Friday, October 30, 2015

Benefits of Vehicle Donation Milwaukee

vehicle donation milwaukee

Getting a new car can be very exciting.  Shiny paint, all the new gadgets, the new car smell – who doesn’t love it?  While to your eyes, your old vehicle may pale in comparison, to others it may be valuable.  You don’t have to sell or trade in your old car, you also have the option of finding a local charity and participating in vehicle donation Milwaukee.

You may be happy to get rid of your old vehicle, but to a vehicle donation charity it is a means to help people.  When you donate vehicle to charity, there are many different things that it may be used for.  If the vehicle runs, it may be used for transportation.  The vehicle donation charity may use it to deliver supplies to the needy, to help transport people who don’t have their own means, or just in general to help with the charity’s operations.  If you donate to a school or a charity for at-risk youth, it may be used as a project.  Students can help repair the car, giving them a valuable life skill as well as a sense of accomplishment.  Most often, when you donate vehicle to charity it will be sold in a bidding environment and the proceeds will be used to support the charity.  It may be sold to dealer who may refurbish and resell the vehicle, or it can be sold to recyclers and the parts used for other projects.

Vehicle donation charities don’t just need your old cars, they accept many different types of vehicles.  These can include trucks, RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, campers, and more.  If you have any vehicle to get rid of, call a charity to see if the type of vehicle that you have is accepted.

When you donate vehicle to charity, if you itemize on your taxes you also have the option of claiming a deduction for the vehicle.  If you plan on doing this, make sure you tell the charity when you contact them to make your donation because they will need to provide you with proof of the donation.

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