Friday, October 24, 2014

When You Want To Donate Car Green Bay Charities Are Ready For It

Have you ever considered donating a car to charity? If you are in Green Bay donate car charities like Rawhide allow you to do this. More and more people are becoming interested in donating their old vehicles due to two main reasons. Firstly, when you use donate car Green Bay facilities, you know that your money is going directly to a cause that is close to your heart. Because you will be giving a large, singular cash injection, the charity is then able to use this for high impact services. The second reason is that these donations are tax deductible, so long as the charity is 501(c)(3), just like Rawhide.

What Does Rawhide Do?

When you donate a car, you will want to make sure that the money that is generated actually goes to something good and important. Rawhide is a Christian not-for-profit organization that supports young people and their families through difficult times. At their Rawhide Ranch, they offer residential mental health support, as well as various other services. For instance, people can access out-patient mental health support and parents can receive counseling to help them provide better support for their children. As you can see at, they also run an activity camp that is designed to give young people the personal skills they need to have confidence in their own abilities and knowledge. To further support this, the charity also runs the Starr Academy, where young people study math, English, science and social sciences. Through cars donation, you will be supporting a charity that delivers incredibly important work, in other words. It truly is a worthy caused that is worth any help it can receive.

How to Donate Car Through Rawhide

Rawhide has made it easy for anyone to donate car to charity. You can simply visit their website and enter the details of your car, and they will sort out the rest. Additionally, when you donate a car through, you will receive a tax receipt so that your tax deductions can be properly documented. As soon as you complete the necessary details online, someone from the charitable organization will contact you to pick it up. They will then sell it at an auction and because it is a charity with very high efficiency, the majority of the money will be going to the work that they do and not to administrative costs.

It is generally recommended to do a little bit of research work yourself. When you donate car Green Bay charities are willing to receive you look up the value of your car first. This will give you a good idea of whether or not the price that is paid for it is actually fair and it is a beneficial piece of knowledge in terms of your income tax return. You should also spend some time researching about Rawhide itself, so you get a better idea of how your money will actually be spent. It is likely that you will be so impressed by their work that you will be looking at other ways to support them as well.

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