Friday, December 26, 2014

If You Give Car Donations Madison Residents Will Be Truly Grateful

So many of us have old vehicles standing on a driveway in Madison, Wisconsin. We have all the best intentions of one day doing things with it. Perhaps we could fix it, or maybe we could use some parts of it in a different vehicle. In reality, however, we never quite get to it. And even if we did, we really shouldn't on account of the fact that older vehicles are very heavy pollutants that are damaging to the environment.

Fortunately, you can also decide to donate it to charity. When you make car donations Madison will be truly grateful as a community, because of the things charitable organizations can do with it. If you do have an old car or any other type of vehicle standing about, looking into Madison car donations charities could really be a good thing to do. Let's take a look at why this is so important.

The Work That Car Donations Charities Do

Different charities do different things. This is why, when it comes to selecting the organization to receive car donations, only you can make that decision. But in most cases, a charity has to meet three different requirements. First of all, they have to be an actual charity, not an intermediary. Secondly, they have to be 501(c)3 registered. Finally, they have to be efficient. A charity like Rawhide, with website at, meets all those requirements. This means that you know for a fact that the money raised through your donation will actually be spent within the charity itself, positively affecting their ability to deliver the services they provide to the people they serve.

A charity like Rawhide offers services to young people who have mental health challenges. They address each aspect of the problems the youth encounter and provide solutions. Firstly, they have the Rawhide Ranch, where young men can spend time in residential treatment to address their needs. Secondly, they offer outpatient counseling to young men and women, as well as their parents, to help them better manage such issues. They also understand the importance of education, which is why they operate the Starr Academy, where young people can gain the necessary education in mathematics, English, social sciences and science. Finally, they run regular activity days where their service users can get to build on their self-confidence and self-esteem and learn about the importance of team work.

What makes a charity like Rawhide such a worthy cause is that they affect the community not just in the present but also in the future. When you make car donations via, the money raised is spent on helping young people, which affects them right now. In addition, your car donations Madison charities receive will keep working into the future because these young people grow up to become adults who make up the society of tomorrow. Many of these young people who go benefit from the service grow up to become mentors later on in life. They come back to Rawhide to provide assistance to young people with similar difficulties. This demonstrates that the charity is a really good cause that is worthy of support. If you do have an old vehicle to donate, you might want to consider sending it to Rawhide.

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