Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter Car Trouble Can Cause Drivers to Donate a Car Madison

If you live up north, you may have perused a few articles this season that refer to the need to carry a winter emergency kit. Emergency kits are a great idea. These kits are especially important during the winter season, when temperatures plummet. Most lists of items necessary in kits are pretty similar. While there are a few staple items that seem to find their way into each kit, there are some items that winter survivalists seem to disagree on. The main point of disagreement is how to alert help. The most popular choice is to seek assistance by phone.

Disposable Phone

Disposable phones are most frequently seen on older lists, generally those created before 2003. According to a recent survey, 91% of Americans own cell phones. That number reflects all types of mobile phones, not just smart-phones. Some people still have pay-as-you-go or minute-based plans. Many of the phones available with pay-as-you-go plans are disposable. People that travel frequently sometimes keep these in either their vehicle or with travel gear.

Car Charger

The majority of lists recommend including a car charger in winter emergency kits. The majority of people seem to carry car chargers regularly due to the quick battery loss caused by extended smartphone use. Many smartphone users indicate that they have to charge their phones between afternoon and evening if they are planning on going out. Many drivers that use their phones as navigational devices typically keep their phones plugged in while driving to avoid battery drain.

The most common problem with reliance on car chargers alone is that the car battery must be operational to power a phone car charger. Since dead or drained batteries are one of the most common reasons that result in people getting stranded on the road, drivers must be prepared to use other means to signal or call for help.

Portable Charger

Portable chargers have shrunk and come down in price significantly over the past few years. Portable chargers are one of the most convenient ways to charge mobile phones. These chargers vary greatly in device compatibility, durability, and full charge time. Portables will lose charge over time. If you incorporate one into a winter emergency kit, make sure you fully charge it every so often.

Alerting Others

Regardless of whether help is on the way, drivers must focus on providing awareness to other drivers on the road. Drivers can use hazard lights, reflectors, or road flares to signal that they need help to passersby.

When help arrives, the owner may find out that they can no longer drive their vehicle. When faced with this situation, some owners decide to donate a car Madison
. It can be very disheartening to deal with a car that has problems. For some, the decision to donate a car is an emotional one. Many people that choose to donate a car Madison cite that they feel good about the decision, especially if they choose to help a worthwhile charity.

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