Monday, April 7, 2014

Make A Car Donation In Green Bay At Any Time Of The Year

Making a car donation in Green Bay can be done at any point during the year. Most people only donate and give to charities around the holiday season but why not think of the less fortunate at all times of the year. According to the Network for Good, the average donation amount is greater during the Holiday Season: the found that the average donation in December 2010, was $142 compared to the average gift of $91 for the year. It is very simple to only donate during the holidays but we need to be more conscious of our giving habits and learn to give to others more often. Here are a few tips on giving to charities and making important donations.  

  1. Make the charity is worthy of your donation. Before you make a car donation in Green Bay, go to the IRS website and check to make sure the charity is on their nonprofit status. This will show you if the charity is legitimate and if you can file for a tax deduction or not for your vehicle donation. Most charities will advertise if they can provide you with a tax deduction, but make sure to ask what you need to do to be eligible for a tax deduction.

  1. Give charities that serve a great cause. When you help a charitable organization that gives to a cause that is important you, you will feel better about your donation and give more often. If you are interested in helping at-risk youths and their families, then you should find a charity that supports that specific cause. There is a charity out there for every cause and every person. When you make a huge donation like a car donation in Green Bay, you will feel great about yourself and how you have helped so many in the community.

  1. Check out how the charity allocates their funds. It is important to look at the organizations operating expenses and tax returns. If the organization uses over 75% of all of their funds for their programs or services, then you can trust the organization. You want to donate to a charity that uses less than 30% of their funds for their fundraising and management. Charities who meet these expectations will most likely let you know how successful they have been. This information is generally found on the company's website.

If you are interested in learning more about how to make a car donation in Green Bay, then you should click on the link provided

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