Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why You Should Donate Car Madison

donate car madisonIf you have a vehicle that you no longer need and are interested in donate car Madison, there is no shortage of charities that are willing to take your donation.  With them all clamoring for your attention with TV ads, billboards, and mailings, you may wonder how to select a charity to donate to.  Here are some guidelines for selecting a non-profit when you donate car to charity.

You obviously want your donation to go to an organization that does good work.  Think if you know anyone who has been helped by a charity and says good things about their services.  Maybe a friend or colleague had a child that was helped by a charity for at-risk youths.  If you can’t think of anyone you know personally, think of a cause that is important to you.  It could be helping children, animals, the environment, or the arts.  Look for a charity in your area that supports this cause.  Try to find out how long they have been around, and what exactly they do.  If they are a legitimate charity, this information should be readily available.  Some non-profits will let you volunteer or tour the charity to learn more about them.  Some charities are definitely better than others, so check with some of the many different charity watchdog groups to see what they say about the charity.  The more of their funding that goes towards their cause, the better.  If you learn that the charity spends most of their money on paying a CEO’s salary and advertising, you should keep looking.

When you want to donate car, once you have selected a charity you should call or check their website to see if they accept vehicle donations.  If they do, you will usually have to provide some basic information, including the type of vehicle, the VIN, and the mileage.  Sometimes they ask for additional information, such as the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle.  You can chose to drop the vehicle off at the charity, or often when you donate car, you can have the charity tow it away for you.  After you donate car to charity, you have the option of claiming a deduction on your taxes.  If you plan to do this, make sure that you receive a receipt or other proof of donation.

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