Thursday, September 17, 2015

Donate a Vehicle Green Bay and Help Those in Need

Each time you make the conscious effort to help others, you're doing something great. Even if it's something small like donating food to a shelter or food pantry or a larger act like volunteering time, the meaning behind the actions is there. One of the biggest - and most appreciated - types of donation is that of a vehicle, and there are many reasons why.

Vehicle donation may mean the difference between people having reliable transportation and being stuck relying on friends, family and public transportation. It may seem like an unbelievable thing to not have access to a personal vehicle, but the truth is that for many people, owning a vehicle is an unobtainable luxury. These vehicle donations are accepted all across the country, and can almost immediately be put to good use by people who truly need them.

When you donate a vehicle Green Bay area charities take many factors into consideration, but none of these impact your ability to give. Many organizations don't even require the car or truck to be running - it simply has to have functional wheels in order to be transported from point A to point B. If the vehicles need repairs, sometimes classes or workshops are held by the organizations themselves for minor ones, and outside agencies make more major ones - either way, the vehicle will be carefully assessed before it is auctioned off to the new owners, or simply sold for scrap or parts if it is beyond repair.

The vehicles are not the only thing in this situation that provide help, the funds raised by their sale will help, too. When the new owner pays for the vehicle (typically much less than the cost of buying it off of a lot or from a private dealer), these funds go directly toward the charity that sold the vehicle, allowing them to use their vehicle donations funds directly toward benefitting the organization. The money goes toward buying supplies, organizing events and even providing assistance or education to those who utilize the charity's services - how great! One additional benefit is that those who choose to donate their vehicles to charity are able to claim it when filling out their tax returns - it can be used as a deduction, which often helps out and increases the amount of the refund.

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