Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Perks of Vehicle Donation

vehicle donations

Upgrade From Your Old Beater Car

It can be hard to say goodbye to your trusty car. It's carried you many miles, seen major life events, taken you where you need to be. It can be really difficult to justify retiring your old car for an upgrade (or to go without a vehicle).If your car has broken down on you for the last time, it can be hard to find much value in selling or exchanging it.Most people don’t have a car compactor on hand, and don’t want to leave the car sitting in the driveway or their yard. By donating your vehicle, you know it's going to a good cause and will have a new lease on life.

Get a Tax Break

Most beat up old cars aren’t worth more than a few hundred dollars for scrap. With a car donation, you can get tax benefits when you donate it to a 503c(b). You can claim a tax deduction based on the value it sells for at auction, or if that is not applicable, based on the fair market value of the vehicle. Please speak with a tax professional if you have specific questions about claims or forms to ensure everything is filled out properly.

Donate to a Good Cause

There are many charitable options to select from when you donate a vehicle in Green Bay. One example is Rawhide, an organization that provides support services for at risk young males with services like work experience, counseling, and life skills training. A 503c(b), this organization meets the tax write-off qualifications for a vehicle donation.

It’s Easy To Do!

If your car doesn’t work anymore or is unsafe to drive, it can be costly to tow to the junkyard or the dealership. When you donate a car, the charity of choice will often pick up the donated vehicle for you. This saves you time and money and the headache of coordinating a tow or a move. If you choose to donate a car through Rawhide, simply fill out the form on their website, and they will contact you to arrange a free pickup within 24-48 hours, and provide you with the proper tax documentation for your deduction in case you get audited.
The perks of donating your car are more than monetary or convenience. Your car donation can directly support charitable causes. So consider donating your vehicle to a charity today!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Donate Car to Charity is a Good Way to Help Others

donate car to charity

Charities are an important part of our society, but sometimes many of us can feel as though we do not have very much to give.  Even if you do not have extra cash, everyone who owns a car will need to replace it at one point or another, and one way that you can help is to donate car to charity.

History of car donation charities Green Bay

When organizations first started allowing people to donate car to charity Green Bay, it was because they needed an extra set of wheels and the charity would actually use the vehicle.  Eventually, car donation charities Green Bay would occasionally accept a car or two with the intention of holding a fund raising event to auction them off.  After these auctions were successful, car donation charities Green Bay started accepting more cars to be auctioned off.  Eventually, the quantity of vehicles donated become more important than the quality, and auctions were no longer an event, cars were just sold at existing auto auctions.  Because they no longer need to be in the best condition for a charity to be able to use or sell them, any vehicle that you donate to a car charity Green Bay can help.

Why you should donate car to charity Green Bay

You may still be tempted to just sell your vehicle because that can mean money in your pocket.  But before you do, consider that there are people who are in desperate need of basic things such as food, water, and clothing.  A little extra money will not last and is likely to just buy you more stuff that you do not need.  You may find that it is more rewarding to help others who may be in a desperate situation.  Consider how lucky you are just to have the option to give a vehicle away.

If you are ready to donate car to charity Green Bay, you can get started at: www.rawhide.org/donations/donate-vehicle-green-bay.  They just need some basic information about the vehicle, then they will contact you to arrange a time and place for the vehicle to be picked up.  This towing service is free, and makes it easy for you to help others by donating to a car charity Green Bay.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Tax Benefits for Philanthropists: Donate Car

donate car

Of course there are many ways to make charitable donations if you are a philanthropic individual who wants to give something back to your community, or to a particular group or organization about which you feel strongly.  Many of these donations can benefit you at tax time.  If you really look at the tax code, you will be surprised at how many items are actually deductible when you donate to charity.  If you volunteer your time to a charitable organization, you may be able to deduct the cost of child care for the hours you donate.  Who would have thought?

Donate Car Milwaukee

It has become more and more well known that it is possible to donate car to charity Milwaukee.  Those wishing to donate car  may wish to have more information on the donate car tax deduction Milwaukee.  Here are some of the basics:

  • Make sure the organization to which you are donating the vehicle is a government certified not-for-profit agency.  This means that they have 501 (3)(c) status.  Some religious organizations may also be eligible to accept car donations without having formal not-for-profit status.  If you are unsure about an organization's status, ask for verification before donating.
  • Know that there are only a few circumstances under which you can claim the full market value of the vehicle as your tax deduction.  These include when the charity utilizes the vehicle in their actual mission, if the charity bears the cost of making significant material improvements to the vehicles beyond normal cleaning and cosmetic repairs, and when the charity sells the vehicle to a needy individual in need of transportation at significantly below the fair market value.
  • In order to take the car donation tax deduction, you will need to itemize your deductions; and, the total value of your itemized deductions will need to exceed the IRS standard deduction in order for you to benefit.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Donate Sailboat, regardless of what it's made out of

Donate Sailboat

Considering that most boat owners have disposable income, they are much more likely to be in the middle-to-upper income tax brackets, thus a tax deduction would be appealing to them. Boat donations have risen in popularity throughout the US, most likely through increasing overall awareness among those who previously hadn’t heard that the option is available. 

There are many organizations in the US now accepting vehicle donations, which include boats. Different boats are made out of different materials, which can impact their functionality and lead them to be donated later. 

What are boats made out of?

Overall, there is not a single, superior material for new boat construction; rather it depends on the type of boat that is being produced and the functions that the vessel is used for, along with the affordability and availability of materials. Several materials have traditionally been the primary material used to manufacture the bodies of boats, each with their own set of positive and negative attributes.

1. Wood

Types of wood used in boat production include softer cuts of ash, cedar, Douglas Fir and oak. The advantages of wood in boat production are its attractiveness in design and that although somewhat lightweight, it is fairly strong. Additionally, wood is usually widely available as a raw material. When left untreated, wood can begin to rot quickly and deteriorate. A disadvantage is the maintenance usually required in making sure it has a strong protective seal. A common method of preservation is maintaining it with a resistant paint and epoxy sealant designed to minimize water-related damage.

2. Steel

Both carbon and stainless types of steel are often used in boat manufacturing. Steel provides the strength to withstand the impact of a collision with rocks or ice, and also is relatively inexpensive. The primary drawbacks are that it is heavy; which requires more engine power resulting in greater fuel consumption and that it is likely to corrode.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum is fairly lightweight, inexpensive and less likely to corrode compared to steel. Drawbacks of aluminum usage include that it will likely be damaged when it hits rocks or other very strong materials and does not resist corroding in salt water very well.

4. Fiberglass/Composites

These materials sometimes are referred to as “marine composites” that consist of poly-resins and hardened plastics. Large portions of the material can be constructed without having seams, which logically decreases points of potential water entry that would need caulk or welding. These products afford the producer the opportunity to be very versatile in design, are lightweight and non-corrosive. The primary drawback is that it is expensive to produce the composites with the strength needed for larger watercraft's.

Donate sailboat (all types!)

Rawhide will accept boat donations regardless of the material it's made out of. Rawhide  is a faith-driven, non-profit, organization in Wisconsin that provides assistance with both residential care and mental health treatment options for troubled youth. 

The group was founded in 1965 and received support from Bart Starr, the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. Rawhide estimates that over 80% of the funds derived from vehicle donations they process go directly to their programs that benefit children in need of assistance.

For information on Rawhide’s donation programs, visit: http://www.rawhide.org.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Buying and Donating Boats

donating boats

If you are thinking about purchasing a boat, there are many aspects to consider before doing so. This can be a big investment, so you want to make sure you get your money's worth.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Boat

  • New or Used - Are you looking to buy a brand new boat, or are you willing to settle for a used one? Many dealerships sell boats that are still in good condition for a cheaper price. Many people are also donating boats to charities nowadays, which often turn around and sell them for a cheaper price.
  • Budget - Before you begin the search for the perfect boat, you should determine how much you are willing and able to spend first. You don't want to fall in love with a boat only to realize you can't afford it!
  • Type of Boat - It may help if you have at least a general idea of what kind of boat you are looking for. There are definitely differences between a canoe, a pontoon boat and a sailboat! Know what you are getting into before you are stuck looking a wide variety of boats.
  • Size - Are you buying the boat for you and your family? You and a bunch of friends? You definitely want to make sure your boat is the appropriate size for your needs. You don't want to cram too many people on a boat and risk safety.
  • Appearance - Do you care if the boat has a few dings and scratches? Are you willing to put the time and effort into painting it? If not, keep looking!
  • Condition - Just like with appearance, you have to know whether or not you are willing to put money and work into the boat and how much. Obviously a new boat should require less maintenance and repairs, but it would likely also cost more.

You may finally settle on a boat only to realize that that particular one is not what you want after all. You may feel as though you are out a lot of money, but donating boats Wisconsin may allow you to help a charity in need and gain a tax deduction at the same time!

If you are looking to buy or donate a used boat, check out www.rawhide.org.

Deciding to Donate Car

donate car

Why is Choosing to Donate Car Important?

Walking out your front door and getting into your car or truck may seem like something that you don’t think too much about each day, but for some people, this isn’t possible. Owning a car is not inexpensive; from the insurance and gas to the upkeep and maintenance fees, there are almost constant costs that go into owning and keeping a vehicle. These costs aren’t even the big ones, either. Initially buying a car or truck can set people back thousands of dollars and require them to make costly monthly payments for many years at a time, but by donating a car to charity, this can be avoided.

You finding a way to donate car to a charity organization can help people purchase reliable vehicles without the extra hassle of having to make monthly payments or come up with large down payments on the spot. The cars that are sold through charity auctions and sales are typically priced much lower than the ones that come off of car lots, even though the vehicles are just as reliable. You can donate a car in many locations year round, which makes things very convenient for people that want to donate as well as for people that are looking to purchase a car or truck.

In Wisconsin, you can donate car Madison to charities like Rawhide, which take donations in order to benefit young men that are considered to be “at risk”. These donations will be sold or used to help these individuals turn their lives around through programs, assistance or even events like camps and seminars; the organizations have many ways to do good for the community.

Donate Car Regulations

The great thing about choosing to donate car in this manner is that there are very few stipulations. The vehicles can be road worthy or non-functional, as long as their tires are inflated and capable of supporting the vehicle, the charity will accept them. The cars and trucks that do not work and cannot be repaired will be sold for scrap or parts, with the profits going directly back into the organization, and the ones that do run will be tuned up and put up for sale, making more of a profit for the group that sells them.

Vehicles simply need a clean title in order to be sold, which must be transferred to the charity at the time of donation. This will in turn be transferred to the new owners after sale, but has to be done legally so that there are no problems with the final sale.

The donation process can be completed online, making it easy for you to complete the form, find and fill out all required information and set up a time for transfer with ease. This can be a huge relief for people that have never done anything like this before, because it will show them that the process doesn’t have to be difficult and that things are designed with the average person (not an expert) in mind.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Car Donation after Airbag Deployment

car donation

If your car was involved in an accident and the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle if it were repaired, it may not be worth repairing. For example, if you had a (11) year old car with over 100,000 miles that needs $2,500 in transmission work, or the same vehicle sustained severe body damage and the airbags were deployed. In these instances you can scrap the car, or you may wish to consider a car donation option. The tax deduction savings may be just what you need to save big money at tax time. One Wisconsin-based car donation option is available at: car donation Milwaukee.

Understanding Auto Airbags

Manufacturers for U.S. vehicles began including airbags in automobiles in the late 1980s. In the decades that followed, they became increasingly common and by 2001 virtually all vehicles had airbags as standard equipment. The purpose of the bags is to further protect the driver and passengers of a car that is involved in a collision. Airbags are used in conjunction with the safety belts that have been standard auto components for many years.  There are three key elements of an auto airbag system as follows:

  • The crash sensor(s): Is a critical instrument within the system’s control unit which is capable of measuring the severity of a collision and initiates the airbag’s deployment if the impact is significant.
  • The inflator: Is activated instantly delivering a pressurized gas propellant that inflates the bag in milliseconds.
  • The bag: is best described as a cushion that is typically composed of a thin nylon or polyester material.

Airbags are designed to only deploy once, so after the collision they need to be replaced. Due to the complexity and often limited number of qualified installation shops, the costs of replacement are high. Also, like most parts of a vehicle, these systems age over time and cars that are 10+ years or older have some likelihood of having units that are not functional.

Airbag Types

Airbags were initially used solely to protect the occupant of the driver seat; however, newer vehicles have increasing numbers of units built-in throughout other areas of the car. There are (4) most common bag types and locations including:

  • Side airbags: Commonly found on the sides of the seats, or a curtain airbag, which originates in the vehicle’s ceiling.
  • Front airbags: Were the first types developed, which deploy from the steering wheel and from the dashboard area on the passenger side.
  • Knee airbags: Typically located beneath the steering wheel on the driver side and in the “glove compartment” area on the passenger side.
  • Inflatable seat belts: The rarest style in use today is part of the seat belt (safety belt) unit that is designed to more evenly distribute and reduce the overall pressure and force of impact on those wearing a seat belt.

There are few who question that airbags are an excellent product for passenger protection in auto accidents. Accidental airbag deployment has occurred in very few cases, but does happen, causing some dangerous situations. 

Sometimes your car may not be worth repairing after it's involved in an accident and the airbags have deployed. If this is the case, don't waste your money on getting it fixed: consider donating your car to a car donation charity Milwaukee. Charities like Rawhide will accept your car donation regardless of its condition.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Car Donations?

car donations

Every time you open your front door and look outside, you’ll see cars and trucks - and people in them. These vehicles help people get to where they need to go each day, whether it’s to work or school, to visit family or simply to go for a drive when they want to. These errands are normal, everyday activities, but not everyone has the luxury of setting their own schedules to get these things done, and that’s where the idea of car donations comes into play.

Car Donations Explained

When you donate a car to charity, it’s because you have a vehicle that you’re no longer going to be using and that you don’t want to sell. This can happen when you inherit a vehicle, when you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model, or when you simply don’t have use for a car or truck due to your own living conditions. While you’re making changes and decisions, these have the ability to impact the lives of others. Madison, Wisconsin is only one of the many locations that have a variety of car donation charities within their limits, but these present organizations are reputable and easy to work with.

Car donations Madison follow the same structure as donations in other locations, but the charities themselves are quite different. The organizations take donations year round, and hold auctions and sales often so that their inventory is constantly changing. When you donate cars, you transfer the title to the charity, who then signs it over to the individual that purchases the vehicle, meaning that you’ll need to be sure that the title on the donated car is clear to avoid future issues. Many organizations even offer pickup services, meaning that it is possible that you, the donor, will not even have to leave your home to drop off the vehicle if you don’t want to.

What Do Car Donations Provide?

Car donations charities Madison provide opportunities to those that need them desperately. These charities accept cars and trucks, but they also accept typical donations of things like time, money, clothing and supplies. This makes it possible for them to “stock up” in case of emergency, and so that they can help anyone that really needs it.

The vehicles that are donated are not always new or fancy,but they are road worthy and dependable. The vehicles give people the opportunity to run errands, take care of their families and regain independence; not everyone can afford to visit a dealership and pay monthly car payments, but this option makes it possible to own a car or truck without having to do so.

Most importantly, car donations charities provide hope and security to the people in the community that are not used to having these things. To you, it might be a fifteen year old car that has none of the modern amenities like an auxiliary port or touch screen, but to someone that has never owned a car of their own, it is more than enough.