it when it comes time to sit down with your accountant or tax service.

Rawhide for Boat and Vehicle Donation

Looking for somewhere to complete your car donation?  Consider donating to Rawhide.
Rawhide is a faith-based charity that works with at-risk children and their families to form positive coping methods.  Through a combination of counselors, therapists, and volunteers, Rawhide corrects at-risk youths with educational programs that form positive coping methods as well as teach families how to communicate with their children. Over the course of 40+ years, Rawhide has helped to redirect the lives of thousands of children.

All you have to do to begin your donation with Rawhide is visit their website or pick up the phone.  You'll be asked a few questions about the car or boat you want to donate, as well as your location.  After the representative has determined what kind of tow-truck is needed for the job, he or she will arrange a free pick-up.  While you wait for pick-up, make sure that you've removed all your personal objects and checked the CD Player for your old mixes.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why Vehicle Donation Is So Important

Understanding Vehicle Donation

Why Vehicle Donation Is So Important
Cards and trucks drive down every street in the nation multiple times a day, coming and going from houses and businesses whenever their occupants need to. This is something that happens without too much notice being taken, but for people without access to cars of their own, seeing other people riding around town can be difficult to watch. Ownership of a vehicle is something that many people take for granted, which is why the process of vehicle donation is so important. When people choose to give their old cars or trucks to charitable organizations, not only are they giving the charity a chance to make some extra money, they are also giving the less fortunate a chance to purchase and own a vehicle of their own at a fraction of the cost of buying one new or from a dealership. The process is a quick one, made simple for everyone involved to entice people to repeat donations and to pass along positive recommendations via word of mouth.

The Vehicle Donation Process

To start, charities will advertise that they accept the donation of cars, trucks, boats and other types of motorized transportation. They will provide information for people that want to donate - or are thinking of making a donation - and give people a better idea what to expect throughout the donation process.

When it comes to vehicle donation Madison, the first steps are often the most difficult, simply because they require entering personal and vehicular information into a form and ensuring that things are correct. From there, a representative of the organization will contact you to ensure that things are in order, and to set up the final donation. This can be done by bringing the vehicle to a specified vehicle drop off location, or by scheduling a pick up for cars or boats that cannot be transported safely or easily.

On the day of the donation, the title of the vehicle will exchange hands, as well as a record of the donation. This can be used when filing the yearly taxes for the year of the donation, allowing donors to claim it as a deduction and receive credit. While this is an incentive to making the donation, it is not the main reason that many choose to give to a car donation charity.

From the time that your vehicle gets taken over by the charity to the time it ends up in someone else’s hands, it will undergo a safety inspection, have any necessary repairs made, and be ensured to be fit for the road. These cars and trucks may not be brand new or in perfect condition, but for someone that is accustomed to riding the bus or depending on friends and family for rides, they are just as enticing as something with zero miles rolling off the assembly line.