Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Donation of Cars to Charity Green Bay Will Help

donation of cars to charity green bay

When it comes to ditching your old car, you may have second thoughts. Sure it can be a tough thing to get rid of your vehicle after so many years of traveling together, and experiencing so many things as one. But your donation of car to charity green bay can provide more benefit than you ever thought possible when it comes to moving on from your old car. Not only will your taxes benefit from your donations, but troubled youth in the community will benefit all while you are having a fast an easy experience with your donation. Here is how that happens.

Prep Your Car

Prepping your car is easier than it may sound. You don't have to get your car detailed, or wash it even. During your Rawhide Green Bay donation of cars to charity process, all that we ask is that you remove any trash from your car, sign the title, remove the plates, and make sure that you have four good tires on your ride. Prepping your donation has never been so easy!

Set Up Your Donation

You might not have the time to drive to one of our Rawhide donation centers to drop off your car, but don't worry, we have got you covered. As with all Green Bay donation of car to charity instances, you can setup a time and place by phone for a Rawhide representative to come to you and pick up your car. This takes the hassle out of charitable giving. We pick up cars nationwide, and if your car is having engine troubles, we provide free towing!
Your car will then be auctioned in order to provide the facilities and programs necessary to improve the lives of troubled youth living in Wisconsin communities. This is how your donation of cars to charity Green Bay can help you and the lives of those around you without causing any unnecessary hardship. To make things even better, for youth wishing to learn the mechanical trade, we have programs available that allow youth to work on your car donations in order to better themselves as well as get you the maximum tax deduction available.

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