Saturday, February 11, 2017

Winter Car Donation Tips

Car Donation in the Winter

Winter Car Donation Tips
The easiest way to get from place to place is via car, but not everyone can simply hop into their own vehicle and go. Many people need to rely on the car donations that are made by generous individuals and then auctioned off by a car donation charity Milwaukee like Rawhide ( This organization takes unwanted vehicles and then gets them into the hands of people in need by selling them at a figure that is much less than the going rate. Not only does this help the people who become the new owners, but it helps the charities that host the auctions, too. Even though it may seem like something that takes place in the warmer summer months, car donation can happen throughout the year, even when it’s freezing cold and snowy outside.

Reasons for Winter Car Donation

One of the most convenient things about making a donation throughout the cooler months is that many organizations allow you to set up donation pick up times, meaning that you don’t even have to drive your old car to the charity to give it up. The process can be set up conveniently online or over the phone; it's up to you.

During these cold months, especially in the Midwest, it can be sometimes unpredictable to depend on the buses and public transportation methods. This makes it much more convenient to have a car that you can rely on - on your own schedule - without fail.
The early winter months are also great for making donations because they’re the end of the year, a time to tie up loose ends. Especially useful when it comes to tax deductions, a donation of this nature can be claimed on tax forms, which may give you an extra boost when it comes to a return.

The most important reason for donation, though is the simple feeling of helping many people in need by giving the gift of an old vehicle. Even though the car may not look or drive like it’s new, it will still provide years and many miles of use to someone else. The charity will be able to help people in need, and then in turn continue to do good via funding programs and providing shelter and assistance to many, many people. This means that the community will benefit, individuals will benefit, and even you, the donor will benefit when you realize that it is all made possible by your vehicle donation.

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