Monday, May 16, 2016

Choosing to Donate a Vehicle

Donate a Vehicle Charities

Choosing to Donate a Vehicle
There are many situations that can arise that cause people to have “spare” vehicles that they do not know what to do with. These include buying a new car without trading the old one in, inheriting a vehicle from a family member, realizing that you no longer want or need to drive, and even helping a family member get rid of their old car or truck. While many people would immediately lean toward selling the car, there is also the option of donating it to charity. Donate a vehicle charities are organizations that are working to help those in need by providing them with road-ready cars and trucks at a discounted price.

Understanding Donate a Vehicle Charities

These organizations all have different mission statements and target groups. Some strive to help women and children, some try to help families and still others serve to improve the lives of young men. By taking in donations of food, clothing, money and vehicles, they can do this in a variety of ways, as well as use the donations to provide learning experiences and opportunities for people in need.

Many of these charities accept vehicle donations of all types, including cars, trucks and even power sports vehicles like jet skis and four wheelers. The great thing about donating a vehicle is that the donation does not always have to be in working order. The vehicles that are immediately road ready will be checked over and put up for auction, while the ones that need repairs will be fixed either by organization participants or local mechanics and then sold. Even the ones that are not able to be fixed can be sold for parts, and this money will be directly used by the organization for good.

Finding a vehicle donation charity can be difficult, but a lot of information can be found by simply looking online at sites like or researching local organizations and charities. This will let you know whether or not the organization’s values align with your own, whether or not thy are simple to reach and work with, and more information about the things that they have done in the past to help the community.

Donating a vehicle to charity is about doing something good for others, but the act does not come without a small benefit for you, too. While selling the vehicle would allow you to pocket some cash, donating a car to charity allows you to claim the deduction on your taxes the next time you file them. This can mean a tax break based on the value of your donated vehicle. This is especially useful in cases where you’ve inherited a vehicle or are working to get rid of a car or truck in order to settle the estate of a loved one that has passed.

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