Saturday, April 15, 2017

Did You Know You Can Donate a Vehicle to Charity?

Did You Know You Can Donate a Vehicle to Charity?

Before you call the scrap yard or put up those Craiglist adds, I've got a question: Did you know you can donate a vehicle to charity?  It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about donating to charity, but it's a great way to make a sizable donation to a charity you truly believe in.  Not only can charities often get more from your old vehicle, you can save yourself the heartache of trying to sell a car that isn't exactly holding its value.

So instead of feeling upset that your old wheels are pulled for scrap or just flat angry that you didn't make much money back on the car, consider giving back to your community.

How to Donate a Vehicle with Rawhide

Lucky for you, Rawhide has been accepting car donations for many years. Their process is not only quick and easy, it's extremely easy to use.  All you have to do is visit the Rawhide website or give them a call directly and tell them you'd like to donate.  The representative will take your information as well as information about the car in order to determine what kind of tow-truck they'll need to send with the pick-up volunteer.

In the meantime, you should clean the vehicle of any personal belongings you may wish to keep.  Once the car has been towed to the charity, Rawhide can't ensure that any personal belongings left behind can be recovered.

Once Rawhide has put your vehicle donation to use, they will provide you with a receipt that you can use to apply a deduction to your federal income tax.  This form has all of the necessary information you need to communicate your charitable act with the IRS.

When you donate with Rawhide, it really is that easy!  So if you need to get rid of your old car (or are looking for a place for donating boats to charity Wisconsin), consider choosing Rawhide.  Not only can you ensure an extremely easy donation process, you can feel good knowing that the charity you've just donated to impacts the lives of thousands of children for the better every year.

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