Friday, February 26, 2016

Why It Is Advisable to Donate Boat for Tax Deduction Through Rawhide

If you have an old boat somewhere that you don't use anymore, you may want to consider donating it to charity. Receiving a boat donation is a huge financial booster for a charity because they receive money that they can use to support the very important services they deliver. As an added bonus you can donate a boat for tax deductions. This is because the government feels that those who use their own money to support community services should be properly rewarded for it. So why is it advisable to donate boat for tax deduction through Rawhide, for instance? Let's take a look at this important charity.

What Rawhide Does

Why It Is Advisable to Donate Boat for Tax Deduction Through Rawhide

Rawhide is a charity that works with at risk young people. They provide residential and out patient mental health services to both the young people and the families that look after them. The goal is to support fun and faith, and ensure these young people can live in a supportive environment where they can grow up to become responsible adults and meaningful, contributing members of society, through education. More details about the work the charity does can be found on their website at You can also find information about the individual services that are offered by them.

Rawhide Makes It Easy

Besides the fact that this charitable organization does incredibly important work that has positively affected communities across the country, another reason to support them is that they have made the process of donating boats so easy. They have a form on their website that takes just around one minute to complete, and that is all that is needed to get the ball rolling. Those who prefer can also telephone them.

Once they receive your message, someone will contact you to take some more details about the boat you want to donate. They will then agree on a date and time to pick it up from you, at no cost to yourself. The boat will then be sold, either in full or for parts, depending on its condition, after which you will receive your tax receipt. Since Rawhide is 501(c)3 registered, your donation is completely tax deductible.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Donate a Car to a Madison Charity

Almost all charities depend on the philanthropy of the community that surrounds them.  From donations to volunteering, many charities are constantly on the search for help with their mission and funding.  You may know of a few ways to donate, such as clothing and household drops, but did you know that you can donate a car to charity?
Charities use car donations to raise funds for their mission.  Some choose to auction and sell, while others will put vehicle donations to use within the charity. In fact, many charities will accept vehicles that aren’t in working condition for auction or to scrap the precious metals.

Whether you’ve been fortunate in life and are ready to purchase a new car or are having a hard time selling your unwanted vehicle, car donation is a win-win situation.  Not only do you save the headache of selling your unwanted vehicle, but the charity of your choice has a new way to raise funds for its mission.  To make the deal sweeter, when you decide to donate a car you can deduct the value of your donation from your Federal Income Tax.

Donate a Car to a Madison Charity

Preparing to Donate a Car
Once you’ve decided to donate a car to Madison charity, it’s time to contact the charity of your choice and get the process going.  Most charities have a quick contact form or hotline where you can arrange a pick-up. Before the charity arrives for the pick-up, it’s your job to make sure that it’s prepared for pick-up.  Generally speaking, there are 3 big things to remember:
  1. Sign the title.  Make sure that you’ve signed the title over to the charity before they arrive.  This removes you of all responsibility for the vehicle.
  2. Cut-off services.  If you have any type of insurance or service associated with the vehicle, make sure that you have it cancelled before the pick-up.  There’s no use in paying for something that you won’t be using anymore.
  3. Remove all personal items.  No matter how big or small the charity is, it's very difficult to ensure that personal items left in the car will make it back to the owner.  That’s why it’s very important to check over the vehicle for anything you may want to keep.
When you donate a car to Madison charity you can rest assured that your donation is more than a tax deduction, it’s a way to give back to your community.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

How Vehicle Donation Works

Charities depend on donations, so they are always looking for ways to raise awareness of their cause in order to get funding.  Funding can come from small things like spare change dropped in collection tins, or larger things like vehicle donation.

How Vehicle Donation Works
How Vehicle Donations Began

Vehicle donation Green Bay started as a small operation.  Initially, cars were donated because a charity actually needed a vehicle.  Maybe they would provide vehicles to families who lost theirs in a disaster, they may have used the vehicle to deliver meals to the hungry, to cart kids to school, or for some other charitable purpose.  Somewhere along the line, an enterprising charity fund raising department got the idea to hold a vehicle drive to collect vehicles to sell to make money.  At first, desirable cars would be donated from generous donors and the charity would hold an event to auction off a few donated vehicles themselves.  When this was successful, charities started doing it on an even larger scale.  They now try to get as many vehicles as possible – regardless of the condition of those vehicles – and they just sell them at auction.  The money raised from the sales is what helps the charity.

Efficient Handling of Vehicle Donations

Sometimes charities use a third party to sell the vehicles, which can result in money falling through the cracks.  One Green Bay vehicle donation charity gets a significant portion of their finding from vehicle donations, and they have found a very efficient way of handling them. Rawhide Ranch is a charity that offers faith-based assistance to at-risk youths.  They have been accepting vehicle donations for about 30 years and hold the auctions themselves right on the ranch.  This is advantageous for a couple of different reasons.  First, it cuts out the middle man, so the charity gets the maximum profit possible from the sale.  It also gives the young men living on the ranch the opportunity to work at the auctions.  Their time at the ranch starts out very structured, and helps to teach responsibility by rotating between different jobs like working in the kitchens, on the grounds, in the stables, and at the auctions.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Milwaukee Boat Show Sales Increase Boat Donation

Were you able to attend the 2016 Milwaukee Boat Show? This show featured over 400 boats from 65+ manufacturers.

 Event Overview
For those of you that missed it, the Milwaukee Boat Show took place this year from January 15th through 17th and 20th through 24th. The 2016 Milwaukee Boat Show was THE show for all boating enthusiasts to attend. The following boats were available to view at the show:
    Milwaukee Boat Show Sales Increase Boat Donation
  • Fishing rigs
  • Pontoon boats
  • Cruisers
  • Aluminum boats
  • Runabouts
  • Yachts

The Milwaukee Boat Show is one of the largest boat shows in the US. This is mainly due to the fact that Wisconsin is the second most state with the largest amount of boats owned per capita. People that attended the 2016 boat show indicated that they primarily are interested in boats for fishing or relaxing. Many people said that it was really exciting to see all the new models in person.

Best of 2016

One of the most talked about yachts for 2016 is the Boston Whaler 420 Outrage. This is the largest boat, to date, that has been released by the company. It has been said that this boat encompasses everything that Boston Whaler has to offer. This boat was truly made by the customers. Boston Whaler said that they took every piece of customer feedback into consideration when they designed this boat. This boat's popularity stems from the fact that it is great for everything you may want to do on the lake, from an afternoon of fishing to late night cocktail parties; it works for all occasions.

Boat Donation

Of the 2016 boat show attendants, 26% said that they anticipate buying a boat or a boat similar to one that they saw at the show over the next half of the year. One of the problems that boat owners run into is storage. It can be very costly to store multiple boats. Many people tend to sell or give away older boats. If you know someone that has more boats than they know what to do with, suggest the option of boat donation. When people provide a boat donation, they can solve the problem of increasing boat storage costs and help a charity as well.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Donate a Vehicle to Make a Difference

We hear news every day of disasters and crime.  It can be overwhelming and make you feel as though our world is a lost cause.  Problems seem too big for individuals, so instead of trying to help, many people retreat to their own lives and focus only on their own needs.  If we are going to make a difference, we need to turn this thinking around.  Yes, problems might be too big for one person, but when many people come together to each give a little, it can really add up.  We can each donate a vehicle, a bit of money, some time, a talent, or something else.  The important thing is that we focus on those around us, and take action when we see someone in need.
Donate a Vehicle to Make a Difference

How Do Vehicle Donations Help?

Most of us just don’t have the resources to make much of a difference on our own, and that is why organizations such as vehicle donation charities are important.  They gather funding from many different resources, and organize it to find ways to make the most difference.  Vehicle donation is a wonderful example of this.  When you donate a vehicle Green Bay, most charities do not use the vehicles; they often sell them at an auction and use the money earned for their funding.  Some of these vehicles may only be worth a few hundred dollars, and some may be worth tens of thousands.  Nonprofits try to get as many people as possible to donate vehicles to charity, so the money earned can really add up.  Efficient charities then take the money earned from vehicle donations, and do positive work with it.

Charities are very helpful in pooling resources to make a difference, but that does not mean that it is impossible for a single person to do it, too.  When you make vehicle donations, it may make even more of a difference than you expect it to.  Here is a wonderful story about a man who decided rather than donate vehicle to charity, he would donate it directly to a needy family in a community that had been ravaged by fire.  When others heard of his vehicle donation, they followed suit and over a dozen vehicles were donated to needy families.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Donate Car: Know the Tax Deduction Rules

Donate Car to Charity

It is pretty easy to donate car to any number of organizations if your only goal is to get rid of an old heap of junk that is cluttering up your beautiful property.  Just do an internet search, call up one of the car donation charities and the organization will most likely haul it away.  If this is your situation, you may do just as well by calling a scrap metal dealer who will also haul away your wreck, and maybe give you a few dollars for it on the spot.  But what if you want to donate car Milwaukee in order to support those in your local community? What if you also itemize your tax deductions and hope to realize some value as a deduction when you donate car?
Donate Car: Know the Tax Deduction Rules

Milwaukee Donate Car

Once you choose from the Milwaukee car donation charities, you will want to learn about how to make sure you receive your tax deduction.  Here are a few of the basics:
  • Make sure that you are donating to an organization that is approved by the Internal Revenue Services as "exempt status" or a 501(c)(3) entity.  Many organizations state this in their mission statement.  If you are not sure, ask before donating.
  • You may also receive a deduction for donating to a religious organization.  Religious organizations are not required to register for any special status with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • The Internal Revenue Service also maintains an "exempt organizations site" and a toll free number that you can use to find or check the status of a charity.
  • There are no limits on what or how much you can donate to charity in a given year.  The IRS does, however, limit how much you can deduct from your federal income tax.  Your donations cannot exceed half of your gross income.  This is something to consider if you are making a lot of donations, donating something very valuable, or if you have been unemployed or otherwise had a very low income during the tax year for some reason.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Supporting Charity: Vehicle Donations

Donate Vehicle to Charity
There are many kinds of charities all over the world.  Think of just about any cause, disease or disaster and you can find a related charity.  All kinds of people enjoy supporting charities.  Some have been very lucky and prosperous in life while others simply care deeply about a cause or issue.  The most obvious way to support a charity is with a gift of cash.  Many charities also accept items other than cash, such as vehicle donations. Perhaps it never occurred to you before to donate a vehicle to charity.  In that case, you may want to know more about vehicle donation Milwaukee.
Supporting Charity: Vehicle Donations

Milwaukee Donate Vehicle
Finding a vehicle donation charity in Milwaukee or any other area is pretty easy.  A simple internet search will turn up organizations that accept vehicle donations.  The top few results of a search like this shows charities that benefit disadvantaged children, sick children, veterans, troubled youth, and even a generic car donation service that will pick up your vehicle and allow you to pick the kind of cause you want to support.  Maybe you are just interested in getting rid of your vehicle and are not sure which charity fits best with your ideology.  In this case, you might just want to choose the charity that makes the donation easiest for you.

Vehicle Donations Made Easy
Charities that accept donated vehicles have a variety of processes for claiming the donation. Look for one that has a toll free number or simple form that you can fill out on the Internet. The charity organization should be able to promptly make an appointment to pick up the vehicle at your convenience and at no cost to you.  If your vehicle is not running, the organization should send a tow truck or other appropriate transport.  Just make sure you have the vehicle's title on hand for the appointment.  The charitable organization should also provide you with a form you can use to receive a deduction the next time you file your Federal Income Tax. This form should be given to you at the pick up appointment or mailed to you in a timely manner.