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Donate Car: Frequently Asked Questions

Donate Car: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to help a charity in need of financial contributions, then consider donating your vehicle. The charity can auction off the vehicle and use the proceeds to benefit programs. The entire process is rather straightforward and most charities will be extremely happy to receive your donation.

If you are looking to donate car, here are answers to frequently asked questions about the process.

What Vehicles Can I Donate?

That depends on the actual charity. Most are able to accept all types of vehicles, including trucks, boats, RVs, and even motorcycles. However, other charities may not be adequately equipped to handle vehicle donations. For this reason, it is important to contact the charity ahead of time and provide more information about the vehicle, including its overall condition.

Is There a Charge to Donate My Vehicle?

If you donate a car to an organization such as Rawhide, there is absolutely no charges or fees that you will need to pay. Simply contact the charity and they will be able to arrange for free pick-up services. Even better would be if you drove down the car to the charity to help them save on transportation costs.

What Paperwork Do I Need to File?

In order to donate your car you will need to complete and file some paperwork. Every vehicle has a title with the name of the owner. Before making the donation you will need to drive to your local DMV office and transfer the title to the name of the charity. This way you won’t be held liable for any parking tickets or other infractions that the vehicle may receive.

How Much Can I Claim?

The IRS lets contributors make deductions in different ways. If the charity sells the vehicle at an auction for $4,000. for example, then that is the maximum amount that you can claim on your tax returns. You can claim the vehicle’s fair market value if the charity decides to use the vehicle in its own operations. This is important as it means that you can maximize your tax deduction. Be sure to consult with a tax advisor for more information on how to properly claim vehicle donations on your tax returns.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Boat Donation: Should I Itemize My Tax Deductions

Boat Donation: Should I Itemize My Tax Deductions

If you have made a large donation like a boat donation to a charity during a given tax year, you should certainly itemize your deductions in order to realize the value of your contribution.  There are, however, certain categories of individuals who are limited in how much they can take as a deduction on Federal Income Tax.

Boat Donation and the Standard Deduction

 Almost everyone who files taxes is entitled to take a standard personal deduction.  The standard deduction varies, depending upon the year and the personal situation of the tax filer.  There are also certain categories of people who cannot utilize the standard deduction.  These individuals will definitely be able to write off a boat donation .  Here are some categories people may fall in to prevent them from taking the standard deduction:

  • Someone who is married and filing taxes separately and whose spouse itemizes deductions cannot take a standard deduction.
  • If an individual files a tax return for a period of less than 12 months because of a change in her accounting period he or she must itemize deductions.
  • Those who are nonresident aliens or dual status aliens for the tax year are not entitled to the standard deduction.

Who Should Itemize?
There are also a number of categories of individuals who will definitely benefit by itemizing deductions because of their personal circumstances.  These people should have no trouble writing off boat donations.  These categories include:

  • Those who had a large, uninsured medical or dental expense should itemize deductions.
  • Individuals who paid interest on a mortgage or taxes on a home definitely benefit from the ability to itemize.
  • People who run their own businesses often have many expenses they can deduct.  Sometimes it is also the case that people working for employers incur similar unreimbursed expenses.  These are also deductible.
  • Uninsured casualty of theft losses are tax deductible under the right circumstances.  A qualified tax preparer can help to determine if the losses qualify.
  • Individuals who made large charitable contributions, like the donation of a boat mentioned earlier, benefit from itemizing deductions for their Federal Income Tax returns.
For more information about itemizing your tax deductions after boat donation, visit

Vehicle Donations: Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Donations: Frequently Asked Questions

Making a donation is the best way to help those less fortunate whether you are donating your money, time or even both. Another way to contribute to a good cause is by donating things you may not longer use. If you have a car that has been gathering dust, why not donate it instead? You clear up space on your driveway and even get tax benefits as a result.

The following looks at frequently asked questions about vehicle donations.

What Vehicles Can Be Donated?

Most charities are more than happy to accept vehicles of all types such as cars, trucks, trailers, boats, and even motorcycles. However, some may only be willing to accept those that are still in working condition. Confirm ahead of time before making your donation.

What Paperwork Do I Need?

You cannot simply drop off your car at the charity and walk away. You will need to go to your local DMV to transfer the title to the name of the charity. This is absolutely necessary; otherwise you could be held liable for any infractions that the vehicle may receive while in operation.

What Are the Tax Benefits?

If you donate a vehicle to a charity, you can claim a tax deduction on your tax return. Deductions typically depends on what the charity does with the vehicle. If the charity sells the vehicle, then you can claim a deduction based on the sale price. In other cases, you can claim the fair market value of the car. Speak with an accountant if you are unclear about how to claim a tax deduction for donating your vehicle.

What Happens to the Vehicle?

It all depends on the charity. Some charities may choose to use the vehicle for themselves, such as to transport goods around. Others may instead choose to auction off the vehicle and use the proceeds for other matters. The charity you decide to donate to should be more than happy to tell you what your contribution does.

Donating a car is incredibly beneficial, both to the community and the charity. The entire process is also relatively straightforward.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Benefits You Get When You Donate a Car in Milwaukee

It may seem simple to give your vehicle to your favorite organization. You only need to find one that has a cause that you can really get behind and hand over your keys. Well, that's how it seems on the surface, but once you learn of the steps involved, you'll more than likely have mixed feelings. There is no question that there are a lot of small details that need to be addressed when you donate a car Milwaukee charities can use, but once you do, you'll be surprised at what you gain when you donate a car.

Tax Benefits

Benefits You Get When You Donate a Car in Milwaukee
In Milwaukee donate a car to charity, and just like in other communities, there is a reward in it for you too. If you follow all of the guidelines set out by the IRS, you should be able to claim the donation on your taxes. This can reduce your taxable income for the year and perhaps end up giving you a bigger return.

Benefits to Your Community

Once you donate a car Milwaukee organizations can benefit from, you can feel good in knowing that you're doing something for your community. There are many organizations that are struggling to make ends meet and your donation may be just the extra help they need to keep afloat. They have the choice of using your donation, selling it outright and using the funds, auctioning it off to the highest bidder, or sending it to the salvage yard. Either way, you can feel confident that when you donate a car to charity it will be going to the benefit of those in your community that you care about.

There are thousands of great organizations you can choose from when you're ready to make your gift. Only you can choose the best charity to donate a car to. One thing for sure is that when you make a vehicle donation, the organization you choose will appreciate it. No matter how large or small the gift is, it will be one that can be put to good use. In Milwaukee donate a car, you are giving your favorite organization that all important boost they need to make a difference in the world around them and make it a better place.

Friday, March 11, 2016

What You Should Know About Making a Car Donation in Milwaukee

On the surface, it seems like a relatively simple thing to donate a car to your favorite charity. Just call the charity to see if they accept old vehicles then turn the car over to them. However, there are cases where it can be much more involved than a simple phone call. If you're planning to get the most out of the donation where both you and the charity can benefit, then it's time to look a little closer at the process, particularly in choosing the charity for a car donation.

For Tax Deduction

What You Should Know About Making a Car Donation in Milwaukee
In the past, it was a simple process. The IRS allowed everyone who made a Milwaukee car donation to declare the fair market value on their income tax returns. But today, the IRS has tightened the rules and this type of deduction is only allowed under special circumstances.

Deductions Must Be Itemized

If you plan to use the fair market value as a deduction on your income taxes, the IRS will require you to itemize your deductions when you file. That means that you will not be able to file a 1040EZ return but will have to use the long form when claiming your donation as a deduction. This is required even if the car donation Milwaukee is your only deduction.

Must Use a Qualifying Charity

Your car donation charity Milwaukee organization also must meet certain qualifications. This means that your chosen organization must be approved by the IRS under an exempt status or is a 501 (c)(3) organization. So, you may think that your child's soccer club may be worthy of your old car but the IRS may not agree. The only exception to this rule is in the case of religious organizations. They are considered as qualifying charities although they are not listed as a 501 (c)(3) organizations.

If you have plans to donate your vehicle to a Milwaukee car donation charity, there are many factors that need to be considered. It pays to make sure of all the details before you make the donation. That way both you and the organization can benefit from the donation. If for some reason you're not sure if your donation or the charity qualifies, it pays to contact the IRS directly to find out before you give your car.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Where to Find Car Donation Services

Have you ever thought about car donation services, but shied away because you didn’t know how they worked?  Well shy away no more because car donation services Madison are easier than you think.  No matter what type of vehicle, no matter what type of condition, Rawhide wants to help you take that old vehicle and turn it into a tax deduction that helps the local youth at the same time.  All you need is a vehicle, the title to that vehicle, and the time to contact Rawhide through their car donation service Madison contact form or by phone.
Where to Find Car Donation Services

Donating Your Car

Online or over the phone, you can set up a free pick-up of your unwanted vehicle. Give Rawhide a call, set up a time that works for both of you to get the vehicle, have the title ready, and your unwanted vehicle will be gone before you know it.
Madison car donation services through Rawhide will ensure that your old vehicle is being used to fund one of the greatest gifts we can give the youth, education.  That funding for education is also returned to you in the form of a 100% tax deduction for the entire value Rawhide receives for your vehicle. The Rawhide Madison car donation service is just a quick, easy, and responsible way to ensure your old car is put to its best use without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.  

Before you simply scrap that old car that’s degrading in your driveway, think about Rawhide’s car donation services Madison.  You can’t go wrong with helping the kids in need by cashing in your vehicle in need. Save yourself from the headache of selling, or scrapping, your car, and give Rawhide’s Madison car donation service a try.  You can rest easier at night knowing you have helped a young life in need by choosing your local Madison car donation service through The Rawhide Ranch.

What’s better than a tax deduction?  That old unused vehicle will be transformed into a means of developing the youth around the nation.  With Madison car donation services made that easy, it would be crazy to do anything else.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Donating Boats to Charity Is Easy

An issue that comes up continually on a popular reality-based cable television show about a pawn shop is that the owner doesn't allow any of his employees to purchase boats for the business to resell.  While boats are a lot of fun for folks with sufficient disposable income, they can be, apparently, a terrible investment.  There are a few reasons why selling boats is very difficult and donating boats to charitable causes may be a better solution.

Reasons Why Boats Are Hard to Sell

  1. Lots of boat owners really enjoy boating.  For that reason, there are always many boating enthusiasts who are wanting to upgrade to a larger or fancier boat.  This leaves a lot of boats that are still in really good condition on the market.
  2. Most boat owners maintain their boats lovingly.  This means that there are a lot of older boats that have become devalued due to their age that are actually in mint condition.  No smart creditor is going to extend a loan for more than this older boat is worth, regardless of how nice it might be.  This leaves a very small pool of cash buyers for these lovely, older boats.
  3. As a result of the small pool of buyers who are actually able to pay cash for certain kinds and vintages of boats, it becomes a buyer's market with the seller often having to take much less that the boat is actually worth.  After all, the boat's "actual" worth is only what someone will pay for it.

Donating Boats Is an Alternative

Donating Boats to Charity Is Easy

The idea of donating boats to charities such as Rawhide boats is actually a really good one. This type of charity can be found at  Non-profit organizations such as this one do a lot of good in the community, particularly for young men who may be having a tough time during their teen years.  You can donate your boat very easily with just one phone call to set up a pick up appointment for your boat.  It will be scheduled at your convenience.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Where to Complete Your Car Donation

Once you’ve decided on car donation, it’s important to identify a charity with a cause that you truly care about.   In addition to the charity caring for a cause that speaks to you, the charity should also be recognized by the IRS as a charitable organization.  This ensures that once you’ve completed your car donation Madison, you’re able to claim it as a tax deduction on your Federal Income Tax.  Failing to pick a charity that’s recognized by the government can result in losing your tax deduction.  Luckily, those in the Madison area have an excellent option for donating a charity car: the Rawhide Ranch.

Where to Complete Your Car Donation
Rawhide is a faith-based charity that provides inpatient and outpatient services to at risk youths and their families.  In addition to an intensive residential program for young men, Rawhide also sponsors various summer camps and educational programs for the youth and their families at large.  The various prevention-based programs are designed to profoundly change the lives of at-risk families for the better.  Since their start in the mid 1960s, Rawhide has changed thousands of lives for the better.

How to Complete a Car Donation with Rawhide

Not only is Rawhide an excellent charity car choice, their donation process is quick and painless.  To get started, fill out a car donation Madison form or call their organization. You’ll be asked a few questions about yourself and the vehicle, as well as the location of the vehicle.  This helps Rawhide determine the equipment they will need to complete your donation.

Once they’ve collected the necessary information, a member of Rawhide’s staff will arrange a free pick-up of your Madison car donation.  All you have to do to prepare for pick-up is locate the title, sign it over to Rawhide, and check the vehicle for any personal belongings you may wish to keep.  After Rawhide has put your car to use, they will provide you with a tax receipt that you can use to claim your tax deduction.  If you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask Rawhide’s staff.  With over 10,000 donations their staff is educated in the donation and deduction process.

Your charity car is more than a tax deduction.  It’s a lifeline to charities like Rawhide.  The funds received from your donation will help fund the many programs and services available to at-risk youths and their families.