Thursday, February 18, 2016

How Vehicle Donation Works

Charities depend on donations, so they are always looking for ways to raise awareness of their cause in order to get funding.  Funding can come from small things like spare change dropped in collection tins, or larger things like vehicle donation.

How Vehicle Donation Works
How Vehicle Donations Began

Vehicle donation Green Bay started as a small operation.  Initially, cars were donated because a charity actually needed a vehicle.  Maybe they would provide vehicles to families who lost theirs in a disaster, they may have used the vehicle to deliver meals to the hungry, to cart kids to school, or for some other charitable purpose.  Somewhere along the line, an enterprising charity fund raising department got the idea to hold a vehicle drive to collect vehicles to sell to make money.  At first, desirable cars would be donated from generous donors and the charity would hold an event to auction off a few donated vehicles themselves.  When this was successful, charities started doing it on an even larger scale.  They now try to get as many vehicles as possible – regardless of the condition of those vehicles – and they just sell them at auction.  The money raised from the sales is what helps the charity.

Efficient Handling of Vehicle Donations

Sometimes charities use a third party to sell the vehicles, which can result in money falling through the cracks.  One Green Bay vehicle donation charity gets a significant portion of their finding from vehicle donations, and they have found a very efficient way of handling them. Rawhide Ranch is a charity that offers faith-based assistance to at-risk youths.  They have been accepting vehicle donations for about 30 years and hold the auctions themselves right on the ranch.  This is advantageous for a couple of different reasons.  First, it cuts out the middle man, so the charity gets the maximum profit possible from the sale.  It also gives the young men living on the ranch the opportunity to work at the auctions.  Their time at the ranch starts out very structured, and helps to teach responsibility by rotating between different jobs like working in the kitchens, on the grounds, in the stables, and at the auctions.

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