Saturday, April 30, 2016

How You Benefit from Donation Of Cars to Charity in Green Bay

How You Benefit from Donation Of Cars to Charity in Green Bay

In light of today's struggling economy many charities have had to become more creative in getting donations. This is why many have begun to accept vehicle donations aside from cash. While many have shied away from making a Green Bay donation of car to charity because of the changes in tax laws, there are still plenty of good reasons why you might want to consider the donation of cars to charity.

You Get a Tax Write Off

One of the main reasons you should consider Green Bay donation of cars to charity is for the tax write off. Even with the change in the IRS regulations, you can still claim the fair market value of the car on your income taxes. This could take a nice bite out of the tax liability of some people. If you expect that you're going to owe at the end of the year, this is a good way to reduce your debt.

You Get Rid of a Clunker

It is difficult to get rid of a car that is no longer working. It is hard to find a seller and most dealers won't even buy it from you for parts. But with a donation of car to charity Green Bay residents find that they may have an easier time getting rid of it. The trick is to find an organization that is trustworthy and has sufficient experience in such kinds of donations.

It Saves You Time

With a donation of cars to charity Green Bay residents are able to save time. Even if your car is in working order, meeting buyers, talking and negotiating deals, and handling the paperwork would take a lot of time. Most people do not have that kind of time so they make a car donation. Thus, they are relieved at how fast the entire transaction can be. And if you make your donation through organizations like, there'll be plenty of ways to save even more time in the process.

Making a donation to charity can still be rewarding for everyone concerned when you work with the right people to get it done.

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