Monday, March 7, 2016

Donating Boats to Charity Is Easy

An issue that comes up continually on a popular reality-based cable television show about a pawn shop is that the owner doesn't allow any of his employees to purchase boats for the business to resell.  While boats are a lot of fun for folks with sufficient disposable income, they can be, apparently, a terrible investment.  There are a few reasons why selling boats is very difficult and donating boats to charitable causes may be a better solution.

Reasons Why Boats Are Hard to Sell

  1. Lots of boat owners really enjoy boating.  For that reason, there are always many boating enthusiasts who are wanting to upgrade to a larger or fancier boat.  This leaves a lot of boats that are still in really good condition on the market.
  2. Most boat owners maintain their boats lovingly.  This means that there are a lot of older boats that have become devalued due to their age that are actually in mint condition.  No smart creditor is going to extend a loan for more than this older boat is worth, regardless of how nice it might be.  This leaves a very small pool of cash buyers for these lovely, older boats.
  3. As a result of the small pool of buyers who are actually able to pay cash for certain kinds and vintages of boats, it becomes a buyer's market with the seller often having to take much less that the boat is actually worth.  After all, the boat's "actual" worth is only what someone will pay for it.

Donating Boats Is an Alternative

Donating Boats to Charity Is Easy

The idea of donating boats to charities such as Rawhide boats is actually a really good one. This type of charity can be found at  Non-profit organizations such as this one do a lot of good in the community, particularly for young men who may be having a tough time during their teen years.  You can donate your boat very easily with just one phone call to set up a pick up appointment for your boat.  It will be scheduled at your convenience.

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