Monday, June 29, 2015

Give The Gift Of Wheels With Car Donation Madison Charities Are On The Lookout For

When talking about giving cars as gifts in Madison, Wisconsin, I often think of a teenager who's just got his drivers license and gets bought a car. I bet a lot of you think of that too and it's hard not to think of the kids as spoiled (although I'm sure they're not) as these. But what happens once they outgrow that car or move on to something new? Instead of leaving the original car to sit out and rot on a driveway why not do something amazing and look into car donation Madison programs?

A car can be worth thousands of dollars to a worthy charity that can sell it at wholesaler auction for a profit to put back into funding the services and programs that they offer. In the case of Rawhide, a donation of a car means a charity car can also be used as a source of therapy for the young boys under its care by allowing them to make minor repairs if they are needed.

Of course, you don't only have to consider a car donation. There are many charities that accept this type of donation but if you are local to the area then it makes sense that a close by charity gets to make the most of the Madison car donation benefits.

There are many reasons to choose Rawhide as the charity you might want to donate to. For starters, they help the local community by helping to treat and rehabilitate troubled young men. Some of them may have a criminal charge against them. Rawhide offers counseling, residential, summer camps and a whole lot more therapies which turn these young men into well balanced and successful members of society, thereby reducing the incidence of crime and repeat offenses.

In the 50 years it has been in operation, Rawhide has gone from strength to strength and is constantly expanding in order to help more and more young men and their families. It relies on schemes such as car donation Madison programs to provide them with the funds needed to continue on with the programs and to expand further to include more services and reach out to more people.

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