Sunday, November 27, 2016

Making Car Donations Count

We’ve all been there: our old car just isn’t doing what it needs to do anymore. It’s got some rust, needs new tires, and is approaching 130,000 miles… are the repairs worth it, or is it time to start thinking about other options? One such option is looking into charities that accept car donations Madison and giving your car to a charitable organization.

Who Accepts Car Donations?

Making Car Donations Count
When looking to find an organization that will accept a vehicle as a donation, look no further than their company’s website. The organizations will want to let potential donors know as much about themselves as possible, featuring well-written websites, ample information, simple directions and even a complete history of the charity. The organizations that accept car donations may have a model that focuses on larger donations of this nature or also include smaller, more “standard” donations; it all depends on the charity of choice.

Car donations charities Madison will make it very clear when and how the donation of cars and truck can be completed, and what your responsibilities will be throughout the process. There will be phone numbers or contact information so that you can feel free to ask any potential questions, talk to those who have donated in the past, and get yourself feeling comfortable with your decision. Although there will be no monetary benefit immediately, one of the great things about donating a car to a non-profit is that you can claim the donation as a tax deduction, allowing you a larger cushion when it comes to tax time.

Who Benefits From Car Donations?

Car donation allows people that otherwise wouldn’t have access to a personal vehicle a chance to own their own car or truck. The donated vehicles are sold at reduced prices depending on condition, and all proceeds go directly back into the charity’s operation. This is wonderful for the organizations as well as the people who take ownership of the vehicles, as both will have new opportunities and chances for success after this type of transaction.
Car donations not only allow for the sale of vehicles to interested and eager parties, but for some, charities taking in cars means that there is an opportunity to perform small services on the cars and trucks to get them ready for resale. Changing fluids, brakes, wiper blades and cleaning the vehicles as well as replacing tires or even windshields and interior fixtures can all be done and used as a learning experience, meaning that people who rely on the charities can gain valuable working and communication skills, which may prove to be exceedingly useful in the future.

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