Thursday, June 23, 2016

Donating Boats for Creating Hopes

You read that right, donating boats can lead to the creation of hope.  How? With The Rawhide Ranch and their rawhide boats donations, you can create hope at-risk youth and the families in trouble around your area.  Though boat donation may not be at the top of your mental list when you think about charity, donating your old or unwanted boat to charity can help a cause your truly care about continue to grow and serve the community.    For those in Wisconsin area, Rawhide is an excellent choice.  Especially if you have an affinity for children.

donating boats

This faith-based organization centers around creating hope and bright futures for at-risk youths throughout Wisconsin and the United States.  Rawhide boats uses the funds gained through your donations to invest into many health and wellness programs for these at-risk youths and their families.  These programs come in a huge variety from food, shelter, education and job training, all the way to mental health services, family counseling, and other programs designed to help these at-risk children a Rawhide.

With nearly 50 years of service and dedication, Rawhide is the ideal choice for those in the Wisconsin area who are looking to get rid of their old boat or buy another. Their kind and caring staff mixed with their wealth of experience makes their charity especially ideal for those who have not donated a capital asset to charity before.  To start your donation process, visit:
This contact form takes less than 1 minute to fill out.  Once a representative has processed your form, you will be called in order to arrange a free pick-up of your old or unwanted boat.   All you have to do is locate the title and remove any personal belongings you may still have inside of the boat.
Remember, your boat donation is more than a tax deduction or a way to get that old boat off your hands. Your donation will directly impact the lives of at-risk youths and their families. More importantly, your donation will impact the lives of Wisconsin's children.

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