Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Perks of Vehicle Donation

vehicle donations

Upgrade From Your Old Beater Car

It can be hard to say goodbye to your trusty car. It's carried you many miles, seen major life events, taken you where you need to be. It can be really difficult to justify retiring your old car for an upgrade (or to go without a vehicle).If your car has broken down on you for the last time, it can be hard to find much value in selling or exchanging it.Most people don’t have a car compactor on hand, and don’t want to leave the car sitting in the driveway or their yard. By donating your vehicle, you know it's going to a good cause and will have a new lease on life.

Get a Tax Break

Most beat up old cars aren’t worth more than a few hundred dollars for scrap. With a car donation, you can get tax benefits when you donate it to a 503c(b). You can claim a tax deduction based on the value it sells for at auction, or if that is not applicable, based on the fair market value of the vehicle. Please speak with a tax professional if you have specific questions about claims or forms to ensure everything is filled out properly.

Donate to a Good Cause

There are many charitable options to select from when you donate a vehicle in Green Bay. One example is Rawhide, an organization that provides support services for at risk young males with services like work experience, counseling, and life skills training. A 503c(b), this organization meets the tax write-off qualifications for a vehicle donation.

It’s Easy To Do!

If your car doesn’t work anymore or is unsafe to drive, it can be costly to tow to the junkyard or the dealership. When you donate a car, the charity of choice will often pick up the donated vehicle for you. This saves you time and money and the headache of coordinating a tow or a move. If you choose to donate a car through Rawhide, simply fill out the form on their website, and they will contact you to arrange a free pickup within 24-48 hours, and provide you with the proper tax documentation for your deduction in case you get audited.
The perks of donating your car are more than monetary or convenience. Your car donation can directly support charitable causes. So consider donating your vehicle to a charity today!

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