Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How Your Boat Donation Helps Your Community

boat donationBoat donation is a clever way to provide the charities in your community with the funds they need to serve people in need.  Whether the charity uses your donation within their programs or auctions the boat to raise funds for the charity, your old boat is giving someone a new life.

So if you're looking to save on docking fees and give back to the less fortunate in your community, consider donating your boat to Rawhide and help at-risk youths and their families redirect their lives for the better.  With 83% of the proceeds from donations going to directly fund programs for the youth, you can rest assured that your old boat is being used for a good cause.

To sweeten the deal, Rawhide is an IRS recognized charity.  Meaning that once you've been provided with the receipt, you can use the statement to file a deduction on your federal income taxes.  In the event that you need help filing your deduction, the Rawhide staff can point you to the right forms and procedures.

Rawhide Boat Donation

Rawhide uses boat donations to fund the counseling and corrective programs throughout their various locations.  With a nearly 50 year legacy of changing lives for the better, Rawhide has accepted hundreds of vehicle and boat donations.

To get started with your boat donations, visit Rawhide's website and submit a donation contact form.  This form will ask you a couple of questions about your boat as well as how you've heard about their programs.  Once a staff member has processed your contact form, Rawhide will arrange a free boat pick-up and complete the rest of the donation process for you.

Once your boat has been processed, you'll be sent that tax receipt.   But remember, your donation is much more than a tax deduction:  It's an opportunity to help the less fortunate in your community and change lives for the better.  Consider donation before you sell that old boat.  Not only will you get that old boat off your hands, you'll feel great knowing that you did something to better your community.

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