Friday, November 21, 2014

When You Donate Car To Charity Green Bay And The World's Environment Benefit

When you donate a vehicle to charity in Green Bay, Wisconsin, you are making a very responsible decision. In Green Bay donate a car to charity and you will discover that you have also helped protect the environment as a whole. A lot of people think that when they donate car to charity Green Bay organizations expect it to be a fully running vehicle, but this isn't true. Indeed, car donation charities will accept any kind of vehicle, as they often auction them to scrap yards and still get quite a bit of money for them. Hence, any motor vehicle will do.

Recycling a Charity Car

When a vehicle is recycled, natural resources are preserved. This is because old vehicles are very unfriendly to the environment and they are taken off the road. Indeed, very often, cars that get donated to charities like Rawhide, with online site at, are well over 20 years old and cannot be driven anymore. In fact, if they were still drivable, they would cause terrible pollution because of their poor mileage rates and exhaust fumes. We know from research in California that a vehicle that is over 13 years old only accounts for 25% of all the driven miles but they contribute 75% of all exhaust pollution.

Hence, when you donate car to charity Green Bay communities and the environment as a whole will all benefit. What happens is that the old materials in your car are reused and turned into new parts for cars, cans, structure, homes, furnaces, elevators, bars, bridges, hangars and so on. Indeed, the automotive industry is the highest recycling industry in the world. When you make a Green Bay car donation, you ensure the roads and highways are cleared of disabled and abandoned cars. Instead, they are recycled and reused and the proceeds help to improve communities.

Some Interesting Recycling Facts

If you are still unsure about the benefits to the environment that your donation will provide, consider the following for a minute. When you give out a Green Bay car donation with Rawhide, your vehicle will be one of 16 million other recycled cars. Indeed, some 98% of all cars get recycled. Most cars have high steel content, which never lose their strength. Indeed, these can be used again and again and never lose their integrity. Did you know, for instance, that some 17 billion steel cans are recycled every year, which is 58% of all cans that are produced? And did you know that this is enough to allow for 20 Golden Gate Bridges to be built?

Furthermore, when you recycle your car, only another five would be needed to create a home with a 6,000 foot surface area. In addition, we are currently recycling sufficient cars to create one third of all utility poles in the country. Indeed, steel is the most recycled material in our country, easily beating paper, aluminum, plastic and glass put together. Some 65% of all steel currently in circulation in our country has already been recycled. Finally, 75% of the content of a vehicle can be recycled too.

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