Sunday, June 21, 2015

Donate A Car Madison Resident - In Your Will

Do you think you have no valuable assets and have nothing that you could pass on to a charitable organization in Madison, Wisconsin? Think again. Go over to your lounge window and look out at your front garden. Do you have a driveway? And on that driveway how many cars do you have? Final question, how many of those cars do you use regularly? If you have a car that is surplus to your requirements and is sitting there gathering dust and rust on your driveway then you most definitely have a valuable asset to donate, that car.

How do I donate a car Madison charities will get, you ask? Well to start with you need to do some extensive research into charities that accept vehicular donations. You don't want to offer up your car to a charity that has different views from you, nor do you want to donate to a charity that isn't very forthcoming with the facts about its programs, services and how your donation will be used. Citizens of Madison donate a car to a charity that you feel is 100% worthy of your gift.

The next thing to work out is to know when to donate a car to charity. There are certain times of the year where your vehicle may be worth more at auction, demand for cars seems to be highest during the colder months and so although donations are accepted all year round you may want to wait to donate a car to Madison charity until the cold months.

There is another option for you to consider while thinking about when to donate a car in Madison. Is it possible for you to donate a car to charity in your will? This will be dealt with in the event of your death and the person in charge of your will can arrange for all of this to happen. People who donate a car Madison charities are looking for in their will usually have a vehicle of higher value to donate, such as a vintage classic car, sports car or high-end business car. Any time you decide to donate a car it is appreciated but if you can't donate in life, then why not do it after you're gone.

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