Monday, November 23, 2015

Donate a Vehicle Green Bay to Honor Bart Starr

donate a vehicle green bay
There are many good reasons to donate a vehicle to the Rawhide Boys Ranch in the Green Bay area.  Vehicle donation benefits at-risk youth in all of the programs offered by Rawhide, which include residential group homes, transitional group homes, outpatient counseling, Adventure Camp and the Starr Academy, which is a school for boys who need an alternative to other, traditional school settings.  If you are near green bay donate a vehicle also to remember the Green Bay Packers and to support one of their legendary players, Bart Starr, for whom the Starr Academy is named.
Both Bart Starr, and one of his fans, Scott Roberts, have made vehicle donations.  Scott remembers the famous 1962 game between the underdog Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants.  Though Scott was only eight years old at the time, he was impressed by Starr's standout performance, which led the Packers to be victorious over the Giants for the second year in a row, with a 16-7 win.  Scott was also impressed when Starr contributed to the community by raffling off his MVP 1968 Corvette as a fundraiser for the Rawhide Boys Ranch.

In 2014, Bart Starr was making a slow recovery from a stroke.  Scott hadn't forgotten about his childhood hero, and decided to follow Starr's example of philanthropy and donate a vehicle to charity.  He had a 1962 Ford Galaxie that he only used in the summertime, and decided that it would make the perfect tribute to Starr's standout performance in the 1962 Packers vs. Giants game.  He also felt the 1962 Packers were a powerhouse team, with some of the greatest players ever assembled in NFL history.  Scott decided to donate a vehicle green bay, his 1962 Ford Galaxie, to Rawhide as a service to his community and as a tribute to Bart Starr and the 1962 Green Bay Packers.

Everyone can have to opportunity to support Rawhide Boys Ranch by donating a vehicle.  The process is very easy, and will also provide you with a deduction the next time you file your IRS tax return.

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