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Car Donations Made Easy

Making Car Donations Count

Car Donations Made Easy
Even though your old car may not be desirable any longer in your eyes, just because it’s outdated, has some rust or is getting up there in miles doesn’t mean that others feel the same way. Many charities accept car donations in order to give the organizations a financial boost and the members of the community an opportunity to own a vehicle for a fraction of the cost of buying it new. If you have an older car or truck that you are no longer driving and can’t think of anything to do with it, consider making a donation to a charity in the form of this vehicle. Even though it is a slightly different type of donation than most people initially think about, it is just as useful.

Why Making Car Donations Are Important

Car donations charities Madison are especially needy as the changing weather conditions in the area make it impossible to rely on public transportation or being able to walk between places. Many individuals have licenses and want to drive, but cannot afford to purchase a brand new or even a used vehicle. The cars and trucks that are donated to organizations are often improved in minor ways and then auctioned off at lower costs; it’s a win/win situation!
Giving the gift of car donations is something that impacts the organization that receives them as well as the community. More people on the roads means that people have access to vehicles in order to commute to work, school and simply running errands; they are no longer limited to things that they can take public transportation to get to, and this means making life changes and improvements. Think about parents that do not own vehicles - their children may miss out on opportunities like playing sports, joining clubs or even visiting family and friends simply because they have no way of getting there. Parents cannot rush to pick up sick children, they cannot travel longer distances for good jobs; these vehicles at a lower than typical cost are often the beginning of a turnaround in life, making it possible to jump on opportunities when they are offered.

Charities that accept car donations Madison can be found by doing a little research online (, speaking to others within the community, and figuring out which organizations will do the most good with the donated vehicle. After doing these things, you’ll be able to make your car donations and feel good about helping to give back to the people on the community who simply need a little extra help.

Looking to Donate Car?

Donate Car: The First Steps

Looking to Donate Car?
After coming to the decision that you’re going to make the most out of your old car or truck by choosing to donate it to charity, you’ll need to decide a few other things before the donation process can be completed. To start with, you’ll need to choose a charity to donate car to, when you will make the donation, how the donation will be completed and whether you’ll use the vehicle to file for a donate car tax deduction Madison. This may sound like a lot to deal with, but helpful representatives from these organizations will be more than happy to help donors go through the process, especially if they haven’t ever made a similar donation before.

All charities are in need of donations as large and financially meaningful as vehicles, so you’ll need to think carefully about the one you want to help out. This may be as simple as choosing one that you have a lot of knowledge about, or simply picking a convenient one; it doesn’t have to be a popular one or one that has national success or exposure.
After choosing your charity of choice, you’ll make the first contact. This can be done online, over the phone or in person. If you’re filling out the information online, much of the donation process can be done in one sitting; you’ll just need to get the paperwork for the vehicle together and schedule the time for the pick up or drop off of the car at a later time.

The Final Steps to Take During the Donate Car Process

Once the donate car process and time frame has been established, you’ll be able to prepare the vehicle and get ready for the actual donation day. Cleaning out your personal belongings, giving the interior of the car a once over to ensure that it isn’t destroyed or overly dirty and even hosing off the exterior are recommended; these aren’t mandatory, but why not take a few extra minutes to ensure that the vehicle is presentable for donation?

When you meet with the donate car Madison representatives, you’ll sign over the title, hand over the keys and say goodbye to your trusty car or truck. Maybe parting ways is due to the purchase of a new car, maybe it’s because you have no use for a car anymore, or maybe you’re in charge of handling an inherited vehicle - whatever the reason behind the donation, know that it is much appreciated by the organization that you’re handing it over to.

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How Much Money Do You Get From a Car Donation?

How Much Money Do You Get From a Car Donation?

If you make a car donation to a charity in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you can make some significant tax savings. The car donation tax deduction Milwaukee donors can make is only possible, however, if they include it in their charitable contribution deduction, which in turn can only be done if the charity is 501(c)3 registered. It is very important that you plan ahead, so that you can maximize your deduction. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) wants you to use one of two methods to calculate how much you can get back, which depends on what the charity does with the vehicle.

A car donation Milwaukee charity can sell the vehicle, in which case you can make a deduction based on the actual selling price. Alternatively, the charity can actually use the vehicle for other purposes, in which case the fair market value of the vehicle can be deducted.

The Car Donation Tax Deduction Milwaukee Process

Getting the highest deduction from your car donation charity Milwaukee efforts is down to four steps:

Step 1 - Find out if the charity sold the vehicle and, if so, for how much.

A good charity will provide you with a tax receipt within 30 days of you making the donation.

Step 2 - Determine the fair market value of the vehicle.

You do this if the charity uses rather than sells the car. You could, for instance, check the Kelley Blue Book for this.

Step 3 - Make your deduction by completing line 17 of Schedule A.

This does mean that you have to itemize your tax deductions, and that all your eligible deductible expenses exceed the amount that is allowed as a standard deduction under the rules of Schedule A.

Step 4 - Complete Form 8283 if required.

If the vehicle was sold for, or is valued at, less than $500, you do not need to do this. If the value is between $501 and $5,000, you must complete Form 8283 Section A. If the value of the vehicle is $5,001 or more, you must complete Form 8283 Section B. You also have to provide proof of a written appraisal in this case.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Car Donations

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Car Donations

When you make car donations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you can create a really good deal, both for the charity and yourself. The different car donation charities Milwaukee residents can go to may keep your vehicle to use it, they may donate it to a service user, or they may sell it and use the proceeds to further their cause. Furthermore, they have made the procedure of making a donation very easy, and it also means that you may be eligible for a tax deduction. However, you have to do this right so that the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) will not question whether you can make a deduction. Let's take a look at how you can do that.

Work with Charities that Accept Car Donations Milwaukee Residents Can Trust

The first thing you have to do is find car donations Milwaukee charities that are qualified. This means that they are IRS tax exempt, which you can see through their 501(c)3 registered status.

Secondly, you need to know what is the estimated value of your vehicle. Most car donation charities Milwaukee donors can go to will sell the car and provide you with a tax receipt to prove what they sold it for, but it is important to also know this for yourself. Plus, if they don't sell it but use it for other things instead, you need to know the fair market value (check the Kelley Blue Book for this) to make your donation.

Next, the charities that accept car donations Milwaukee residents can go to, in different ways. Some will sell it, some will keep it to deliver their services, others will donate the vehicle to their service users. A charity like, for instance, will always sell it, although they may first train their service users by letting them perform repairs on the vehicle, thereby increasing its value as well.

Last but not least, you need to get the relevant documentation from the charity to make your deduction. Specifically, they should send you Form 1098-C. This will include your Social Security Number, your name, the vehicle identification number, the date you made your donation, and what the value or selling price was.

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Should You Consider a Vehicle Donation Instead of Selling Your Car?

Should You Consider a Vehicle Donation Instead of Selling Your Car?

If you are ready to get rid of your existing car in Green Bay, Wisconsin, you may want to consider making a vehicle donation to a local charity. Of course, you could also opt to sell it and keep the money yourself. When you work with a vehicle donation Green Bay charity it does mean that you will not get any cash in your hands and it could lead you to think that charitable donations are not the way forward. However, there are some advantages that you might want to consider.

When You Donate a Vehicle Green Bay Charities Offer Significant Benefits

First of all, when you donate a vehicle to charity Green Bay residents who are less fortunate benefit from it, which is perhaps not something you can measure in monetary value, but that is important nonetheless. Not just that, but selling a vehicle is a long and tedious process. You have to advertise it, speak to sellers, go to dealers, deal with time wasters, negotiate the price, and so on. Plus, if you want to sell your car rather than work with vehicle donation Green Bay facilities, you may also have to fix and repair your car first. Without that, you will get a lot less interest, and the price will drop significantly as well.

You Can Avoid the Hassle of Vehicle Repairs

If you find that your vehicle will cost more to repair than what you would get back for it, you may want to consider donate a vehicle Green Bay options instead. There are lots of different charities that you could consider, including the one found at, who may sell your car to run their service, or even have service users repair it first to build employable skills, before selling it for more.

Donating a Vehicle Has Been Made Easy

When you donate a vehicle to charity Green Bay has made sure that the entire process is very easy and painless. Your car will be picked up for you (although you could drop it off, thereby reducing the costs to the charity), after which it will be sold in some way or another. The charity will then send you a tax receipt, which means you can even have your income tax reduced. So no, you won't get cash in hand, but you will still be financially better off at the end of it.

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How to Choose the Best Boat Donation Program

How to Choose the Best Boat Donation Program
If you have a boat that you no longer want or need, you may be wondering how best to get rid of it. While you could take the time to try to sell your boat, you may find it easier to donate it to a charity in need.

Choosing the Best Boat Donation Program

While there are many worthwhile charities out there, you have to be careful about which one you choose to donate to. Keep the following in mind as you choose which boat donation program Wisconsin to donate to.
  • Make sure that the charity you choose is a legit charity. This means that you should be able to find plenty of information about it. You should also be able to contact the charity, and that charity should be more than happy to provide you with any necessary information. If the charity is not forthcoming with information, you should be wary.
  • Find out how much the charity of your choosing uses the proceeds from your donation toward its actual programs. A majority of the proceeds should be used for the programs, rather than administrative costs. For example, Rawhide uses 83% of its donations for its youth programs, and only 10% for administration and management costs.
  • Choose a charity that means something to you. While this may not seem as important, you will likely feel even better about your deed knowing that you helped a cause you care about.
  • If you are looking to get a tax deduction from your donation, be sure to choose a charity that is 501 (c)(3) certified. If you do not, you will still be helping a charity in need, but you may not be financially rewarded for it.
  • If you do not have the means to transport the boat to the charity itself, choose a charity that allows you to arrange for a free pickup of your boat.
The most difficult part of the donation process should be choosing the best charity to donate to. If you choose the right charity, the actual donation process should be a breeze. If you are unsure as to where to begin your search, start here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tax Considerations When You Donate a Vehicle

Tax Considerations When You Donate a Vehicle

When you donate an automobile in Green Bay, Wisconsin, you essentially get rid of a car you no longer want to help a charity. When you donate a vehicle Green Bay IRS officials allow you to make a tax deduction. Some say, therefore, that people who donate a vehicle have essentially found some kind of a tax shelter. However, it is important to understand that many charities actually rely on the funds they get from these donations.

Finding Donate a Vehicle to Charity Green Bay Facilities

Donating a car is supposed to be a very easy process. However, in order to be eligible for a donate a vehicle tax deduction Green Bay residents must meet certain requirements. The most important one is that you get a tax receipt from the donate used vehicle Green Bay charity. Additionally, you have to itemize your tax return.

When they donate a vehicle Green Bay residents can also benefit from advice from the IRS:

- The American Job Creation Act of 2004 changed how much someone can deduct if the vehicle is worth more than $500. This means that when they donate a vehicle to charity Green Bay residents will only be allowed to deduct the actual sale value of the car, and not the fair market value or the Kelley Blue Book listing.

- If the vehicle's value is over $500, a tax receipt issued by the charity itself is needed to claim a donate a vehicle tax deduction Green Bay residents are advised.

Donate Used Vehicle Green Bay Practices

To donate used vehicle Green Bay residents have a range of choices among the different types of charitable organizations. Not all of them have been created equally, however. If you are considering making a donation, therefore, you must make sure that the charity is properly registered, and particularly that it is 501(c)3 registered, just like the organization at, for instance. This registration means that the charity will actually benefit a cause, and not use the money to influence or lobby government. Do also make sure that you look into the charity's efficiency, which means you know just how much of your donation actually goes to funding the organization's services.

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Two of the Biggest Misconceptions People Have About Donating Boats

Two of the Biggest Misconceptions People Have About Donating Boats
Compared to car donations, which are becoming increasingly popular, boat donations in Wisconsin are relatively new. However, they work exactly the same way, and this means that the misconceptions about car donations have transferred over to donating boats Wisconsin residents are finding out. Naturally, it is important to always remember to check the different options that are available to you before proceeding with donating boats. However, these should not be a hindrance to making charitable donations.

One of the reasons why there are misconceptions is because people simply do not know what the rules are, and how to recognize a good charity. When considering the possibility of donating boats to charity Wisconsin residents may be informed by some people that boats cannot be accepted as donations. While there are many myths and misconceptions out there, the following two stand out the most.

1. Selling a Boat Is Smarter than Donating It

This isn't entirely false nor entirely true. It all depends on the value of the boat. You have to remember that, while you wait for your boat to sell, you may have to repair it. You definitely will have to store it and maintain it, which will all cost money. Furthermore, there is a chance that there will be a number of people who will simply look at it but do not intend to buy. This will be a waste of time on the seller's part. That said, if the boat is worth a lot of money, then this is worth doing.

On the other hand, in the act of donating boats for tax deduction Wisconsin resident will find it to be worthwhile if it is estimated that the deduction will be substantial enough. Furthermore, you can't put a value on making someone else's life better.

2. Donating a Boat Is Only Possible If It Is Still Functioning

Another common misconception is that only running boats will be accepted when donating boats to charity Wisconsin nonprofits. This is simply not true. The boat will be sold at auction, and it will be worth something regardless of its condition. Thus, when donating boats for tax deduction Wisconsin residents will only be required to show a tax receipt for the final sale price. If you were to donate to the charitable organization found at, for instance, they will make the entire process really easy for you, even going so far as to pick up the boat from where it is located.

Hopefully, this will have increased your understanding of the process of donating a boat in Wisconsin.

A Vehicle Donation in Green Bay Is the Perfect Way to Give Back This Holiday Season

A Vehicle Donation in Green Bay Is the Perfect Way to Give Back This Holiday Season

The holiday season always inspires people to get into the spirit of giving. One of the ways in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to give and make a real impact in the lives of others this season is by making a vehicle donation. When you donate a vehicle Green Bay charities are able to use those funds to improve the lives of people who are in need.

Whether you have a car or a boat, donating it can support vehicle donation Green Bay programs to help those who are less fortunate. Making a donation is quick and easy, and the impact you can make on the lives of others is huge and positive. Why not celebrate the holiday season and donate a vehicle Green Bay charities can use to boost their services?

A Fantastic Gift that Keeps on Giving

Various vehicle donation Green Bay charities do different things with the donations. However, a charity like the one found at will sell the vehicle and use the proceeds to further develop their vital services, including education and other resources for young people in need. In so doing, they also ensure that the Green Bay community as a whole becomes more functional, vibrant, productive, healthy, and happy.

Donate a Vehicle Green Bay Charities Are Not Picky

You don't have to have an excellent running family vehicle to qualify for a donation. When you want to donate a vehicle to charity Green Bay nonprofits will accept anything, from perfectly functioning riding lawnmowers, to RVs that are falling apart. The vehicle will be towed away, so it doesn't have to be running at all.

When They Donate a Vehicle to Charity Green Bay Donors Also Benefit

There are many benefits to making a donation like this, including:

- The vehicle will be picked up for free.
- You free up space.
- You save costs on maintenance, storage, and insurance.
- You can make a tax deduction.
- You get to experience the joys of a philanthropic act.
This year, why not consider giving back to the Green Bay community by donating your unwanted vehicle? All you need to do is get in touch with your chosen charity online or over the telephone to get the ball rolling and make a difference.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Make a Boat Donation in Wisconsin This Holiday Season

Make a Boat Donation in Wisconsin This Holiday Season

The holiday season is made for giving, and most of us in Wisconsin want to find some way to give compassion, money, and time to the less fortunate. When you live a life of abundance, with your family and lots of love around you, it suddenly becomes clear that other people may need some help. One way you can help them is by making a boat donation to charity.

How Through a Boat Donation Wisconsin Residents Can Benefit

There are numerous ways where through the use of boat donations Wisconsin residents can benefit:

1. You get rid of something you no longer use or want, and that is just costing you money to maintain.
2. You can help organizations that deliver vital services to the community.
3. You make sure people who are needy are able to get the assistance they actually need.

If you live in Wisconsin, you may be quite aware of the particular problems that plague the various communities. If there is a specific issue that stands out for you, such as young people who are slipping through the net, you can choose a charity for making a boat donation Wisconsin residents can trust. Choosing the organization carefully ensures that they can target those young people you are concerned about. Doing that puts a face to what you have done as well, in ways that other forms of charitable giving never could. You can actually see your community improve and make you feel that your donation was worthwhile.

Going Through the Donation Process in Wisconsin

When it comes to boat donations Wisconsin charities are ready to hear from you. They have made sure that the entire process is made easy for you. You choose a charity that you care about (make sure it is 501(c)3 registered) and go to their website, where there should be a contact form you can use to provide them with details on your proposed donation. Alternatively, you could telephone them. They will then arrange for a convenient time for picking up the boat, after which it will be sold. You will get a tax receipt for this transaction and, so long as the charity was 501(c)3 registered, you will be able to make a deduction from your taxable income.

Why You Should Consider Car Donations in Milwaukee

Why You Should Consider Car Donations in Milwaukee

Most of us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, would want to make a positive difference to our community. One way to do that in a way that is highly effective without having to make much effort is by making car donations. When you make car donations Milwaukee charities are able to support their important services, which benefit the community as a whole. It is, therefore, a fantastic alternative to scrapping or selling your old vehicle.

Charities Accept All Vehicles

When contacting car donation charities Milwaukee residents will quickly find that their vehicle does not have to be in a good condition. In fact, it doesn't even have to be in a running condition. A vehicle can always be sold, whether it is to people who need to use a car, or to a scrapyard for recycling. With the latter in mind by donating to charities that accept car donations Milwaukee residents also help the environment through recycling.

What Happens with Your Donation?

Once you contact car donations Milwaukee charities, they will get the ball rolling automatically. They will ensure that a registered and licensed towing company will get in touch with you to make arrangements to pick up the vehicle at a convenient time for you. You can expect this to happen within 24 to 72 hours. The charity will then sell the vehicle at auction, and the proceeds of this sale will go directly into supporting their service.

The Additional Benefit for You

When working with car donation charities Milwaukee donors have an added benefit as well, which is that they can make a tax deduction based on the value of their vehicle. If the vehicle is sold for less than $500, no proof of value is required. Vehicles worth between $500 and $2,000 will require proof of fair market value, obtained for instance through the Kelley Blue Book. Vehicles worth more than $2,000 must be independently appraised. Your donation is tax deductible, which means you actually gain financially as well. By supporting charities that accept car donations Milwaukee residents benefit as a whole there. Communities benefit as a result of residents getting the services they need and donors get a return as well.

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Making Car Donations Count

We’ve all been there: our old car just isn’t doing what it needs to do anymore. It’s got some rust, needs new tires, and is approaching 130,000 miles… are the repairs worth it, or is it time to start thinking about other options? One such option is looking into charities that accept car donations Madison and giving your car to a charitable organization.

Who Accepts Car Donations?

Making Car Donations Count
When looking to find an organization that will accept a vehicle as a donation, look no further than their company’s website. The organizations will want to let potential donors know as much about themselves as possible, featuring well-written websites, ample information, simple directions and even a complete history of the charity. The organizations that accept car donations may have a model that focuses on larger donations of this nature or also include smaller, more “standard” donations; it all depends on the charity of choice.

Car donations charities Madison will make it very clear when and how the donation of cars and truck can be completed, and what your responsibilities will be throughout the process. There will be phone numbers or contact information so that you can feel free to ask any potential questions, talk to those who have donated in the past, and get yourself feeling comfortable with your decision. Although there will be no monetary benefit immediately, one of the great things about donating a car to a non-profit is that you can claim the donation as a tax deduction, allowing you a larger cushion when it comes to tax time.

Who Benefits From Car Donations?

Car donation allows people that otherwise wouldn’t have access to a personal vehicle a chance to own their own car or truck. The donated vehicles are sold at reduced prices depending on condition, and all proceeds go directly back into the charity’s operation. This is wonderful for the organizations as well as the people who take ownership of the vehicles, as both will have new opportunities and chances for success after this type of transaction.
Car donations not only allow for the sale of vehicles to interested and eager parties, but for some, charities taking in cars means that there is an opportunity to perform small services on the cars and trucks to get them ready for resale. Changing fluids, brakes, wiper blades and cleaning the vehicles as well as replacing tires or even windshields and interior fixtures can all be done and used as a learning experience, meaning that people who rely on the charities can gain valuable working and communication skills, which may prove to be exceedingly useful in the future.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Important Tips if You Want to Donate a Vehicle in Green Bay

Important Tips if You Want to Donate a Vehicle in Green Bay

Many people in Green Bay, Wisconsin, have old cars that they do not use anymore and don't know what to do with. One possible solution is to give the vehicle to charity. This is becoming increasingly popular among everyday people, not in the least because it comes with some important tax advantages. If you want to donate a vehicle, the following tips may be of benefit to you.

Check that the Charity Is Qualified

If you want to donate a vehicle, Green Bay has a number of charities for you to choose from. And when you donate a vehicle to charity Green Bay as a community benefits from it. A few important tips to get the most out of your donation need to be provided, not in the least because of tax purposes. For the giver to receive a donate a vehicle tax deduction Green Bay charities must be 501(c)3 registered, which proves they are nonprofit and non-lobbying. While it is likely that you are making a donation not to help your own finances but rather because you want to do something good, you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth either. Thus, when you donate used vehicle Green Bay charities should have the proper tax registration.

Donate Directly to the Charitable Organization

A second important tip is that if you want to donate a vehicle Green Bay organizations that serve as third parties or middlemen are also present. It is not recommended that you use these services. Rather, you should opt to go directly to a charity like the one found at When you donate a vehicle to charity Green Bay organizations that you should look for have to be charities themselves, so that you are guaranteed that your gift will go to where it is supposed to go.

In terms of your donate a vehicle tax deduction Green Bay charities will be more than happy to assist you. Because there is such a demand for people to donate used vehicle Green Bay residents need to understand the complexities involved. That way, they can be sure that both the giver and the receiver will be getting the maximum advantage from the donation.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why Car Donation is Important

Why Car Donation is Important

Car Donation as a Way to Help

Charity organizations are always looking for great and positive ways to help the communities that they work within. This can be done in a variety of ways from donations to public interaction and communication; it all just depends on the way that the organizations need and want to move forward. It is difficult for charities to operate as they want to without significant help from donors like you, and one of the most valuable types of donation that can be given is that of a car or truck. Car donation is essential to many charities because each single donation brings in a great deal of value - as well as the potential for a learning experience if the conditions are right. Car donation Madison is especially important because some of the vehicles can even be worked on and repaired (in a minor sense) by individuals that rely on the charities before they are sold at auction.

Oil changes, light bulb replacement, wiper exchanges and even brake jobs all make for great learning experiences, and for charities like Rawhide, which are used to provide opportunities for at risk young men, this is a chance for people to learn skills that can be used throughout future employment. Workshop experience as well as following instructions and working with others are valuable life lessons, and each donated car has the potential to help illustrate these things.

The Importance of Car Donation

Car donation charities Madison like Rawhide rely on donations of vehicles as well as those of other items like food, money and time, but larger donations make it possible for them to do more with less. Even if other donations aren’t as common, getting a few cars each month can help a great deal, and make it possible for the organizations to help larger numbers of people. Car donations don’t have to be limited to certain times of the year, either. This type of charity accepts vehicles year round, making it easy to donate no matter when you’ve got a spare car. Vehicles do not have to be running, but they must be able to be moved from place to place on functional wheels; for vehicles that don’t run, they may be repaired, scrapped or sold for parts. Even though they will not be helping people by providing a means for transportation, they can still raise money that can and will be used to do other things day after day.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Things to Consider When Donating Boats in Wisconsin

Things to Consider When Donating Boats in Wisconsin
Owning a boat is not always easy, so if you own a boat that you're not getting the most use of, you're likely thinking of getting rid of it. Still, selling a boat can also be a complicated task. This is why some boat owners may consider donating boats instead. Not only will you be able to support an organization with a cause you believe in but you will likely be able to get a nice tax write-off that can lower your tax liability as well. Still, there are quite a few things to consider if you plan on making a boat donation in Wisconsin.

Do Your Homework

Because donating boats Wisconsin charities are looking for can be quite tricky, it is important to do your research ahead of time. When donating boats for tax deduction Wisconsin residents must make sure that the organization they choose is approved by the IRS. This means that they must have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. There are several ways to check this but the most reliable way would be to check with the IRS itself.

While religious organizations do not have the required 501(c)(3) they also qualify to receive vehicle donations so your gift to these groups would also be allowable. This means that you could deduct as much as 50% of your AGI on your income taxes.

Make Your Donation

Once you have found an approved charity you should start the process by visiting the charity's website to see if they accept boat donations. You can usually find this out by visiting their FAQ page, which should give you step-by-step instructions on how to make the donation. If the information is not available online, then making a visit to their office or phoning them should give you the answers you need.

While you may be eager to make your gift, it is best that you don't deliver your boat to the charity without consulting with them first. Many organizations are not in the position to receive a donated boat or may have to make special arrangements for the donation to be accepted.

When donating boats to charity Wisconsin residents much check on the many details that need to be considered. Doing your research and following specific guidelines for the charity you choose can assure you that your contribution will be put to good use.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Choosing the Best Charity for Car Donations

Choosing the Best Charity for Car Donations

If you have begun to think about car donations as an option for getting rid of your old vehicle, you should be sure to donate it to a worthwhile charity. It can sometimes be difficult to determine which charities are better to donate to, but there are some simple ways to tell.

Things to Look for in a Charity

  • If you are looking to be able to claim a car donation tax deduction, make sure that the charity you choose is a 501 (c) (3) organization. If it is not, you may just be out of luck.
  • Find out what the charity would use your donation for and how much the proceeds would actually benefit the charity. For example, Rawhide puts 83% of donations toward their services and only 10% for administrative costs.
  • Choose a charity that handles car donations Madison themselves. Many charities rely on a middleman to handle car donations, and the middleman ends up receiving a good majority of the proceeds, rather than the actual charity.
  • Make sure the charity you choose is legit. You can typically find this out not only by looking at their website, but by speaking with one of their representatives. If they are not up front with information or refuse to answer your questions, be very wary of them.
  • If you don't have time to transport the vehicle to the charity, choose one that offers free pickup of your vehicle.
  • Make sure that the charity of your choosing is willing to give you a receipt for your donation. Without a receipt, you won't be able to claim a tax deduction for it.
  • Choose a charity that means something to you so that you will feel even prouder of your contribution. For example, you may choose to donate to a charity that helps animals, children, the environment, etc.
If you are looking to begin your search for the perfect charity to donate to, look no further than Rawhide. This charity matches all of the criteria listed above and has been accepting car donations for years, so they know exactly what they are doing and can help you with every aspect of the process.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Important Facts About Making Vehicle Donations

Important Facts About Making Vehicle Donations

Nothing makes you feel better than when you can support an organization that represents something you believe in. However, finding the cash to make such a gift is not always easy. That's why so many people in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, choose to make vehicle donations. However, making such a gift is not always as simple as passing the keys over to the next owner. Before they begin the process of making a vehicle donation Milwaukee residents must understand that while the IRS allows them to write off these gifts, there is a lot to understand.

Who to Give it to

One of the first steps to donating a car to charity is to start looking for organizations that qualify under the IRS's exempt status. But finding an organization on their list would be only the beginning. Whenever they're making vehicle donations Milwaukee residents need to ensure that the charitable organization is willing to accept the gift.

While most charities are in a position to accept donations they are not always able to accept donations of vehicles. They may be concerned about insurance, storage issues, and upkeep or resell of the vehicle. For that reason, even if you want to make a vehicle donation Milwaukee charities willing to accept it may not that be many. If you're considering donating your car to charity, always call ahead and make sure that they can accept it.

Third Party

You also need to check on third party sellers to handle your transaction. When making vehicle donations to nonprofits Milwaukee residents will find that some charities will accept it only to turn it over to a third party to sell for them. While some of these third party sellers are honest and above board there are some that have been found literally fleecing the charities they are trying to support. When presenting vehicle donations to charity Milwaukee residents can ensure they get the best traction by making sure that the third party is giving them a fair share of the sale price. Some may only offer a flat fee per car to the charity or a very small percentage keeping the lion's share of the money for themselves.

When providing vehicle donations to nonprofits Milwaukee residents will find that while it can be a simple process, it can become complicated very quickly. This is why many choose to donate to organizations like to make sure that their gift is going to get the best results. That way, the vehicle donations tax deduction Milwaukee residents will claim will be approved by the IRS.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Your Car Donation in Milwaukee Can Help Transform Lives and Build Communities

Most of us want to give back to the community and help the people who are in need, but few of us feel truly able to do that, due to financial and time constraints. Fortunately, by donating a car, that is exactly what you are able to do. A car donation, in fact, has the potential to transform lives and build entire communities. So how does that work?

A Car Donation Milwaukee Residents May Want to Make

There are a number of charities that help residents of Milwaukee in making such a donation. Take, for instance, a car donation Milwaukee charity that helps people who are unable to attend hospital appointments for their children because they do not have a vehicle. By donating a car, one that is in working order, you will be able to not just transform that family's life, but potentially even save the life of a child.

Car Donation Charity Milwaukee Options

Your Car Donation in Milwaukee Can Help Transform Lives and Build Communities
The above is a very extreme example, although not an unheard of one. However, there are other car donation charity Milwaukee options that are available. Sometimes, automobile donations are given directly to service users. More often than not, however, they are sold at auction and the money is used to enable the charity to deliver vital services. Take for instance the organization with website at, which runs programs for at risk teens and youths. Your vehicle donation can help those young people become valuable and contributing members of society, improving their lives and that of their community as a whole.

Car Donation Tax Deduction Milwaukee Residents Can Take Advantage Of

Besides the fact that you will feel good because you are doing something good, there is another perk in it for you as well. There are a number of car donation tax deduction Milwaukee options as well. So long as the charity you choose to donate to is 501(c)3 registered, you are able to deduct the value of the vehicle from your taxable income. This means that you help communities, help the environment by recycling a car, and help your own finances as well. This really demonstrates how important something as simple as donating a motor vehicle can be.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Steps to Choosing a Charity in Wisconsin for a Boat Donation

Giving often makes us feel good, so donating a boat to charity in Wisconsin can often be an emotional experience. This is part of the reason why so many people make such gifts impulsively without much planning and forethought. However, if you're planning on donating your boat for a tax write-off when you file your income taxes, it will pay to do a little planning before you make your decision.

Make Sure the Charity Is IRS Approved

Steps to Choosing a Charity in Wisconsin for a Boat Donation
Before you make a boat donation, make sure that you carefully pick the charitable organization.. You may have a specific charity in mind that you would like to donate your boat to but it's a good idea to start with a list of several possible charities. Once you have your list, start by checking them against the IRS's exempt organizations list. Approved charities will usually be religious in nature or have a 501(c)(3) status showing that they are not for profit institutions.

Do They Accept Boat Donations?

As the next step in making a boat donation Wisconsin residents should contact each charity directly to see if they are in a position to receive a boat as a donation. For a variety of reasons, some charities will not be able to accept such a donation no matter how much they need the support. In those cases, they will often employ a middleman to handle the storage and sale of the boat. This could drastically reduce the amount of credit you will be allowed to deduct on your taxes or how much money the charity will actually receive.

Find One That Will Use the Boat

When you evaluate the charities remaining on your list, look for those that will prefer to use your boat in the performance of their services as opposed to those who wish to sell it. For boat donations Wisconsin residents are willing to make, this is of major importance because when the boat is used for a period of time before selling, they will be allowed the maximum value to claim as deduction on their taxes.

Learning all the different variables associated with boat donations can be confusing. That's why many choose to donate their boat to an organization like the one found at so that they can be sure that everything they do has the potential for the best possible outcome for both.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Car Donations Help Low-Income People

In the last few years, the United States has had some major economic problems.  Jobs have been really difficult to find.  When jobs are available, they often pay very little and, perhaps, do not offer benefits like health insurance.  Individuals and families caught in this economic downturn may have suffered a number of consequences as a result. Those who cannot find employment, or work at very low-paying employment, may not be able to afford a monthly car payment.  If they had a car, it may have broken down or been towed and impounded. The cost of repairs or impound fees could far exceed the weekly income of an economically struggling family.

Car Donations Madison Can Help

In response to the problems of those who are struggling financially in this difficult economy, some charities have begun to take car donations.  Often, the options for low-income individuals to obtain a vehicle are quite limited and my put them at risk for financial exploitation.  These options often include "we finance anyone" kinds of used car dealerships that may sell vehicles that have major mechanical problems.  The interest rates at these dealerships usually are extremely high as well.

Charities that accept car donations Madison are often willing to sell the donated vehicles to needy individuals or families at very low prices, and without charging high interest rates or requiring a credit check.  These charitable organizations will also make sure the vehicle is in good working order before releasing it for sale.

Car Donations Charities Madison Help People Get Jobs

People living in poverty has a much greater chance of getting and keeping a good job if they have reliable transportation.  In fact, the loss of a vehicle is one of the things that many low-income people cite as a significant barrier to obtaining and keeping employment.  Having reliable transportation also helps people save money by allowing them to travel to lower-priced retail stores or outlet shopping that may not be readily available in their neighborhoods.  Overall, receiving a good used vehicle from a reputable charity can really change the lives of folks who are struggling for the better.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Nab a Check by Checking Donate Car Instead of Sell Car

Have ever gotten to the point with a car that a check for scrap metal sounds better than fixing it... again?  Sure you have, we all have!  Well now there is an alternative to the simple scrap and ignore method that could write you a bigger check towards your taxes, and that is the donate car option.

The Donate Car Option

So I'm sure you get the idea behind donation, but how does it actually work? What really makes the choice to donate a car Green Bay so special?  For that we turn the the CAR method of returns (yes, I made this method up).

Nab a Check by Checking Donate Car Instead of Sell Car
C is for Care - When you choose to donate car to Green Bay charity, you show the community and the nation that you truly care.  By participating in car donation Green Bay, you provide funds to programs that help the youth and troubled families get back on their feet.  These programs are found in your Green Bay community and around the nation.
A is for Appreciation - Appreciation comes full circle when you donate a car Green Bay. Appreciation from the charity that you donate to because you are funding them and the programs they help fund.  Appreciation from the families whose lives you hep change with these programs.  You even get appreciation from the government in the form of a tax return. Not to mention all the people you tell about the program to donate car to Green Bay charity. Hey! Get them involved too! They'll appreciate it even more.

R is for Replenish - Just like appreciation replenish is a full circle effect.  You will replenish the space you had lost to your old or unwanted car. The funds for the programs built to help people are replenished.  Your bank account will get nice a replenished around tax return time too.

So take a second to consider donate car Green Bay instead of just selling it.  The return on investment is beyond worth the time it takes to complete the entire car donation green bay process.  Don't forget, donating tends to yield high value estimates on your vehicles!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where to Donate Sailboat Wisconsin

Looking for a place to donate sailboat to?  Look no further!  The Rawhide Ranch has been serving Wisconsin families for the last 40 years.  This faith-based organization was founded by sports legend Bart Starr and has created a standard of excellent care for at-risk youths and their families.  Together with their caring and knowledgeable staff, Rawhide has helped to redirect the lives of thousands of families for the better.  When you choose boat donations Wisconsin, consider donating your boat to Rawhide.

With a full and robust selection of counseling programs and therapy services, Rawhide is constantly looking to expand their program set to offer more to the youth.  They use sailboat donations Wiscsonin to create new programs, services, and educational summer camps for children all across Wisconsin.  In fact, more than 80% of the funds created by sailboat donations Wisconsin are used directly within the programs.  To learn more about Rawhide's vast array of programs and services, visit:

Your contribution helps to create a better world for both Wisconsin and the nation.  After all, our children are the future leaders of our great country.  Why wouldn't we take every opportunity to ensure every child has a bright future ahead of them.

Why to Donate Sailboat to Charity

If this is your first time exploring the donation process, you may be wondering how charities put boat donations to use.  The answer is simple: fundraising!  Whether the charity you've chosen is located on the water or not, many charities use donations to create funds for the mission.  Some are put to use directly within the charity and others are used for auction events.

In many cases, donors are eligible for a tax deduction that creates financial relief for your annual taxes.  Ask the charity you are thinking of donating to whether or not they are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.  If so, you can use your sailboat donation Wisconsin as tax deduction on your federal incomes taxes.

Remember, charity is a beautiful action.  No matter what charity you choose to donate to, rest assured knowing you've done something to truly give back to the community.