Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Getting Involved With Donate Car Milwaukee Programs

If you've got an old car in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that you no longer use, and you simply want to get it out of your life, then you might want to consider the benefits of donating your vehicle to charity. Although a lot of people would prefer to sell their car for cold hard cash, but the truth is that selling old, run-down cars isn't as simple as it might seem. Not only will you struggle to find a buyer if your vehicle isn't in ideal condition, but you'll also have to spend time and money on advertising your car and keeping it properly maintained until the time comes when you do find a buyer. Eventually, the stress of dealing with a car sale can add up to a lot more than the car is worth... which can lead you to car donation Milwaukee.

Avoid the Headaches of Selling Your Car

With donate car Milwaukee programs, local residents can avoid the headaches of selling their vehicle, and still enjoy some financial benefits at the same time. After all, your car donation is tax deductible, which means that you could reduce the amount you have to pay to the IRS at the end of your tax year. At the same time, you save the money you would have otherwise spent on marketing your car, too.

Donating a Car in Milwaukee

Making the decision to donate a vehicle rather than simply giving money to your charity might seem like a strange concept, but it's actually something that some charitable organizations have been doing for a number of years now. Charities like www.Rawhide.org can make the most of car donations in a number of different ways. For instance, some of them will simply sell a used car at auction to build up extra cash for their organization's use. On the other hand, some groups will use your car for important charity purposes, like delivering food to those in need. With a charitable car donation, you can make a real difference to the lives of people in your community without having to put yourself into deby by giving out of your own pocket. Car donations can be just as helpful as cash gifts, so if you've got an unwanted vehicle sitting in your garage, don't' just let it gather dust, use it to help your community in the best way possible.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Why You Should Consider Donation Of Cars To Charity Green Bay Programs

Some people in Green Bay, Wisconsin may be wondering why they would consider giving their car away to charity when they could just sell it and use the money themselves. Thinking that way doesn't necessarily make you a selfish person. After all, we're all struggling to make ends meet these days, and sometimes the little bit of extra cash you could get from selling your car could help to make your life a lot easier, by assisting you in paying for important bills and purchases or even giving you a much needed treat.

However, selling your car isn't as simple as you might think. In fact, a lot of people find that they actually spend months trying to sell their cars, watching their old vehicles go rusty as they wait for someone to respond to their costly advertisements. There are practical reasons for considering donation of cars to charity Green Bay programs.

You Get to Save on Expenses

If you don't have the time and money to spend on listing your car for sale and waiting for an offer, then a car donation could be the ideal alternative. With a car donation, you don't have to worry about paying for the expense of marketing your car, and even paying for the insurance premiums that you might need to cover while you're waiting for it to be sold. Instead, you can focus on enjoying the money savings that you'll get from your charitable donation.

You Get a Tax Deduction

When you donate a car to charity, you not only do something wonderful for your community and help people in need, you also open yourself up to getting a significant tax deduction. Because you can put your donation on your tax return, you can enjoy a deduction that could be equal to the amount that you would otherwise earn from a sale. In other words, you save some money without having to spend more on advertising and maintaining your car while you wait for a sale.

Charitable car donations are quickly emerging as one of the most popular ways to offer your assistance to non-profit organizations. As more groups are willing to take cars that are less than in perfect condition, you could find that donating your car makes your life much easier than having to sell it yourself.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The City as a Whole Benefits When You Donate A Car To Charity Madison

If you live in Madison, Wisconsin, you probably love your community - and for good reason. It is a great place to live and a city where everybody wants to help each other whenever they can. Well, you now have the opportunity to do just that. This is because when you can donate a car to charity Madison, you benefit the entire city. So how does this car donation process work?

You Can Help Young People and Their Families

Rawhide is a Christian charity that accepts car donations and it provides services for young people and their families who are at risk of slipping through the cracks. They equip these young people with skills in math and English, teamwork, communication and more, thereby once again putting them on the good path. The Rawhide Ranch, meanwhile, is an intensive center where young boys can stay and be immersed in the important work that the charity does. Full details are available on their website at rawhide.org, as is the information necessary to begin making your donation.

Rawhide Accepts Any Type of Vehicle as Donation

Rawhide will accept any type of vehicle. If you let them know that you have a vehicle available, they will arrange to pick it up from where it is located at a convenient time. After that, some of their service users will have the opportunity to work on the vehicle, fixing its problems where possible, and thereby learn some important skills. Once all of the repair work have been completed, the vehicle will be sold at auction and the money will be used to finance the services of the charity.

You Benefit Too by Means of a Tax Deduction

Rawhide is a 501(c)3 registered charity. This means that the money raised through your vehicle is tax deductible. It is also a very efficient charity, which means that most of the money you give to them actually goes directly to the service users, and not towards overhead costs, such as management or advertising and marketing. So this is a charity that you can donate to with confidence.

You Help Build the Madison Community

But the most important thing is that you will help build the community. Those young people at Rawhide will become contributing adults. In fact, many of them will end up becoming volunteers at the charity when they become of age. The positive effects, therefore, can be felt for generations - but only if you choose to donate a car to charity.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Looking For A Boat Donation Program Wisconsin Residents Can Trust

If you have a boat that you no longer use, and you want to donate it to a charity, you will be making a really big difference to the community. Charities perform important work and receive little to no government support, relying instead on the kindness of people to help them with their financial needs. Looking for a boat donation program Wisconsin residents can trust may prove to be a bit difficult, because of the presence of certain people and organizations who would like to use such high value donations for their benefit.

How to Find a Good Charity

The first thing you have to do is consider the cause that you want to support. There is no such thing as right or wrong in this; it will be a completely personal decision. You could focus on a charity like this one, which works with young people, or you could focus on a charity like the Alzheimer's Society, which works mainly with the elderly. There are environmental charities, animal charities, health charities, and more. Only you can decide which one is worthy of your support.

Make Sure the Organization Is Efficient and Properly Registered

Two things bring all good charities together, however. The first is that they must be 501(c)3 registered. This means that they are not only nonprofit, but that they also can't use their funds or influence to lobby the government. If your chosen charity is 501(c)3 registered, it means that you can deduct the value of your donation from your taxes as well.

The second thing is that good charities are efficient charities. What this means is that, for every dollar that is donated, at least 85 cents goes directly to the service user. The higher the efficiency rating (listed as a percentage), the better. Charities with low efficiency ratings tend to pay management a lot of money, hire fundraisers, or pay for a lot of advertising and marketing. People who support a charity essentially want to support the cause, not the organization itself.

Make Contact with Your Chosen Charity

Once you have found a charity that is 501(c) registered and has a good efficiency rating, like Rawhide, all that is left to do is find out whether they accept boat donations. They will explain exactly how the process work, guiding you through it. They will also help you with your tax deduction afterwards.

Monday, August 21, 2017

A Checklist For Donating Boats Wisconsin Residents Must Know

If you are interested in donating boats Wisconsin charities will be more than happy to accept them. Doing so is a great opportunity for you to rid yourself of something you don't need or want anymore, stopping the storage and maintenance costs as well. Furthermore, making a donation is really easy and it gives you the added benefit of knowing you've done something good for the community.

The Checklist

You do have to make sure that the benefits from this donation are maximized, which means you will have to go through the following checklist:

1. Choose a charity that you know. You have to make sure that you agree with the charity's mission and vision. Do also check that it is a 501(c)3 registered charity, so that you can make a tax deduction. Know the efficiency rating of the charity and find out exactly where the money goes to and how. One example of a charitable organization to consider because it has such qualifications is Rawhide.

2. Make sure you actually own the boat and that you have proof of this. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for people to donate boats and other vehicles that still have finance on them, for instance, in the hopes of transferring the responsibility for those payments. This is, of course, completely unethical. Hence, check your title, even if it is just so that you don't accidentally do this.

3. Find out whether there are exemptions. Not all charities that accept vehicle donations also accept boats. Some will only take cars, for instance. You have to make sure, therefore, that a boat is acceptable and, if so, how they will take possession of it. Some can pick it up, others will expect you to take it to them.

Choosing the Charity

These are the key things to think about when you want to make a boat donation in Wisconsin. At the end of the day, only you can decide which charity is worthy of your support, since that is a personal decision. However, do make sure that you look into the three issues above, so that the charity can get the most out of your donation, and so that many people can benefit from it as much as possible at the same time.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

How to Determine Fair Market Values for Car Donations

How to Determine Fair Market Values for Car Donations
When making car donations, it's really important to research and identify the fair market value of your vehicle before you decide to donate. Why does this matter so much? Gone are the days when, no matter what happens to your car after you donate it, you can still deduct the value listed in the Kelly Blue Book.

Now, only if your vehicle is going to be kept by the organization to which you donate are you able to base your deduction on the actual fair market value. However, charities that accept car donations Madison and then sell them destine you to only be able to deduct the actual sale price. The only exception is when your car sells for less than $500. In such an instance, your fair market value becomes important again, because you are able to deduct that amount (up to $500), even if the sale price was lower.

Steps to Fair Market Value for Car Donations Madison

The fair market value of your car is based primarily on these five factors:
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Mileage
  • Condition
Most of these points are quite easy to evaluate, as they're objective (make, model, year, and mileage). However, condition is somewhat more subjective and requires the evaluator to be realistic and attentive to detail. If this is something you're attempting yourself, you'll need to know the accident history, note any surface damage on the exterior, and check for any problems with the interior.

Where to Look for the Actual Numbers for Car Donations Values
There are two main resources that people use to check fair market value. The most popular is Kelly Blue Book. It is generally considered easy to use, with fairly accurate pricing information. The other is the National Automotive Dealers Association site. This is the guide most commonly used by dealerships when setting trade-in pricing. Experts often suggest that individuals attempting to establish fair market value check both sources and assume your vehicle sits at slightly below the top end of the pricing spectrum for its condition category.

Whatever you do, remember that car donations Madison can be a great way to personally benefit from gifting your vehicle, and making sure the community benefits, too.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to Donate a Car Milwaukee Wisconsin

how to donate a car Milwaukee

Want to know how to donate a car Milwaukee Wisconsin? Well, there are many car donation charities in the greater Milwaukee area. Some of these charities use the proceeds from car auctions to help the poor, including funding food banks and homeless shelters. Other programs use the proceeds from car auctions to fund educational and counseling programs for inner city youth. Still other programs aid people with disabilities and people with diseases such as Cancer. There are just so many charities for you to choose from when making a car donation. With so many Milwaukee car donation charities to choose from, if you desire to donate a car to charity, there is no shortage of places that will accept your car donations.

The first step in how to donate a car to charity is to find one of the car donation charities that offers free pick up for Milwaukee car donations. The best charity to donate a car to will offer both free pick-up as well as a tax receipt so that you can get a tax credit for your car donation. Never choose a vehicle donation charity that will charge you for pick-up. If you did not donate a vehicle to charity, you would be able to get a few hundred dollars from a junkyard for your non-working vehicle and a higher amount for a working vehicle. There are so many Milwaukee car donation charities that plenty will offer free pick-up. If you are going to donate a car to charity, there’s no need to add the extra expense of towing. Be sure to not incur extra expenses and choose to make sure that your Milwaukee donate a car isn’t going to cost any money out of pocket. Indeed, if you donate a car you should get a tax receipt and save money on your taxes, making the decision to donate a car beneficial to you.

If you do not know how to donate a car Milwaukee then make sure that you call up a Milwaukee car donations charity that will give you all of the advice that you need in order to help you with the car donation process. For instance, perhaps you are wondering if your car donation charity will accept a non-working vehicle. Most car donation charities are willing to accept both working and non-working vehicles. These charities do not care if the car is working or not, because they would be able to sell the vehicle at auction regardless. Even non-working vehicles can be salvaged for parts. For example, a non-working luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes will fetch a nice price at auction despite the fact that it no longer runs. The newer the vehicle, the better, though. A two or three year old vehicle will fetch a larger price at auction than an older vehicle. The more money your car gets from the auction, the more money you will get as a tax write-off and this additional money will benefit your charity as well. Car donations are a great moneymaker for charities, so do you part and donate your car to a worthwhile charity today.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Car Donation Charities Madison Are Just One Way You Can Help Others

Even when it seems like you barely have enough for yourself and your family, there are always things that you can do to help others.  You can donate your spare change, make care packages for the homeless, donate things that you no longer use, or look at car donation charities Madison when you have a vehicle that you no longer need.

Spare change

Even if you are on a tight budget, you will not miss your spare change if you drop it into a charity’s collection bin.  Every little bit can help, and if everyone were to donate just a little, it could really add up.

Care packages

There are people who do not have regular access to basic necessities.  You can help by creating care packages that include toiletries, food, and other items.  These items will help improve their day, but you can help even more by going with a group to hand deliver them and staying to chat.

Things you no longer use

Most of us accumulate lots of “stuff” overtime.  By donating things that you have not used in the past year, not only can you help others but you can declutter your home and keep yourself from becoming a hoarder.

Donate car to charity Madison

Cars always need to be upgraded from time to time, and you can help others by choosing to donate car to charity Madison.  Occasionally, a car donation charity Madison will use the vehicle, but usually they will sell it.  This means that your old vehicle turns into money that will be used for programs that help others.  To donate car to charity Madison, find an organization that supports a cause that is important to you and contact them.  Car donations Madison are a popular way for charities to earn money, so they will make it easy for you.  Usually they will accept any vehicle regardless of condition.  When you donate car to charity Madison, it does not even matter whether or not the vehicle runs.  If it does not run, the car charity Madison will tow it for free.  After you donate car to charity Madison, you can get a break on your taxes by claiming a car donation tax deduction Madison.  Visit www.rawhide.org/ to donate car to charity Madison.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Car Donation Madison Provides Funding

Charities are vital to our communities, but they rely on the generosity of others to get funding.  There are many different ways to get this funding, but some charities rely on car donation Madison for the majority of their funding.

Car donation charities Madison

Car donation charities Madison turn donated vehicles into funds by selling most of them at an auction.  Occasionally, they will keep a vehicle to use it, but most are sold.  Because they are just going to sell the vehicles, most car donation charities Madison go for a large quantity of vehicles instead of worrying about the quality of the vehicles.  When you donate car to charity Madison, the vehicle does not even have to run.  They will of course take vehicles that are in good repair, but if you have a car that has broken down and is just not worth fixing, remember that it can still be useful to car donation charities Madison.

Donate car to charity Madison

Because they are looking for such a large quantity of vehicles, car donation charities Madison usually make the process very easy for donors.  All you need to do is to make sure that you have the title, sign it, and remove any personal items from the vehicle.  The charity will need basic information about the vehicle (make, model, ect.) and you can decide if you want to drop it off or have them pick it up.  Most car donation charities Madison will tow the vehicle at no charge to you.  If your car donation Madison does still run, consider dropping it off so the charity does not have to pay to have it towed.

Car donation tax deduction Madison

After you donate car to charity Madison, you can claim a car donation tax deduction Madison.  For more valuable vehicles, you will have to wait until the charity sells the vehicle before you know how much you can claim.  Vehicles valued at less than $500 can be claimed at the fair market value according to a reputable used car price guide.  Visit www.rawhide.org to learn more about vehicle donation Madison.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Donating Boats Wisconsin for Tax Deductions

Donating Boats Wisconsin for Tax Deductions
If you're part of a dealership or are looking to get rid of extra inventory, you should consider donating boats Wisconsin.  Not only is it a great way to show the community you operate in that you care, it's a great way give older inventory that simply won't sell to a good cause.  For the majority of individual donations or company donations, you can seek a tax deduction on your federal taxes.  Depending on the organization, the IRS will offer you a percentage of the worth of your donation.  For example, if the boat you submitted to donation had a market value of $2,000 you could expect anywhere from a $200- $900 deduction off your taxes.  Just remember to save the receipt for your account. In many cases, this can help alleviate some of the tax burdens your organization may suffer from operation costs. You may find the same holds true for your organization's tax needs.

How to Find Charity for Donating Boats Wisconsin

Decided that donation is a good option for your company?  The first step to arranging this is obvious: Finding a reputable charity that does good work in the community you call home. For the vast majority of businesses in Wisconsin, that charity is Rawhide.

Rawhide is a faith-based organization that focuses on the redirection of at-risk youths and their families.  When a child falls into crisis, whether that be for personal or environmental reasons, Rawhide's counselors and volunteers work with these children and their families to create positive coping mechanisms and leave bad habits behind. Rawhide uses car and boat donations to incur extra capital for their mission.  The money they raise from these donations goes directly into funding their many summer camps, education programs, and counseling services.

For over 40 years, Rawhide has served thousands of families through the charitable donations of donors like you.  With that time comes experience, so if your company is new to donation and needs walked through the process you can rely on Rawhide to see you through. More importantly, you can work with one of Wisconsin's most active charities.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Donate Car to Charity

What Happens When You Donate Car to Charity?

Donate Car to Charity
You may know how to donate a car to a charity organization, but what happens after you donate car? Your vehicle may be checked over, repaired if necessary and then auctioned off… or it can be sold for parts and totally scrapped… it all depends on the condition of your vehicle, and the cost of repairs. Your car donation can be used as a learning experience for people that attend classes and workshops organized by community members, providing an opportunity to learn teamwork, get experience that will be useful for pursuing a career as a car mechanic, or even simply help people learn to do everyday things like change wiper blades, refill fluids and change air filters. In the end, it will help to raise money and awareness for the importance of other future car donations, giving the charity that takes ownership of it a chance to continue doing what is necessary to keep the charity functional and as able to help as possible.

Donate Car: Who Uses the Vehicles?

Once your vehicle has been donated and taken over by a donate car Green Bay charity, it can end up helping a lot of different types of people. Families, single parents, college students, even first time drivers can all end up purchasing the vehicles, which are often sold for much less than is typical - giving people a break, and an opportunity to own a vehicle.

Having a car is an important thing for most people, as a vehicle gives people a chance to go to and from work, get errands done, travel, and simply act on their own schedules… which is a relief when you really think about it. Sure, public transportation is available in many areas, but it has a set schedule… and there are often delays and changes that are unexpected. This is not an ideal way for people to get to work or school, and waiting outside for the bus in the winter is no fun at all. Not to mention, paying over and over for things like buses, taxis and even ride sharing can become financially taxing, especially when money is already tight.

The people that purchase these vehicles have an explicit need for them, even though the car that is donated may be old, a little rusty and somewhat out of style. To a person that doesn’t have a current vehicle, simply having a reliable method of transportation makes it well worth looking past these potential “faults”.

Car Donation Benefits Teens

Car Donation Benefits Teens

The teen years can be a tough time for anyone.  Even folks who grow up in the most supportive families and have access to the best social and educational opportunities can find the teen years challenging.  Imagine, then, what a difficult time this can be for individuals who lack access to such advantages.  Almost every community has a foster care agency to help kids who have lost their immediate families and maybe their whole support systems. 

As the US economy has taken a downturn in the past few years, and substance abuse rates have risen to all-time highs, more and more youth are ending up in a position to need help from charitable organizations.  Teenagers have the most needs out of all of the kids served by such charities.

Donate Your Car to Create Opportunities for Teens

If you have an old vehicle you don't use and don't have time to sell, car donation is a great option that will help teens in your community.  A quick internet search will turn up many kinds of car donation charities Milwaukee that assist teenagers in the foster care system, or otherwise in need.  These charitable organizations may either sell your donated vehicle and use the monies realized to further their missions, or they may actually use your donation as a part of their mission.  Here are some ways that existing charities for teens use donated vehicles:
  • Many teenagers aren't yet old enough to drive.  Those who are most likely do not have access to the funds to purchase and maintain their own vehicles.  Therefore, basic transportation needs such as after school activities and doctor or counselor appointments become difficult for these kids.  Some charities make rides available in order to make these very normal and necessary activities a bit easier and more routine.
  • Outdoor and overnight trips provide great social and cultural opportunities for teens.  Camping and trekking help build stamina, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.   Visiting an art museum or seeing an opera or classical music performance open doors to possible leisure and career interests.

Why Vehicle Donation is Important

Why Vehicle Donation is Important

Vehicle Donation Facts

- Cars, trucks and even boats and ATVs can be donated year round to many charities. This is to encourage more donations, and to help ensure that people can get rid of unwanted vehicles whenever is most convenient for them.

- Car donations only require basic information to be provided about the vehicle in question and you, the current owner. This is for record keeping and tax purposes, because each donation must be reported and filed in order to ensure the legality of the transfers.

- The vehicle donation process not only helps the eventual new owners of the vehicles, but it also provides funds for the charities to work with.

- No matter what your beliefs may be, there is an organization available for you to work with. Searching the web, talking with family, friends or other community members and even the charities themselves can give you a better idea of each charity’s end goals, allowing you to make an informed decision about completing the donation.

How Vehicle Donation Helps the Community

You may think that vehicle donation Green Bay will only help the charities and the new owners, but you’re wrong. The truth is that donating cars and trucks like this will actually help the surrounding communities, too. With more people having access to their own vehicles, they can participate in things that many people take for granted like driving for leisure, shopping, working further from home than the bus or train lines can carry them, and simply being able to contribute more to local economies.

This type of vehicle sale also means that in most cases, there aren’t any monthly vehicle payments for new owners to make. This extra money can be used on repairs, maintenance and helping to prolong the life of the vehicle, instead of simply going toward paying it off.
When the charity raises money through the sale of donated vehicles, this money will go toward helping the organization continue to operate. This may be through paying bills, buying supplies, making repairs to facilities or vehicles owned and used by the organization, putting on events or fundraisers, offering classes or simply providing programs and community outreach. No matter what is done, each and every sold vehicle helps a great deal, with the proceeds being put directly back into use.

You may not immediately think of donating vehicles to charity, but this is an option that can do a lot of good for many people at the same time, so before you make the decision about what you’ll do with an unused or unnecessary vehicle, do some research and figure out what is best for your situation.

Friday, May 12, 2017

How Boat Donation Wisconsin Can Impact Your Community

How Boat Donation Wisconsin Can Impact Your Community
Did you know that the old boat that's taking up space in your dock can improve your community? Okay, that may sound weird up front but take a moment to think about this: boat donation Wisconsin helps charities get the money they need to expand and continue the services they offer to your community.  In fact, if you choose to donate your old boat with an IRS recognized charity you may be able to secure a tax deduction for your annual federal taxes through the receipt of donation.

If you've been fortunate enough to be able to upgrade your boat and aren't thrilled by the idea of selling it, donating the old pontoon to charity is an amazing option. Likewise, if you're looking for a way to get rid of a boat that is less than desirable, there is still a chance that you will still be able to donate your boat.  Many charities will even accept boats that are no longer in working condition in order to collect the scrap they may be worth.

Where to Complete Boat Donation Wisconsin

Now that you're excited about donating that old boat and getting it off your hands and out of your mind, you're probably wondering where you can complete your donation. Lucky for you, you have one of the best options for donation right in Wisconsin!  Rawhide is a faith-based organization that offers summer camps, counseling, and correctional services to at-risk youths and their families.  Together with their staff and volunteers alike, they've helped to drastically improve the coping and communication skills of hundreds of families and thousands of lives.

Donation with Rawhide helps the charity continue their service to the most important demographic in Wisconsin: children.  Better yet, the process is extremely easy to complete. All you have to do is visit their website and fill out a contact form.  The contact form will ask a few questions about the car, where it's located, and arrange a free pick-up.  From there, all you have to do is wait for pick-up day.  It really is that simple!  Donate today.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

How Vehicle Donations Can Be Used as Fundraising for Charities

How Vehicle Donations Can Be Used as Fundraising for Charities

Looking for a way to raise funds for your charity or nonprofit organization? Consider accepting vehicle donations.  Unlike clothing and household items, car and boat donations can be put to use in a variety of ways throughout charities.  The first (as you may have guessed) is direct use of the vehicle within the charity.  Chances are that you have more than a few uses for a vehicle, whether that be moving canned goods or bringing supplies to the haven.  The second, you may not have thought about: Auction and scrap metal.  Both of which can bring in a few hundred dollars per vehicle donations to charity Milwaukee.

Many charities are already accepting vehicle donations to charity Milwaukee and putting the extra capital to use to better their programs and services throughout the community.  For example, Rawhide has been accepting car and boat donations for many years.  In fact, they've even arranged free pick-up to help donors who don't have a way to tow the car or boat they want to donate.

Not a Charity? Why to Consider Vehicle Donations

If you're not an organization but this article happen to catch your eyes, it's worth noting that vehicle donations to charity Milwaukee are a great way to supply the charity of your choice with a sizable donation that will make an impact on their mission.  Unlike clothing and household items, car and boat donations give charities capital assets that they can auction off for higher monetary values or simply provide and fulfill transportation needs within the charity.

The best part?  If you choose to donate with a 501 c recognized charity, you can use the receipt of donation as a tax deduction on your federal taxes.  Simply save the receipt for your records and remember to turn it into your accountant or tax preparer when tax season comes along.  So instead of selling that old car for a price you know you're going to resent, consider donating it to a charity that you truly believe in.  Give new life to that car and support your community, too!

How Charities Use Car Donations to Fund their Mission

How Charities Use Car Donations to Fund their Mission

Believe it or not, car donations are quickly becoming one of the quickest and easiest ways for charities to raise funds for their mission. In many cases, these car donations Milwaukee supply the means of transportation and save the charity thousands of dollars because they don't have to buy a vehicle.  This is especially helpful to charities that provide transportation services. However, the charity doesn't have to have transportation services.  Whether the vehicle is in working condition or not, it can still be used to incur funds for the charity.  If they can, they will auction the vehicle but even the money from scrap metal can go far when it comes to purchasing supplies for the charity.

Could it get any better than giving your old wheels new life by donating to charity?  Why, yes it can.  If you donate with an IRS recognized charity, you can use the receipt you get after completing your donation to file a tax deduction on your annual federal taxes.  Simple save the receipt for your records and make sure it's included in the files you hand over to your tax preparer.

Where to Complete Car Donations

Looking for a credible place to donate your old car?  Consider Rawhide.  This faith-based charity has been working with Wisconsin's children for over 40 years.  Together with their caring staff and volunteers, they provide correctional programs to at-risk youths and their children.  Over the years, they've helped to redirect the lives of thousands of children and prepared them to create a beautiful life.  When you donate your old car to Rawhide, your helping them continue a legacy of work that always has the same focus: Wisconsin's children.

To start the donation process with Rawhide, simply visit their website and fill out a contact form or give them a call directly.  You'll be asked a few questions about the car you're trying to donate as well as the location they'll need to pick the vehicle up from.  After that, all you have to do is wait for your pickup day and receive your receipt.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Make a Car Donation or Volunteer With Rawhide

Make a Car Donation or Volunteer With Rawhide

Many of us would like to help our community in some way, but many of us do not have the financial means to make a cash or even a car donation. Luckily, there are many volunteer opportunities out there that simply require our time.

Volunteer With Rawhide

Rawhide is an organization that helps at risk youths to overcome behavioral issues and become productive members of society. Rawhide accepts a variety of donations, such as cash, stocks and bonds or even a car donation Green Bay. However, Rawhide also offers many ways you can help through volunteering, including:

  • Transportation: Many of the boys at Rawhide do not have reliable transportation, so they have difficulty getting to places like work, school, or church. Volunteers can help out by providing rides for these boys to get where they need to go.
  • Foster Care: Many of these boys come from less than desirable living situations or cannot care for themselves independently. Foster parents can help by providing these boys with a temporary but loving environment in which to live as they work to get their lives back on track.
  • Tutoring: Many of the boys at Rawhide are lacking in basic academic skills. While Rawhide does provide many educational opportunities for them, sometimes they need a little extra help. One-on-one tutoring can help them to learn at their own pace and become more confident in their abilities.
  • Special Events: Rawhide hosts events here and there to help benefit the organization. You can volunteer to help out with these events to ensure that they are a success.
  • Mentoring: While the boys do gain work experience and learn how to apply for jobs during their time with Rawhide, doing so in the real world can still be a daunting task. Having a mentor to help them make that transition can make a big difference in their lives as they actually become independent.

Many people have come to realize what meaningful work Rawhide does for the boys it helps, prompting them to volunteer and make a difference. In fact, many boys who have been helped by Rawhide have been known to come back and volunteer their own time in helping other boys.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Snowmobiles Can Be Vehicle Donations!

Snowmobiles Can Be Vehicle Donations!
Winter may be over, but for those of you who just love the snow, you may already be looking forward to next winter. If this is the case, there s a good chance you may enjoy snowmobiling. If you have never been snowmobiling before, start learning now so that you are all ready to go by the time the snow starts to fall again!

Tips for Snowmobiling

  • Make sure the snowmobile you buy or rent is in good condition. If you want to buy one but are tight on money, consider buying one from a charity that accepts vehicle donations.
  • Before you hit the snow, make sure the battery has plenty of life left in it.
  • Keep emergency supplies with you at all times while riding, including a blanket, matches, cell phone, first aid kit, food, water, etc.
  • Do not ride alone. Instead, have at least one other person with you in case you need any assistance.
  • Make sure someone knows where you will be and when you will be back before you leave.
  • Never leave your snowmobile under an avalanche path.
  • Do not wear cotton as an attempt to stay warm; this will only leave you wet and cold.
  • Do not stray too far from where you are familiar. Doing so is a good way to get lost.
Snowmobiling can be a blast, but like other hobbies, it is not for everyone. If you give it a shot and realize that you don't enjoy it or simply do not have the time for it, you may as well get rid of your snowmobile and make a little money off of it.

To get rid of your snowmobile, you could take the time to try to sell it. However, there is another option. There are many charities out there that accept vehicle donations Green Bay, so consider giving it to one of them! If you donate your snowmobile to a charity that is recognized as a 501 (c)(3) organization, you should be able to claim your donation as a tax deduction and get some money back. Wondering where to donate your snowmobile for a tax deduction? We encourage you to check out Rawhide!

Understanding Car Donation Services

Where Are Car Donation Services Available?

Understanding Car Donation Services
If you’ve got a car that you’re looking to get rid of but don’t want to go through the hassle of putting it up for sale or trying to work with a dealership, look no further than your local charity organizations. Many of these charities offer the ability for people to make large donations of things like cars, trucks, ATVs and even boats when they have them on hand - people just need to know where to look.

Many locations across the country allow for people to make donations of this nature, but car donation services Madison go one step further: they allow donors to schedule a pick up service for vehicles that cannot be driven for one reason or another. When you find the organization that you’d like to donate to, you can consult with the website in order to get a better idea of what will go into the process, where your vehicle will go and what the money raised by the sale will be able to accomplish. In short, though your vehicle donation may seem like something small, it has a huge reach… and the best part is that the donation process is not at all complicated, even though it is thorough.

Utilizing Car Donation Services

The only thing that you need to do in order to make the donation of a car to charity is have ownership of the vehicle and be willing to part with it for no profit. Even though you won’t be making any money by giving it away, you’ll be entitled to a tax deduction, as long as the vehicle’s paperwork is properly filled out and completed at the time of the title transfer. If you’re unsure of what your vehicle is worth, the representatives of the charity will be able to advise you about the best course of action to take to make sure that you get the right credit for your tax filing.

Using car donation services will do a lot of good for a lot of people, even though it may not seem that way. The charity that initially takes over the vehicle will make money when the vehicle is finally sold, providing them an opportunity to continue helping those that need it by way of creating opportunities for programs, classes, supplies and fundraisers. In addition to this,the people that end up purchasing the vehicle from the charity will also benefit via the acquisition of their own personal car or truck, allowing them to set their own schedules and establish some independence and confidence for a much lower cost than there would be by doing business with a lot or a dealership.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Did You Know You Can Donate a Vehicle to Charity?

Did You Know You Can Donate a Vehicle to Charity?

Before you call the scrap yard or put up those Craiglist adds, I've got a question: Did you know you can donate a vehicle to charity?  It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about donating to charity, but it's a great way to make a sizable donation to a charity you truly believe in.  Not only can charities often get more from your old vehicle, you can save yourself the heartache of trying to sell a car that isn't exactly holding its value.

So instead of feeling upset that your old wheels are pulled for scrap or just flat angry that you didn't make much money back on the car, consider giving back to your community.

How to Donate a Vehicle with Rawhide

Lucky for you, Rawhide has been accepting car donations for many years. Their process is not only quick and easy, it's extremely easy to use.  All you have to do is visit the Rawhide website or give them a call directly and tell them you'd like to donate.  The representative will take your information as well as information about the car in order to determine what kind of tow-truck they'll need to send with the pick-up volunteer.

In the meantime, you should clean the vehicle of any personal belongings you may wish to keep.  Once the car has been towed to the charity, Rawhide can't ensure that any personal belongings left behind can be recovered.

Once Rawhide has put your vehicle donation to use, they will provide you with a receipt that you can use to apply a deduction to your federal income tax.  This form has all of the necessary information you need to communicate your charitable act with the IRS.

When you donate with Rawhide, it really is that easy!  So if you need to get rid of your old car (or are looking for a place for donating boats to charity Wisconsin), consider choosing Rawhide.  Not only can you ensure an extremely easy donation process, you can feel good knowing that the charity you've just donated to impacts the lives of thousands of children for the better every year.

Why Vehicle Donation Is Better than Selling for Scrap

Why Vehicle Donation Is Better than Selling for Scrap

When your old set of wheels is on its last legs, you may be tempted to call the scrap yard and get ready to taste disappointment when the tow guy hands you 200 dollars and calls it a day. But what if I told you there's an option where you can feel good even when the tow guy shows up? Consider vehicle donation.

Believe it or not, many charities accept old cars and boats as donations to their mission.  In some cases, the charity can use the old car or boat directly within the charity for transport or activity.  In other cases, the charity will auction the vehicle or scrap it themselves to incur funds for their mission.  Unlike household and clothing donations, cars and boats give local charities a great way to earn money for their services and programs.

The best part?  You can even use the receipt you get from your donation as a deduction on your federal incomes taxes.  Just make sure you remember it when it comes time to sit down with your accountant or tax service.

Rawhide for Boat and Vehicle Donation

Looking for somewhere to complete your car donation?  Consider donating to Rawhide.
Rawhide is a faith-based charity that works with at-risk children and their families to form positive coping methods.  Through a combination of counselors, therapists, and volunteers, Rawhide corrects at-risk youths with educational programs that form positive coping methods as well as teach families how to communicate with their children. Over the course of 40+ years, Rawhide has helped to redirect the lives of thousands of children.

All you have to do to begin your donation with Rawhide is visit their website or pick up the phone.  You'll be asked a few questions about the car or boat you want to donate, as well as your location.  After the representative has determined what kind of tow-truck is needed for the job, he or she will arrange a free pick-up.  While you wait for pick-up, make sure that you've removed all your personal objects and checked the CD Player for your old mixes.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why Vehicle Donation Is So Important

Understanding Vehicle Donation

Why Vehicle Donation Is So Important
Cards and trucks drive down every street in the nation multiple times a day, coming and going from houses and businesses whenever their occupants need to. This is something that happens without too much notice being taken, but for people without access to cars of their own, seeing other people riding around town can be difficult to watch. Ownership of a vehicle is something that many people take for granted, which is why the process of vehicle donation is so important. When people choose to give their old cars or trucks to charitable organizations, not only are they giving the charity a chance to make some extra money, they are also giving the less fortunate a chance to purchase and own a vehicle of their own at a fraction of the cost of buying one new or from a dealership. The process is a quick one, made simple for everyone involved to entice people to repeat donations and to pass along positive recommendations via word of mouth.

The Vehicle Donation Process

To start, charities will advertise that they accept the donation of cars, trucks, boats and other types of motorized transportation. They will provide information for people that want to donate - or are thinking of making a donation - and give people a better idea what to expect throughout the donation process.

When it comes to vehicle donation Madison, the first steps are often the most difficult, simply because they require entering personal and vehicular information into a form and ensuring that things are correct. From there, a representative of the organization will contact you to ensure that things are in order, and to set up the final donation. This can be done by bringing the vehicle to a specified vehicle drop off location, or by scheduling a pick up for cars or boats that cannot be transported safely or easily.

On the day of the donation, the title of the vehicle will exchange hands, as well as a record of the donation. This can be used when filing the yearly taxes for the year of the donation, allowing donors to claim it as a deduction and receive credit. While this is an incentive to making the donation, it is not the main reason that many choose to give to a car donation charity.

From the time that your vehicle gets taken over by the charity to the time it ends up in someone else’s hands, it will undergo a safety inspection, have any necessary repairs made, and be ensured to be fit for the road. These cars and trucks may not be brand new or in perfect condition, but for someone that is accustomed to riding the bus or depending on friends and family for rides, they are just as enticing as something with zero miles rolling off the assembly line.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Boat Donation Better Than Letting it Sit

Boat Donation Better Than Letting it Sit

There are many risks to letting a boat sit unused. During colder weather, freeze damage can occur quickly when boats haven't been properly winterized. Improper winterizing (using space heaters or light bulbs to warm the boat) can also pose serious fire hazards. In fact, many boat fires have been reported as a result.

But this isn't just about the off season. In fact, it's amazing just how much damage no use at all can do no matter the weather. Boat insurers report, for example, that for every boat that sinks while sailing, four go down while sitting in their slip.

Why Boats Sink

Boats sink for varied reasons. One culprit can be leaves. When the scuppers get clogged with leaves, it can prevent water from a simple rainstorm from draining properly and the weight from that will accumulate over time. Rubber on the boat can also dry out and crack, allowing water to seep in. Banging against the dock during windy weather can also lend itself to damage that will add up over time, especially if you're not checking in to notice it.

Donate Your Boat Instead

Boats can be great fun for families or for individuals looking for some peace and quiet. However, if your interests have changed or you just don't have the time, don't let your boat go to waste. Much better that you earn a tax deduction and give your boat to a good cause then letting its value drop while it sits and waits.

Making a boat donation doesn't have to be hard. All you need to do is find an organization that accepts donations of that sort (there are more than you'd think!), verify that they're a non-profit (so that you can be sure your donation will qualify for a tax deduction), and you're on your way.

The best part is that companies that accept boat donations want to make the process as easy for you as possible. Most of them will come pick up your boat within a matter of days, and provide you with all the necessary documentation that you need to get the credit you deserve for your gift.

What are you waiting for? Consider making a donation today.