Friday, October 24, 2014

Which Vehicle Donation Charity Should You Choose In Milwaukee?

More and more people are considering donating their vehicle to charity and this is also true in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the reasons why people are looking for their nearest vehicle donation charity is because these donations are tax deductible. At that last 2000 count, it was estimated that some $650 million was wiped off people's tax bills in the U.S., thanks to these donations, which is certainly impressive. Of course, when you donate vehicle to charity, you are also driven by altruistic motives. After all, the impact you can have on the work that your chosen charity can deliver is huge. This does mean, however, that you need to choose a good vehicle donation Milwaukee charity that is fighting for a worthy cause that you believe in. Most of us believe that giving back to the community is our social and moral responsibility, but choosing how to donate and through which organization is a very personal choice.

Services Provided by Rawhide

In Milwaukee donate vehicle to Rawhide and you will make a truly massive impact on the community around you. As you can see at, the work this charitable organization does is incredibly important and the people they help benefit from this work for the rest of their lives. Rawhide works with young people who have mental health difficulties, offering them residential and outpatient treatment and counseling. Additionally, they offer parental support in order to enable young people to live in a supportive environment where they are able to develop and flourish. This charity also organizes regular activity days that are designed to help young people build up their self-confidence and learn how to be team players. They even run the Starr Academy, an educational establishment that enables young people to stay on track with their math, English, science and social science knowledge. This truly is a vehicle donation charity that you could consider supporting. The young people who receive help through Rawhide often go on to become mentors to future young people, which means the positive impact this charity has truly spans generations.

How to Donate a Vehicle to Charity

Rawhide has made very easy for you if you want to donate a vehicle to charity. The vehicle donation Milwaukee organization Rawhide simply requires you to go to their website and fill in an online contact form. You can also telephone them if you prefer. They will then arrange for your vehicle to be picked up at a time and date that is convenient for you. They will tell you what documentation they need in order to prove that the car is actually yours and doesn't have any outstanding financial obligations on it. They will also inform you on what you need to do in order to sign the vehicle over to the charity. They will then sell it through an auction and provide you with a tax receipt for your records. As this vehicle donation charity is 501(c)(3) registered, your donation is fully tax deductible as well. This means that you not only help the community, you will be helping yourself, too.

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