Monday, September 19, 2016

Looking for a way to save on docking fees for that old boat?  Donate it!  Boat donation is a great way to get that old or unwanted boat off your dock and into the hands of someone who can truly use it.  Much like car donations, charities use old sailboat donations to raise funds for their mission.  Whether through auction or direct use within the mission, charities benefit greatly from these sizable donations.  In many cases, charities that are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service can provide a receipt that allows donors to deduct the fair market or auction value from the Federal Income Taxes.

Instead of trying to sell that old sailboat,  find a charity that accepts boat donation Wisconsin.  Not only will you save yourself the headache of the barter process and a few creepy Craigslist buyers, you'll be giving back to your community without having to put a dent in your checkbook.  Plus, you can feel good knowing you did something to give back to the less fortunate in your community.  Nothing is more rewarding than that. So instead of losing your hair and your mind, call up a local charity and ask if they accept boat donations Wisconsin.

Charities that Accept Boat Donation Wisconsin

For those in the state of Wisconsin, Rawhide is a great choice for getting rid of that old boat.  In addition to the children and families of Wisconsin for nearly 40 years, Rawhide has a lot of experience with boat donations Wisconsin.  They've processed over 200,000 donations since opening their doors and can provide first-time donors with a walk-through of the entire process.

Rawhide is a faith-based charity that provides counseling and therapy services to at-risk youths and their families.  With a growing continuum of programs and summer camps that help kids redirect their lives for the better, Rawhide aims to have a profound effect on the future of our children.  Their caring staff has worked with children, families, and volunteers alike to create an environment that supports change and love amongst families. When you complete boat donation Wisconsin with Rawhide, your old sailboat helps Rawhide provide therapy services to these families.

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