Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Donate Car Madison Charities Can Use To Help Fund A School And Others

Many charities, including those in Madison, Wisconsin, are accepting cars as donations as these can offer a much higher value than monetary donations. If you do choose to donate car to Madison charity then you should know a little about the history of your chosen charity.

One example is Rawhide, which is a non profit, faith-based charitable organization in Wisconsin. They help young boys who are struggling with life, who may have gotten into trouble with the law, or those who have behavioral problems who may be not coping in mainstream school. In addition they also offer support and counseling to the families of those young boys because these kinds of issues are bound to have a devastating affect on those closest to them.

Rawhide was established in 1965 with the mission of helping young boys who were maybe having some issues in life and needed a bit of help and support to get back on track. They started to roll out different programs and methods to provide help and then in 1980 they opened a choice school especially for those kids who couldn't cope with life in mainstream education.

This choice school relies on people who donate car Madison communities can benefit from, to carry on the work that it does. It is accredited by the chapters which are registered with the U.S Department of Education and focuses on a few core subjects (Math, English, Science and Social Studies) which are all taught in classrooms with only a small number of students so that they can have more attention. The school's teaching program aims to encourage academic advancement, leadership and character development as well as physical fitness and how to live a healthy lifestyle and more.

If you want to donate car to this kind of organization then you can find further information by typing "donate car Madison" or Madison donate care" into a search engine. When you do this you get an added bonus and can get a tax deduction when you donate car to charity.

The programs at Rawhide have a 73% success rate which is all thanks to the kind people who offer car donations Madison charities like these are in need of.

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