Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Donate My Car

Thinking on how to donate my car can lead to many answers, but which one is the right one?  Well you have to stop and ask yourself a few more questions when it comes to how to donate a car.  Let's take a look at a couple major questions that you might want to ask yourself, and what you should look for in your car donation charity.  All you need to do is make sure it's quick, hassle-free, and helpful.

how to donate my car

The Questions Surrounding How to Donate My Car

Let's break these major questions down to get a look at our points.

1. Are there only charities that take cars for donation? This might seem simple, but it's a bit more complicated than you might think.  There are tons of charities out there that take many different items and donations to help people, so make sure that you find a place that specializes in vehicle donation.  These places will have specific forms in place to help your donate your vehicle easily, painlessly, and quickly.

2. Do They Give Back What They Get?  Read into the charity that you are looking to donate your car to.  Really familiarize yourself with the organization you are about to donate to and the programs they support.  Try to donate to a group that will really give back to the community and the families in that community.  Wellness programs and at-risk programs are great ideas to stand behind, so make sure the charity you choose does something along those lines. They should also provide you with the tax break receipt, and other information regarding being able to write them off properly.

3. What Are The Support Options? Not just for you, but for the people that you are donating to as well.  When you ask how to donate my car Madison, you are also asking how can it help people?  Look into groups that really give these options for the youth and family programs. They should also provide support for any tax information, as stated earlier.

4. Is This a Hassle? Look at the process you have to go through when looking for charities that take cars for donation.  It shouldn't take long, and there shouldn't be that many requirements.  Look for a web form on how to donate a car, and make sure that the web form can set up an appointment.  This should be an easy and rewarding process, so make sure to find a group that will do the work for you.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Donating Boats for Creating Hopes

You read that right, donating boats can lead to the creation of hope.  How? With The Rawhide Ranch and their rawhide boats donations, you can create hope at-risk youth and the families in trouble around your area.  Though boat donation may not be at the top of your mental list when you think about charity, donating your old or unwanted boat to charity can help a cause your truly care about continue to grow and serve the community.    For those in Wisconsin area, Rawhide is an excellent choice.  Especially if you have an affinity for children.

donating boats

This faith-based organization centers around creating hope and bright futures for at-risk youths throughout Wisconsin and the United States.  Rawhide boats uses the funds gained through your donations to invest into many health and wellness programs for these at-risk youths and their families.  These programs come in a huge variety from food, shelter, education and job training, all the way to mental health services, family counseling, and other programs designed to help these at-risk children a Rawhide.

With nearly 50 years of service and dedication, Rawhide is the ideal choice for those in the Wisconsin area who are looking to get rid of their old boat or buy another. Their kind and caring staff mixed with their wealth of experience makes their charity especially ideal for those who have not donated a capital asset to charity before.  To start your donation process, visit:
This contact form takes less than 1 minute to fill out.  Once a representative has processed your form, you will be called in order to arrange a free pick-up of your old or unwanted boat.   All you have to do is locate the title and remove any personal belongings you may still have inside of the boat.
Remember, your boat donation is more than a tax deduction or a way to get that old boat off your hands. Your donation will directly impact the lives of at-risk youths and their families. More importantly, your donation will impact the lives of Wisconsin's children.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to Donate Car to a Madison Charity

Next time you find yourself with a vehicle that you no longer need, consider donating it to charity.  It is easier to donate car than you might think, it can get you a nice deduction on your taxes, and has the added bonus of the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped a good cause.

donate car

Choose a charity to donate car Madison

The first step when you want to donate car to Madison charity is to choose a charity.  Different non-profits can support very different causes, and some do more good than others.  Before you donate car to Madison charity, try to find one that supports a cause that is important to you.  Do some research on your chosen charity.  Make sure that when you donate car Madison, it is to an organization that uses most of its funding directly on its programs and services.  Even some well-known charities spend the majority of their money on advertising and administrative costs.  One charity to consider when you donate car Madison is Rawhide Boys Ranch at  It is a well-established charity and spends about 86% of money earned from car donations on its services and programs.

Madison donate car basic information

After you choose your charity, you will have to contact them to give them some basic information about your vehicle before you donate car to Madison charity.  They will need to know the type of vehicle, the mileage and the VIN.  Sometimes they will need additional information such as the condition of the interior and the exterior of the vehicle; but the answers to these questions usually will not disqualify your vehicle when you would like to donate car Madison.  Even if the vehicle is in poor condition and doesn’t run, you can usually still donate car to Madison charity.

Transporting the vehicle when you donate car to charity Madison

When you donate car Madison, transporting the vehicle to the charity is easy.  They will arrange to have the vehicle towed for free at your convenience.  If you plan on claiming a tax deduction when you Madison donate car, make sure that you familiarize yourself with car donation tax laws and get a receipt when your vehicle is picked up.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Consider Car Donation to Get Rid of Your Old Car

As all car owners are likely aware, cars seem to have a mind of their own sometimes, especially when not properly cared for. The problems a car experiences may range from minor to severe, and can at times be very hard on its owner's wallet. Cars often tend to experience more problems with age, just like people. Some of these problems are unavoidable, while others may be more preventable. There are many things you can do to keep your car both looking and running nicely.

car donation

Ways to Better Care for Your Car

  • It is recommended that you get the car's oil changed approximately every 3,000 miles, or every 3 months. While many cars today will alert the owner when this needs to be done, it is also important to keep track yourself to ensure that the oil in your car does not begin to harm the engine or any other parts.

  • Make sure your tires remain properly inflated at all times. Low tires can result in more difficulty stopping or even a blown tire, among other things.

  • Replace windshield wipers as needed. As windshield wipers become less effective, you may notice a dirtier windshield and will have a more difficult time seeing while driving in inclement weather.

  • Check your headlights and taillights periodically to make sure they are still in bright working condition. A light that no longer shines will make it more difficult for the driver to see at night, as well as making the car itself more difficult for other drivers to see.

  • It is not a bad idea to monitor battery life regularly. Doing so may prevent you from becoming stuck somewhere with a dead car battery and no ride.

  • Always keep an eye on the "check engine" light. If you notice that this is lit up, look into the problem immediately.

Tired of Car Maintenance?

If you are tired of constantly fixing and maintaining an aging car, you can take a variety of actions. You can attempt to sell the car yourself, trade it in, or sell it to a junkyard for parts. However, there is an alternative which many people do not think to consider, and that is to make a car donation. Many charities rely on donations to keep running, so it is not difficult to locate a Milwaukee car donation charity that will accept your old car. If you are ready to begin searching for such a charity, consider starting with

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How Your Boat Donation Helps Your Community

boat donationBoat donation is a clever way to provide the charities in your community with the funds they need to serve people in need.  Whether the charity uses your donation within their programs or auctions the boat to raise funds for the charity, your old boat is giving someone a new life.

So if you're looking to save on docking fees and give back to the less fortunate in your community, consider donating your boat to Rawhide and help at-risk youths and their families redirect their lives for the better.  With 83% of the proceeds from donations going to directly fund programs for the youth, you can rest assured that your old boat is being used for a good cause.

To sweeten the deal, Rawhide is an IRS recognized charity.  Meaning that once you've been provided with the receipt, you can use the statement to file a deduction on your federal income taxes.  In the event that you need help filing your deduction, the Rawhide staff can point you to the right forms and procedures.

Rawhide Boat Donation

Rawhide uses boat donations to fund the counseling and corrective programs throughout their various locations.  With a nearly 50 year legacy of changing lives for the better, Rawhide has accepted hundreds of vehicle and boat donations.

To get started with your boat donations, visit Rawhide's website and submit a donation contact form.  This form will ask you a couple of questions about your boat as well as how you've heard about their programs.  Once a staff member has processed your contact form, Rawhide will arrange a free boat pick-up and complete the rest of the donation process for you.

Once your boat has been processed, you'll be sent that tax receipt.   But remember, your donation is much more than a tax deduction:  It's an opportunity to help the less fortunate in your community and change lives for the better.  Consider donation before you sell that old boat.  Not only will you get that old boat off your hands, you'll feel great knowing that you did something to better your community.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Why Car Donation Services Are Better Than Selling a Car

car donation servicesCar donation services are quickly becoming the best way to get rid of your old or unwanted vehicle.   The benefit to charities is far beyond the daily donation and, for the vast majority of the time, it's much easier than selling your car.   With car donation services Madison, your unwanted vehicle can go to benefit the community and your tax bill.  Saving you the headache of listing and selling the vehicle, or in many cases, finding a way to remove it from your property.

Generally speaking, people decide to donate their car based on 3 factors:
  • Tax deduction
  • Helping your community
  • Removal of unwanted car

Many charities will even accept cars that are unable to run.  Meaning that even if that old car won't turn over, you can still benefit your local community and get the headache out of your driveway.

Choosing Car Donation Services Madison

If a large majority of your decision to donate a car is reliant on the tax deduction, it's important to look for charities that are recognized by the IRS.  Charities that are not recognized by the IRS cannot guarantee that the receipt they provide will grant you a tax deduction of your federal taxes.   Look for the words "IRS recognized" as you thumb through possibilities.  Often times, charities who bear this seal are more familiar with the process.  Not only can they assist those who haven't completed car donation service Madison - they can offer a quicker more hassle-free experience to those who have donated in the past.

For those in the greater Madison area, a reputable charity to complete Madison car donation services with is the Rawhide Ranch.  In addition to providing at-risk youths and their families with a support network, Rawhide is constantly working to expand their curriculum and services to people across the nation. Together with their experts and volunteers, they've impacted thousands of lives and reunited families.  To learn more about their mission visit their website at:

Whether you're looking to get rid of your old clunker or do something for the less fortunate in your community, car donation is a great way to support the local charities in your community.