Saturday, January 23, 2016

Donate a Car Milwaukee to Help Fund Many Different Programs

Car donations are increasingly becoming a successful way for charities to raise money.  But if you are conscientious about who you donate to, you may wonder what exactly the charity does with the car and with the money from it.  The charity should be open about their mission, policies, and programs.  One worthwhile charity to consider when you want to donate a car Milwaukee is Rawhide Boys Ranch.

Donate a Car Milwaukee to Help Fund Many Different Programs

How does it help when I donate a car to charity?

Rawhide offers faith-based help and guidance to at-risk youths and their families.  Their goal is to take broken young men and help them build a strong foundation so they can go on to make good choices and be productive members of society long after they leave the ranch.  When you donate a car to Rawhide, it will likely be sold at an auction.  The money from your Milwaukee car donation can help to fund their many programs, which include:

Residential treatment:  Many young men are sent to live at Rawhide by a court order after they have been in trouble with the law.  Others are sent by concerned parents.  While on the ranch, they live 24/7 in a traditional family environment.  At first, their time is very structured, even in regard to meals and weekends.  The residential program aims to teach healthy family dynamics, self-control, respect, and productive habits.

Family weekends:  This is a three-day retreat that aims to strengthen family relationships and build a strong foundation for your family to grow on.

Counseling services:  Residents at the ranch receive counseling services, but these services are also available for youths and their families who are not living on the ranch.  Rawhide offers individual, group, and marriage counseling.

Alternative schooling:  For at-risk youths who are struggling in traditional school, Rawhide offers alternative schooling.  They will work with the student and the school to give the individual attention that they need.

Adventure camp:  This is a week-long summer camp for at-risk boys.  It aims to teach campers respect, responsibility, and self-control, while encouraging them and giving them hope for the future.

Transitional group home:  After young men finish their time in the residential program and do not need as much supervision, they can be transitioned into community living.  They usually attend a local high school and are employed in the community.

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