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Why Vehicle Donation is Important

Why Vehicle Donation is Important

Vehicle Donation Facts

- Cars, trucks and even boats and ATVs can be donated year round to many charities. This is to encourage more donations, and to help ensure that people can get rid of unwanted vehicles whenever is most convenient for them.

- Car donations only require basic information to be provided about the vehicle in question and you, the current owner. This is for record keeping and tax purposes, because each donation must be reported and filed in order to ensure the legality of the transfers.

- The vehicle donation process not only helps the eventual new owners of the vehicles, but it also provides funds for the charities to work with.

- No matter what your beliefs may be, there is an organization available for you to work with. Searching the web, talking with family, friends or other community members and even the charities themselves can give you a better idea of each charity’s end goals, allowing you to make an informed decision about completing the donation.

How Vehicle Donation Helps the Community

You may think that vehicle donation Green Bay will only help the charities and the new owners, but you’re wrong. The truth is that donating cars and trucks like this will actually help the surrounding communities, too. With more people having access to their own vehicles, they can participate in things that many people take for granted like driving for leisure, shopping, working further from home than the bus or train lines can carry them, and simply being able to contribute more to local economies.

This type of vehicle sale also means that in most cases, there aren’t any monthly vehicle payments for new owners to make. This extra money can be used on repairs, maintenance and helping to prolong the life of the vehicle, instead of simply going toward paying it off.
When the charity raises money through the sale of donated vehicles, this money will go toward helping the organization continue to operate. This may be through paying bills, buying supplies, making repairs to facilities or vehicles owned and used by the organization, putting on events or fundraisers, offering classes or simply providing programs and community outreach. No matter what is done, each and every sold vehicle helps a great deal, with the proceeds being put directly back into use.

You may not immediately think of donating vehicles to charity, but this is an option that can do a lot of good for many people at the same time, so before you make the decision about what you’ll do with an unused or unnecessary vehicle, do some research and figure out what is best for your situation.

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