Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vehicle Donations Green Bay

If you live in the Green Bay area please consider giving Rawhide your vehicle donation. Rawhide is a non-profit, faith based organization and a 501©(3) recognized charity and is currently accepting vehicle donations of both working and non-working vehicles. If you’re from Green Bay donate a vehicle to Rawhide and make a difference in the lives of youth!

How to Donate Your Vehicle to Charity

In order to donate your vehicle, please visit this website: Vehicle Donations Green Bay. Fill out the form in its entirety, specifying the make and model of your vehicle and when and where you would like the vehicle picked up. Rawhide will pick up your vehicle for free within 24 to 48 hours of when you contact them. Please specify the condition of the vehicle and if it is in working condition. Once Rawhide's volunteers pick up your vehicle, it will be delivered to the auction site. Once the vehicle is auctioned off, you will receive a tax receipt in the mail. The proceeds of the auction will be used to fund programs for at-risk youth. If you decide to donate your vehicle to Rawhide, you can rest assured that your donation will be going to a worthwhile cause. Rawhide is dedicated to serving its community and to making a difference in the lives of youth.

About Rawhide

Rawhide is a faith based, non-profit organization and a recognized 501©(3) charity. Rawhide was founded in 1965 by John and Jan Gillespie and Bart and Cherry Starr. For the past fifty years this organization has been dedicated to building highly successful programs for mentoring at-risk youth. Your donation to Rawhide will support its alternative high school, its adventure camp, and out-patient counseling services. Please visit their website Vehicle Donations Green Bay to learn more about the programs that they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Donation

1. What Types of Vehicles Can I Donate?
Answer: Rawhide accepts all models of vehicles. They even accept non-working vehicles.

2. Where Do I Drop Off My Vehicle?

Answer: There is no need to drop off your vehicle. Rawhide will pick up your vehicle within 24 to 48 hours of when you fill out the form online.

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