Sunday, September 20, 2015

Reasons to Donate a Vehicle Green Bay

Making a donation to charity is something to feel proud of, no matter what it is that you choose to give. One of the biggest and most helpful donations is that of a vehicle, because there's absolutely nothing as rewarding as knowing that you have given something of yours that you can't or won't use again... but can help someone else get a fresh lease on life.

- Vehicle donation makes it possible for people that couldn't otherwise afford a vehicle to have one of their own. This means going where they want when they want - and not having to rely on anyone else. Though they will still have to pay maintenance, the initial large sum of money and necessity of paying payments each month will not be present.

- When you donate vehicle to charity, you're not just helping the eventual new owner of the car, you're helping the organization, too. The organization can only continue to operate with the help of donors and the influx of donations - which is what you'll contribute by donating a vehicle. Not only will the money raised by the auction of the vehicle help to support the organization, it will help them keep presenting a positive image to the community, as well as promote the fact that they are able and willing to do what they set out to do - help!

- Choosing to donate a vehicle Green Bay means that Wisconsin residents in need won't have to worry about public transportation throughout the cold months, and that those who replace their vehicles in order to prepare for the winter won't have to wait until Spring to offload their old vehicle. Donations are accepted year round, making it possible for you to donate a vehicle at any time, because people are always in need.

- Vehicle donations do not have to be in working order, and you can still get credit for them. The vehicles that are too broken to be adequately repaired for continued use will be sold to raise immediate cash, they simply need to have functional wheels so that they can be towed to their new "home". Even these types of vehicles can be claimed as deductions on tax forms - many organizations offer two different amounts; a standard deduction valued at $500, which can be given at the time of transfer, and the option to wait until the vehicle is sold, which can't be assessed until the sale is complete. No matter what you choose, you'll be getting a little back for giving - which is always a great outcome.

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