Friday, October 30, 2015

Benefits of Vehicle Donation Milwaukee

vehicle donation milwaukee

Getting a new car can be very exciting.  Shiny paint, all the new gadgets, the new car smell – who doesn’t love it?  While to your eyes, your old vehicle may pale in comparison, to others it may be valuable.  You don’t have to sell or trade in your old car, you also have the option of finding a local charity and participating in vehicle donation Milwaukee.

You may be happy to get rid of your old vehicle, but to a vehicle donation charity it is a means to help people.  When you donate vehicle to charity, there are many different things that it may be used for.  If the vehicle runs, it may be used for transportation.  The vehicle donation charity may use it to deliver supplies to the needy, to help transport people who don’t have their own means, or just in general to help with the charity’s operations.  If you donate to a school or a charity for at-risk youth, it may be used as a project.  Students can help repair the car, giving them a valuable life skill as well as a sense of accomplishment.  Most often, when you donate vehicle to charity it will be sold in a bidding environment and the proceeds will be used to support the charity.  It may be sold to dealer who may refurbish and resell the vehicle, or it can be sold to recyclers and the parts used for other projects.

Vehicle donation charities don’t just need your old cars, they accept many different types of vehicles.  These can include trucks, RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, campers, and more.  If you have any vehicle to get rid of, call a charity to see if the type of vehicle that you have is accepted.

When you donate vehicle to charity, if you itemize on your taxes you also have the option of claiming a deduction for the vehicle.  If you plan on doing this, make sure you tell the charity when you contact them to make your donation because they will need to provide you with proof of the donation.

Donate Car Milwaukee Basics

donate car milwaukee

When you donate car to charity, it can be a wonderful way to help others.  If you have an unwanted vehicle, donating it is a much more convenient way to get rid of it than selling it is, and you have the added satisfaction of knowing that you have helped someone.  If you are looking to donate car Milwaukee, one option is Rawhide Ranch.  Rawhide focuses on helping at-risk youth.  They get a substantial portion of their contributions from car donations, and measure up well to other charities.

They offer many different services, including:  counseling, residential programs, foster care, alternative schooling, family weekend programs, and transitional group homes.   It is always a good idea to choose a well-established charity to donate to, and Rawhide has been around for over 50 years.  They have also been accepting car donations for over 30 years, so they can be relied on to get a reasonable amount for your vehicle donation.

One thing to check before you choose to donate to a charity is how much of the charity’s expenses are actually spent on the programs offered.  Charities that spend most of their money on advertising or their CEO’s salary should be avoided.  It is estimated that Rawhide spends approximately 82% of its total expenses on their programs.

When you donate a car to Rawhide, most likely it will be sold in a bidding environment.  It is possible that it may be used by the ranch for transportation, or as a project for the youths at the ranch.  In order to donate car to charity, you would start by visiting their website and filling out a short online form.  They require information including the type of vehicle, the mileage, and the VIN.  Car donation charities will usually have the vehicle towed for you if it doesn’t run or if you just want to have to drop it off.  Rawhide will allow you to choose the time and location for pickup.  They will also ask if you plan on claiming a tax deduction for your donation, and if so, they provide you with proof of your donation.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Donate a Car Madison: What is the Money Used for?

When you find yourself with an unneeded vehicle in your garage or driveway, you may want to consider finding a local charity to donate a car Madison.  This is usually faster and simpler than selling it, but sometimes you may wonder if the money will really be used for a good cause.  There are many, many different organizations that will be willing to let you donate a car, but one of the most rewarding types are programs for at-risk youth.  So many young people these days end up in a position where they may be a danger to themselves or others, and these programs provide the necessary guidance to get them back on track.

Drugs, mixing with the wrong crowd, depression, low self-esteem – these are just some of the issues that can become big problems for kids and their families.  When you donate a car to charity and the organization addresses these problems, you are helping to free at-risk youth from the trouble spots where they can become trapped.

When you donate a car to charity, in order for your donation to make a positive difference, you want to find a program that is reliable and effective.  When you are choosing an organization to donate a car to, look for things such as:
    • How long has the program been running?  Is the staff experienced and qualified and the program recognized by professionals dealing with at-risk youth?
    • Staffing and philosophy. Who runs it and what values do they have?
    • You can always find reviews online.  Are parents usually pleased with the outcome of the program?  What do the kids say and what kind of people have they grown up to be? 
In order to make the most of your donation, you also want to find an organization that has experience getting the most for donated cars, and preferably that sells the cars themselves – cutting out the need for a middle man.  This will help to ensure that the car is sold for the maximum amount and that the money goes right to the charity.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Making Vehicle Donations Green Bay

When you donate a vehicle to charity, you're doing something great for others while also doing something that you'll be able to use as a benefit to yourself. The process of vehicle donation is simple to explain, easy to understand, and something that you can feel good about taking part in. Many people have never donated anything as big as a vehicle before, so the task may seem daunting - but it actually is not!

All you need to donate a vehicle to charity is the vehicle, a few minutes, and some basic information. In this age of Internet advances, it's possible to complete the process online almost to completion; the only thing you'll actually have to do is hand off the vehicle, either by scheduling a pick up via organization representatives or by dropping it off personally. When you give your information, you'll have the option to choose between these options, as well as choosing the type of compensation you'll want. Although you will not get paid for your donation, you will be given documentation that allows you to claim it as a deduction on your taxes; the only thing that changes is the amount!

After you've given your vehicle to the charity of choice, you will not have to worry about what happens to it, but it's normal to be curious. The Green Bay vehicle donations charities will all do things slightly differently, but the general ideas are the same. The organization representatives will ensure that the car or truck is operational, and assess the need for any repairs that must be made before it can be sold. Some of these will be able to be made by those the charity serves; this provides a chance to work in a team and learn skills, while others will need to be made by professionals. In some cases, repairs won't be enough, and the car will simply be sold for scrap or parts - raising money almost immediately.

Once the repairs have been made and the car is cleaned out, it can be taken to auction. This type of sale ensures that the prices are fair - and that those who end up with the vehicles aren't saddled with monthly payments. Owning a car is something that a lot of people take for granted, but there are plenty of others that have no vehicle to call their own - meaning that they have no way to drive themselves to and from work, to school, or to transport their families around. For these reasons, owning a car that is a little older but a lot less expensive is an appealing option - and one that is made possible by the generous gift of vehicle donations Green Bay.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Claiming Your Tax Deduction for Vehicle Donation Madison

vehicle donation madison

Making a charitable donation can be very satisfying, especially substantial donations such as vehicle donations.  While that good feeling certainly is nice, few people would turn down the opportunity to also have a deduction on their taxes when they donate a vehicle.  Fortunately, most charities try to make it easy for you to get both when you donate a vehicle.

Before 2005, you were able to claim the fair market value for any vehicle donation, no matter how much the vehicle sold for.  It was often time-consuming and confusing to determine the vehicle’s market value, and the IRS changed the tax law to take the guesswork out in January 2005.  Now, you can still claim the market value if that value is $500 or less, but if you plan to claim more, you can only claim as much as the charity sells the vehicle for.  They can usually give you an estimate of how much they expect to sell it for, but you will not know the amount that you can claim until the charity actually sells the car and gives you the necessary paperwork.  Receipts for vehicle donations will have the date that you made the donation, so even if they do not sell it until after the new year, you can claim for the year that you made the donation.

A charity that has been established for a while and that has experience accepting vehicle donations and selling cars will likely be able to get you the highest tax deduction.  One such charity for vehicle donation Madison is Rawhide Ranch.   They provide family-centered care to at-risk youth.  Rawhide has accepted vehicle donations for over 30 years, and a large portion of their funding comes from those vehicle donations.  They make it easy by allowing you to fill out a donation form online, then they will pick the vehicle up from a location of your choosing within 48 hours.  They also give you a receipt and notify you of the amount when they sell the vehicle.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Who Can Donate Car to Charity Green Bay?

Many people feel that their ability to give is limited by their surroundings and the items that they have within their homes. While this is true to an extent, no one should feel as if they cannot do anything to help just because they cannot "afford" to give a lot. One of the types of donations that is extremely valuable to charities and individuals is that of charity car donations. When thinking about what to give, not everyone will think of a car or truck at first, because they are not typical donations... but that doesn't make them any less appreciated or necessary.

Anyone can donate as long as they have a vehicle that they are willing to part with. There are very few stipulations about what types of vehicles can be turned in - the only thing that is the same across the board is that on any donated vehicle, the tires must be functional. Even if they will need to be replaced almost right away, they just have to be able to get from the former owner's home to the organization's drop off location; after this, the charity assumes all responsibility.

donate car to charity green bay
The type of vehicle that gets donated is up to the discretion of the donor, too. Even vehicles like the one in the image to the left are accepted - the fact that a car isn't "pretty" often won't discourage people from purchasing them at a discount... it's not about how something looks, but rather how it runs. Cars, trucks, even in some cases boats and motorcycles can be donated - they will all be useful to someone!

Green Bay car donation is no different than this same type of giving to charity in other locations, as there is the same need across the country. Charity car drop off locations are conveniently located, ready to accept donations year round, and have well-trained staff members  that can answer any questions or concerns that potential donors have. These factors help to put these types of charities above others, meaning that it's a good idea to consider this type of giving, even if you haven't ever done anything like it before. It doesn't matter who you are or what type of life you lead, anyone can donate car to charity Green Bay and feel good about it.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Reasons for Making Vehicle Donation Madison

Having a vehicle often means the difference between living life and simply existing. Not only does owning a car or truck make it possible to run errands and get to work when necessary, but it gives people a sense of freedom and independence. Without a personal vehicle, it can be difficult to get from place to place, as people will need to depend on others (or public transportation) for rides. Luckily for those who cannot afford to purchase new or even used vehicles at retail cost, there are organizations that accept vehicle donations in order to provide cars for those who need them.

When you donate a vehicle to charity, there is not much that needs to be done on the end of the donor. Yes, you'll have to fill out information about yourself and the vehicle, but there will be no surprise questions or comments, and the organization will work with you in order to determine the best method of transfer for the vehicle. If it can be safely driven, vehicle donation Madison charities have convenient drop off locations around the community... but if the car is not running or cannot be on the road, it can be picked up by representatives at the most convenient time for you and the organization.

Not only will this type of donation help people that need vehicles, but it will also help you when used as a tax deduction to a non-profit organization come tax time. This can be done in one of two ways: one, a standard deduction that can be approved and given at the time of title transfer, or by waiting to see what the vehicle sells for and accepting that amount - although this can take some time, it can be worth the wait, especially for newer "old" vehicles. In addition to this, the money raised by the sale of the vehicle will help the organization fund projects, events, courses and classes, meant to help and provide enrichment for those who depend on the charities. Even if the vehicle cannot be sold for actual use on-road, many vehicles can be sold for scrap, which will still raise money for the organizations right up front when individuals donate a vehicle - with no waiting for the sale to take place.