Sunday, January 1, 2017

Donating Boats and Learning to Boat Safely

Donating Boats and Learning to Boat Safely

If you are thinking about taking up boating as a new hobby, there are many things that you should keep in mind, both before and while boating.

Tips for Boating Beginners

  • Make sure that you choose the right boat for where you will be boating. If it is just on the lake, you may find that a canoe or a pontoon boat will suffice. However, if it is in the ocean, you may need something a bit bigger or better equipped for salt water.
  • Make sure you have necessary supplies on board before setting out, including but not limited to: a first aid kit, life jackets, etc.
  • Practice operating your boat before riding with any passengers.
  • Always check the weather before you hit the water. If there is any chance it could take a turn for the worst, find something else to do and go boating another day.
  • Make sure your boat is functioning properly before taking it out. This means having any repairs done first.
  • Know how to swim before going out on the boat. Should it happen to capsize, you will find it helpful if you know how to swim.
  • Make sure that you and all of your passengers are wearing life jackets at all times while on the boat.
  • Do not consume alcohol while on the boat, especially if you are steering it.
  • Avoid boating at night, as the darkness makes it much more difficult to see, increasing the chance of an accident.
  • Keep a safe distance between your boat and other boats at all times to avoid a collision.
In theory, boating sounds like it would be a blast, and while it often is, it is not for everyone. Even if you enjoy boating, you may find that docking and maintaining a boat is too expensive for you to keep up. Should you make the decision to get rid of your boat, you may want to consider donating boats to charity. Donating boats Wisconsin gives you the opportunity not only to get that boat off your hands, but also to make an impact in the lives of those who are less fortunate. Better yet, you may also be able to claim a tax deduction and be rewarded financially for your deed.

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