Thursday, November 27, 2014

What Happens To Your Vehicle After You Donate Car To Madison Charity

There are many advertisements online and in physical media that ask people to donate their cars to charity in Madison, Wisconsin. However, few people actually understand how the process itself works. Many of us are aware of the existence of Madison donate car charities, and quite a few of us have used these services, mainly because of the tax benefit they can give us. However, generally, all we do is contact the charity and wait for our tax receipt to arrive in the post, without any thought about what has happened. So when we donate car Madison charities receive, what do they actually do with our vehicles? Several options are possible.

Charities Sell to Recycling Plants

The first option is that the charitable organization sells your vehicle to a scrapyard or recycling plant. This is actually the most common option, because most people who donate car to charity give vehicles that can no longer be driven. These are the cars that would cost so much to repair and make roadworthy again that it would be easier to simply get rid of them. Vehicles are in high demand with recyclers, however, as around 90% of all the elements in a car can be reused to create new cars or other metal objects. As such, when you make a donation, you also help the environment.

Charities Auction to the Highest Bidder

If your vehicle is still roadworthy, then the charity is most likely to sell it for the highest possible price through an auction. It is for this reason that you may not only donate car to Madison charity, you may also donate any other kind of vehicle, from planes to jet skis. When a charity like Rawhide (with online site at sells a good quality vehicle at auction, they are able to raise significant funds to further their cause. It is also in these cases that using a 501(c)(3) registered charity is so important, as it is possible that the value is above $500, which means you must have a tax receipt to claim your deduction when you file your income tax return.

Charities Give Your Car to Service Users

In some cases, your vehicle will be given to a particular recipient of the charitable organization. This is only possible if your car is in excellent condition, however. When you donate car to charity like Rawhide, it will be auctioned or sold to a scrapyard rather than given away, but some charities do look into this possibility. By donating the vehicle to a service user, they allow people to have a means of transportation to attend medical appointments, gain an education or even find work. It can be a lifeline for people who would otherwise be virtually stuck at home.

As you can see, there are three possible destinations for your old vehicle when you donate car Madison charities will be receiving. Each of these will help the users of a charity of your choosing tremendously. Do find out from your charity what they intend to do with your old vehicle, as this may help you decide which charity you find deserving of your donation.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How Green Bay Donate Car Charities Can Help Entire Families

Donating a car to charity is nothing new and an increasing number of people in Green Bay, Wisconsin, are becoming involved in it. This is because, Green Bay donate car charities are able to deliver incredibly important work to communities around the world. Additionally, you can also help yourself because your donation is tax deductible so long as you donate through a 501(c)(3) registered charity.

One incredibly popular cars donation charity is Rawhide that works with families throughout Green Bay. This is indeed one of the best known donate car Green Bay charitable organizations and for good reason. Their tireless work has helped families for many generations and they are not showing any signs of stopping.

Donate Car Charities Affect Entire Communities

When you donate car Green Bay charities like Rawhide deliver some truly important work. As you can see on, they work with young people with mental health challenges, as well as with their parents. As such, they ensure that they not only give young people the best opportunities in life but they also make sure they are able to live in supportive environments with their families later on in life.

Rawhide offers a range of facilities for their young service users and their families, and they have been doing so since 1965. They operate the Rawhide Ranch, the Starr Academy, Adventure Camps and counseling for both youths and their families. All of these services cost a great deal of money, which you support when you donate a car. It is a truly worthy cause and the benefits they offer can be experienced throughout the community. If you have ties with Green Bay, therefore, your help is truly appreciated.

There are two ways they deal with young people who are placed at Rawhide. The first has to do with court-appointed cases. In these cases, funding is also received from the legal system although your donations help to turn a service from good to excellent. The second option is voluntary enrollment. This is where the most help is needed and when you donate car to charity, it is this work that you are supporting the most. The goal of both types of enrollment is the same, but your donations support those young people and families who understand that they have to get help in order to improve their lives.

As you can see, the charity really does some very important work. Indeed, many of the young people that go through the Rawhide process come back when they are older and become mentors to the next batch of young people who require help. When you donate a car to Rawhide, you are making all this work possible. Your donation, which will be sold at auction, will enable the staff at Rawhide to continue to improve the lives of young people and their families. These are youngsters that have very little chance of making something positive out of their lives without the help of this charity. Most would say that it is our moral and social responsibility to help out where we can, and making a car donation is a way that you can achieve this.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Providing Valuable Help To Milwaukee Car Donation Charities

Many charities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, run car donation programs as a method of providing financial support for their organization. The vehicles that are received through this process are not always used as a method of transporting members of the charity itself, but instead are sold either privately by the organization, or through auction. Before you type "donate car Milwaukee" into the search bar, you may be interested in learning more about the process.

Donating your old vehicle to a charity may not only help the charity involved, but you as well. It is possible to obtain a tax deduction for your donation, and the charity benefits from the funds that they receive as they sell your vehicle. Milwaukee donate car services will generally do everything possible to make donating vehicles as simple as possible for the donor. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that could help you along the way.

1. Do Your Homework

Often, when people decide to donate their cars to charity, one of the initial things that they will consider is whether they may be eligible for a tax reduction as some kind of reward for their contribution. If you are thinking of using your gift to Milwaukee car donation charities in this way, it may be worth doing some research first. It is the responsibility of the donor to accurately determine the value of the vehicle for resale. If you have properly appraised the vehicle in question before you donate it to a valuable service such as Rawhide, with website at, you should not have anything to worry about when it comes to filing the proper paperwork for the IRS.

2. Know the Charity You Are Donating To

When residents of Milwaukee donate car to Rawhide as a way of providing assistance to their honorable cause, most find it important to learn as much as possible about what that charity actually does. There are many different car donation charities in Milwaukee, and as such, it can sometimes be difficult to select the one that you believe will be able to do the most good. With that in mind, when you donate car to charity, you should ensure that the goal behind that organization is something that you truly believe in.

Rawhide is a non-profit organization based on the Christian faith that provides programs to youths at risk. In an effort to improve the lives of young people, this group provides outpatient mental health services, residential care and more to assist them in adapting to a healthier, responsible state of living. Founded in 1965, the organization dedicates itself to the needs of the youth that it offers services to, equipping them with the education, treatment, and care they need.

Sometimes it's difficult to differentiate charities that are just out to raise money for themselves and those organizations that truly care about the people they are involved with. That is why it's so important that you can believe in the charity you are giving your vehicle to.

Friday, November 21, 2014

When You Donate Car To Charity Green Bay And The World's Environment Benefit

When you donate a vehicle to charity in Green Bay, Wisconsin, you are making a very responsible decision. In Green Bay donate a car to charity and you will discover that you have also helped protect the environment as a whole. A lot of people think that when they donate car to charity Green Bay organizations expect it to be a fully running vehicle, but this isn't true. Indeed, car donation charities will accept any kind of vehicle, as they often auction them to scrap yards and still get quite a bit of money for them. Hence, any motor vehicle will do.

Recycling a Charity Car

When a vehicle is recycled, natural resources are preserved. This is because old vehicles are very unfriendly to the environment and they are taken off the road. Indeed, very often, cars that get donated to charities like Rawhide, with online site at, are well over 20 years old and cannot be driven anymore. In fact, if they were still drivable, they would cause terrible pollution because of their poor mileage rates and exhaust fumes. We know from research in California that a vehicle that is over 13 years old only accounts for 25% of all the driven miles but they contribute 75% of all exhaust pollution.

Hence, when you donate car to charity Green Bay communities and the environment as a whole will all benefit. What happens is that the old materials in your car are reused and turned into new parts for cars, cans, structure, homes, furnaces, elevators, bars, bridges, hangars and so on. Indeed, the automotive industry is the highest recycling industry in the world. When you make a Green Bay car donation, you ensure the roads and highways are cleared of disabled and abandoned cars. Instead, they are recycled and reused and the proceeds help to improve communities.

Some Interesting Recycling Facts

If you are still unsure about the benefits to the environment that your donation will provide, consider the following for a minute. When you give out a Green Bay car donation with Rawhide, your vehicle will be one of 16 million other recycled cars. Indeed, some 98% of all cars get recycled. Most cars have high steel content, which never lose their strength. Indeed, these can be used again and again and never lose their integrity. Did you know, for instance, that some 17 billion steel cans are recycled every year, which is 58% of all cans that are produced? And did you know that this is enough to allow for 20 Golden Gate Bridges to be built?

Furthermore, when you recycle your car, only another five would be needed to create a home with a 6,000 foot surface area. In addition, we are currently recycling sufficient cars to create one third of all utility poles in the country. Indeed, steel is the most recycled material in our country, easily beating paper, aluminum, plastic and glass put together. Some 65% of all steel currently in circulation in our country has already been recycled. Finally, 75% of the content of a vehicle can be recycled too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To Donate My Vehicle Madison Charities Will Use To Fund Their Activities

I have been driving the same car in Madison, Wisconsin, for years. It has taken me across the country and it has been my trusted companion on many adventures. However, it was starting to get old and it was starting to break down regularly as well. I had to bite the bullet and buy a new vehicle, but I still felt a sense of loss and shame. I felt as if I had let an old friend down, someone who had been there for me through thick and thin.

But then I found out that you can donate a car, so I quickly went out to find out how to donate my vehicle Madison charities can use to raise funds. I found out that in Madison how to donate my vehicle is easy to comprehend and I wish I had known this sooner. No longer do I feel as if I am deserting a trusted old friend. Rather, I feel as if I am giving that friend one last chance at glory, the opportunity to go out with a real bang. So, I sought out the best way to donate car to charity.

How to Donate My Vehicle in Madison

One of the things I found out was how easy it is to make a vehicle donation. Understanding how to donate my vehicle Madison charities will receive turned out to be quite easy. I discovered that the donation process required only a few easy steps. The first step was choosing the charity that I felt would be deserving of my old rust bucket. This was the hardest decision of all, but I ended up settling on Rawhide, with website at They are a very well-established and respected charity that deliver incredibly important work with the young people within my community. Christian values are used basis for providing constructive help to young people with mental health problems and their families. As such, Rawhide affects not just the young people of today, but also the adults of tomorrow. Of course, there are many other charities that take cars for donation and selecting the one that is right for you is a personal decision. So long as you make sure it is 501(c)(3) registered, which indicates that you can claim a tax deduction for your donation and that the charity is properly licensed.

After that, it was time to perform the donation itself. And all I had to do to find out how to donate my vehicle via was go to their website and fill in their easy contact form. They then contacted me, explained what they needed from me, such as my title deed, and then arranged for a date and time that was convenient to me to have my car picked up. They explained that the vehicle will be taken to an auction, where it is sold to the higher bidder. There are some charities that will actually donate their cars to their service users, which is also something you could consider. With Rawhide, however, the car is sold and the money is used for financing their various services. Best of all, it is a high efficiency charity, which means most of the money actually goes to their work rather than for administrative expenses.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Finding A Legitimate Vehicle Donation Milwaukee Program

There are many different car donation programs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it is very important that you find one that is legitimate. When you make a vehicle donation Milwaukee charities will be incredibly grateful. However, you do need to make sure that your chosen vehicle donation Milwaukee charity will use the proceeds of your car for its various works. There are so many Milwaukee donate vehicle charities out there that you may find it confusing when it comes to selecting which one to donate to. Indeed, there are a lot of seemingly genuine charities but not all of these actually work properly. Luckily, finding a good charity isn't too difficult so long as you know what you are doing.

Some Essential Tips on Picking a Vehicle Donation Charity

1. Are its goals legitimate?
First of all, look closely on that particular charity that you are considering. Find out what sort of work they do and whether or not you can get behind their goals. When you donate vehicle to charity, you need to know in your heart that the work the charity does is something that you believe your community has a need for. Good charities are recognized and it is likely that you will have heard of them before. If you haven't, then you can check with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau to see if they are truly legitimate.

2. Would you donate through an intermediary?

When you donate a vehicle to charity, you can do so either directly to a charity or through an intermediary. It is often advisable to avoid the intermediaries, because they are often for-profit organizations and they will take a huge cut from the proceeds of your car, with the result that the charity itself won't actually get much.

3. How much of the proceeds will be used for actual charitable works?

You should also look into the efficiency of the charity itself. When you choose a charity like the one featured at, for instance, you know that the vast majority of the money they make through your donation actually goes to their work. Some charities use a lot of their money to support administrative functions, which is probably not what you wanted your money to achieve.

4. Is the donation process easy?

Finally, look into how easy the charity makes it for you to make the donation. A good car donation charity will allow you to contact them either online or via the telephone. They will then take all your details and let you know what sort of paperwork they require from you. Then, they will arrange a time and date for picking up your vehicle, or you could drop your car off thereby saving the charity a few dollars. The vehicle donation charity Rawhide, for instance, has provided a very easy contact form, and when you have completed this, they will contact you directly to make all the arrangements with you. Once they have accepted your vehicle and sold it at an auction, you will receive a tax receipt that you need in order to claim a tax deduction for your donation.

When You Donate A Vehicle Green Bay Charities Can Help You With The Process

Donating a car to charity in Green Bay is a great way to provide help to people who are truly in need. To make things easy for those who want to donate a vehicle Green Bay charities can help make the administrative side of this much easier. Let's take a look at the details provided by donate a vehicle Green Bay charities on how to make the process easier for you. Hopefully, this will encourage you to make a vehicle donation yourself.

Your Title Deed

The main thing you need to be aware of when donating a car is the legality of your title deed. When you make a vehicle donation to a charity like Rawhide, with online site at, for instance, you will need to complete the title deed properly. The charity will explain to you exactly which sections you need to fill in. Make sure you do this correctly, since a mistake could mean that you will continue to be liable for the vehicle should anything happen to it.

The Documentation Needed to Make Vehicle Donations

The exact documentation you need in order to donate a car depends on a state by state basis, and in Wisconsin, what is needed is the completion of the title transfer and the cancellation of the registration. It will also require the completion of the form for notice of transfer/release of liability. For more information, you can check with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

What If the Car Is Not in Your Name?

When you donate your car, it doesn't have to be registered in your name. Indeed, the registration documents and title deeds often have different names on. However, you do need to speak to your chosen charity about what they will require from you if such is the case.

How to Find Out If Your Title Is Clear and Transferable

Make sure that the title deed is in your name. There should be no errors or cross outs on the deed. If there are any liens on it, you will not be able to make a vehicle donation until the lien is released. You will then be given title instruction that show you how you can sign as a seller.

What If Your Name Has Changed?

If you got married, or there is any other reason as to why your name has changed since the title was released to you, you will need to sign it using the name that is indicated on the deed. If you do not do this, you will void the title. In which case, you will need to apply for a correction form.

There are various other legalities that you may have to deal with. For instance, a Rawhide vehicle donation may be done with vehicles that belonged to people who are already deceased. In such a case, you will need to speak to your chosen charity to find out how you would be able to donate a car that has any issues with the title deed. Do not let this put you off, however, as making a donation is very easy, even in irregular cases.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

How To Choose A Charity For Car Donation Madison Communities Benefit From

More and more people in Madison, Wisconsin, are becoming aware of the fact that they can donate their old vehicles to charity. The benefits of providing a car donation Madison charities can utilize for funding their various activities are vast. Not only do you get to give constructive help to charitable organizations but you also help the environment, your own sense of well-being and your finances because these donations are tax deductible. The biggest difficulty you may face, however, is choosing the right Madison car donation charity. With so many worthy causes, how do you pick the one that is right for you?

The Tax Issue

The reality is that the final decision as to whom you will make your donation to is a personal one that only you can make. However, one element is quite significant with a car donation, and that is that your chosen charity should be 501c3 registered. This means that the IRS has accepted that the charity is not for profit and that they do not lobby the government. A charity will always indicate whether or not they are 501c3 registered but you can also find this out by checking with the IRS.

Picking Your Charity

Choosing the specific charity is something only you can do. However, there are probably a few things you may want to consider. Programs for car donation Madison charities are offering help the local community, and most people would agree that these are the ones that need your help the most. Additionally, when you choose one of these charities, such as Rawhide which you can check at, you will be able to see and experience how the community has benefited from your donation.

Rawhide works with young people with mental health challenges, providing them with Christian-based services to help them rebuild their lives and become productive adults later on in life. Additionally, those young people who have benefited from their work will in turn become mentors for the future generation. As such, your cars donation could really improve your community as a whole for many generations to come.

What Are the Things That Matter to You?

To be able to select the charity that is right for you, you should think about some of the things that matter to you the most. Do you want to help the young, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, plant life, animals or any other cause? Most people have a number of charities that they will support above all others. Do make sure to look closely into the work of the charity that you are considering, and that you know about their efficiency.

When you donate a charity car to Rawhide, for instance, you will know for a fact that most of the money actually goes to the work that they do, and not to administrative functions. This is because they have a very high efficiency rating. Spend a little bit of time researching the charities you are interested in and go for the one that has the best reputation in that particular field. This way, you will know that your money will be spent the right way.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Car Donations Milwaukee Charities Receive And The Importance Of Good Customer Service

It is likely that you have already come across an advertisement for car donations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And when it comes to car donations Milwaukee charities are very keen to inform people that it is possible for them do this. And it seems that the car donations Milwaukee programs are working, because people are starting to think about those old rust buckets on their driveways that would cost them too much to repair.

Perhaps you have researched the possibility of making one of these car donations yourself. Maybe you have even picked up the phone and started to speak to charities and you have heard that they can make things really easy for you. Yet, many people still feel uncertain after that, wondering whether they are doing the right thing and whether they will actually follow the necessary laws in terms of their title deeds and taxes.

Still Worried About Making a Car Donation?

The main reason why people feel nervous with this is that they don't really understand how the process works and its true value for them and the community. When you look into Milwaukee car donations, you will have to hand over some of your personal details as well as an item of significant monetary value, which is your car. This is quite different from handing over some old clothes to Purple Heart, for instance. There are legal consequences attached to your donation and you want to make sure that everything will be dealt with honestly, so that your insurance is cleared and the DMV is happy as well.

Good Milwaukee car donation charities, like Rawhide with website at, have provided their staff with a great deal of training in customer service. They are able to clarify each and every step of the process so that if you do want to make a donation, you will never feel as if you don't understand any of the details. You have the opportunity to arrange the largest part of your donation online, but you can also speak directly with a representative so that any further questions you may have can be answered. Indeed, you can always pick up the phone or send an email to Rawhide if you have any concerns that need to be addressed.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

Excellent customer service is vital to the success of a charity. Sure, people who work for charities are only human and may, therefore, make mistakes. However, what is important is that if an error is made, you should feel confident that they will do all they can to fix it. That is why it is worthwhile to note that when you choose to provide car donations through, you will never feel as if there is a lack of clarity. They are one of the most respected car donation charities in Wisconsin and for good reason. They understand how important it is for you to receive the information you require and how vital it is for them that you decide to make that donation to enable them to positively affect the people they are trying to help. Their goal is to make sure that the entire process is completed smoothly and painlessly, so that they can continue to build on their reputation and provide the services they have sought to offer.