Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Who Can Donate Car to Charity Green Bay?

Many people feel that their ability to give is limited by their surroundings and the items that they have within their homes. While this is true to an extent, no one should feel as if they cannot do anything to help just because they cannot "afford" to give a lot. One of the types of donations that is extremely valuable to charities and individuals is that of charity car donations. When thinking about what to give, not everyone will think of a car or truck at first, because they are not typical donations... but that doesn't make them any less appreciated or necessary.

Anyone can donate as long as they have a vehicle that they are willing to part with. There are very few stipulations about what types of vehicles can be turned in - the only thing that is the same across the board is that on any donated vehicle, the tires must be functional. Even if they will need to be replaced almost right away, they just have to be able to get from the former owner's home to the organization's drop off location; after this, the charity assumes all responsibility.

donate car to charity green bay
The type of vehicle that gets donated is up to the discretion of the donor, too. Even vehicles like the one in the image to the left are accepted - the fact that a car isn't "pretty" often won't discourage people from purchasing them at a discount... it's not about how something looks, but rather how it runs. Cars, trucks, even in some cases boats and motorcycles can be donated - they will all be useful to someone!

Green Bay car donation is no different than this same type of giving to charity in other locations, as there is the same need across the country. Charity car drop off locations are conveniently located, ready to accept donations year round, and have well-trained staff members  that can answer any questions or concerns that potential donors have. These factors help to put these types of charities above others, meaning that it's a good idea to consider this type of giving, even if you haven't ever done anything like it before. It doesn't matter who you are or what type of life you lead, anyone can donate car to charity Green Bay and feel good about it.

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