Saturday, May 20, 2017

Car Donation Benefits Teens

Car Donation Benefits Teens

The teen years can be a tough time for anyone.  Even folks who grow up in the most supportive families and have access to the best social and educational opportunities can find the teen years challenging.  Imagine, then, what a difficult time this can be for individuals who lack access to such advantages.  Almost every community has a foster care agency to help kids who have lost their immediate families and maybe their whole support systems. 

As the US economy has taken a downturn in the past few years, and substance abuse rates have risen to all-time highs, more and more youth are ending up in a position to need help from charitable organizations.  Teenagers have the most needs out of all of the kids served by such charities.

Donate Your Car to Create Opportunities for Teens

If you have an old vehicle you don't use and don't have time to sell, car donation is a great option that will help teens in your community.  A quick internet search will turn up many kinds of car donation charities Milwaukee that assist teenagers in the foster care system, or otherwise in need.  These charitable organizations may either sell your donated vehicle and use the monies realized to further their missions, or they may actually use your donation as a part of their mission.  Here are some ways that existing charities for teens use donated vehicles:
  • Many teenagers aren't yet old enough to drive.  Those who are most likely do not have access to the funds to purchase and maintain their own vehicles.  Therefore, basic transportation needs such as after school activities and doctor or counselor appointments become difficult for these kids.  Some charities make rides available in order to make these very normal and necessary activities a bit easier and more routine.
  • Outdoor and overnight trips provide great social and cultural opportunities for teens.  Camping and trekking help build stamina, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.   Visiting an art museum or seeing an opera or classical music performance open doors to possible leisure and career interests.

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