Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Should You Donate A Vehicle To Charity In Madison, Wisconsin?

All charities survive thanks to cash donations from everyday people like yourself. More and more people, however, are deciding not to give regular financial donations, but they choose to donate a vehicle instead. Indeed, the number of people who choose to do this has been growing tremendously. Basically, people are starting to understand that the money they would get for an old car is better spent going to charity, particularly because it is very hard to find someone who would be willing to purchase their old car in the first place. Furthermore, when you use vehicle donation Madison charities, your donation will be tax deductible as well. This means you get to feel altruistic and good about yourself for doing your moral duty, and then you end up slightly better off financially as well.

Understanding the Vehicle Donation Process

When you make a Madison vehicle donation, it is likely that you will get more for it than you would had you sold it yourself. Keeping it unused on your driveway only costs you money, aside from the fact that it is potentially bad for the environment. This is why charities like Rawhide, at, have made the vehicle donations procedure really easy. It allows them to help the people they serve, and it allows you to no longer have an old vehicle that you can't do anything with.

The process itself is very easy. You simply contact your chosen charity online or over the telephone, and they will arrange for it to be picked up at a time that is convenient to you. If you want to make sure that the charity becomes more efficient and has more money to spend where it really matters, you could also drop it off yourself, thereby saving them the towing costs.

To ensure you are able to get your tax deduction, your charity does have to be 501c3 registered, just like Rawhide. This means that when you make vehicle donations through Rawhide, they will provide you with the necessary paperwork to attach to your income tax return. This will be provided to you after they have used the vehicle in the way they wanted to, whether this is selling it at an auction or donating it to a needy family, for instance. You should get your tax receipt within 30 days of handing over your vehicle.

When you donate to charity, you are truly making a difference. A charity like Rawhide, for instance, uses the money that they receive through your kindness in order to help young people who have mental health challenges. They ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to become contributing members of society when they reach adulthood. As such, your donation doesn't just solve an immediate problem, it actually helps shape a better future for everybody. It is no wonder, when you consider this, that psychologists have uncovered that those who donate to charity feel better about themselves. After all, if you can see a young person achieving things in life thanks to your kindness, you are entitled to feel good.

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