Monday, May 18, 2015

Donate A Vehicle Green Bay Charities Can Use For A Feeling That Will Last A Lifetime

Philanthropy comes easy to some and not so easy for others, but with a program made available, those who wish to make a big difference in the lives of others can now donate a vehicle Green Bay charities can put to good use.

Long Standing Care

Although there are a variety of incentives to gain when you take part in volunteer work, and donate vehicle to charity, including tax breaks and other financial benefits, perhaps the greatest advantage one can reap is the feeling that you have made a difference for somebody in need. With a vehicle donation to Rawhide, for example, those in the Green Bay community can feel at ease knowing that they are working to support a nonprofit organization that aids at risk youth and their families. More than 200,000 donations have been made safely and securely to the organization since the company's beginning in 1983.

Making A Difference

When you choose to donate a vehicle Green Bay charitable organizations are willing to receive, you can make your offer with a car of any value or condition. These organizations accept a vehicle donation in the form of running or non-running cars, trucks, vans, or other automobiles, and require no paperwork or cost to you during donation. By choosing to donate vehicle to charity, you can also expect the free pick-up within 48 hours of the time that you donate a vehicle Green Bay charities can make use of, and a maximum tax deduction of 48% more for each truck or car donated.

Reaping The Rewards

Those who select the Green Bay donate a vehicle program of Rawhide should know that unlike other charities which accept vehicle donations, 81% of the funds received will be put toward youth and families who are struggling. The process of donation is also designed to be convenient and quick with a 60 second form completion, free pickup arrangements, and a tax receipt.

Organizations, such as Rawhide, also allow donations of other auto types such as boats, RVs, motorcycles, and a variety of vehicles. The proceeds that they gain from the sale of this equipment gets put toward residential treatments, counseling services, adventure camp, education, and other important factors in the rehabilitation and care of at risk youth.

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