Thursday, November 26, 2015

Making Boat Donations to Charity

boat donations

If you're having second thoughts about making a donation to charity, consider some of the following - especially if the donation that you would be making is something big like a boat or a car. Donations of this size have the potential to impact  charity in a huge way, making them truly meaningful.
  • Donated boats are able to be claimed as tax deductions; you'll be giving something to an organization that can use it to their benefit and making it so that you can get a little something back in return.
  • Boat donations are collected year round, making it possible to give one to charity no matter what the season is. Organizations are always on the lookout for donations like this, because they are so valuable; these donations can do a lot of good, and the charities don't want to limit them to specific times of the year.
  • Many people choose not to donate - or are hesitant about it - because they don't understand the situation or know what to expect. This process is clearly outlined on many different websites like, where you can learn about what information is necessary to make a donation, what will happen to the boat,  and what some of the benefits are for taking part. When people know what they are getting into, it is possible to entice more to participate - which is good for the organizations.
  • Boats won't have to be transported to the drop off location by the donor, as organizations will schedule pickup to make things even simpler. Designed never to be inconvenient, the whole process will only take a few minutes to initiate, and then another few minutes to complete - the organization representatives are well aware of their duties and expectations, and want to work quickly to keep everyone involved happy.
  • Donated boats offer an opportunity to charities to make a huge impact on the community because their sale will raise larger amounts of money than single donations or other goods taken in. This money is used to directly fund the charity, put on classes and programs, and purchase supplies for use in any way that is necessary.
None of these things are possible without the donations from generous people with things like boats and cars that they no longer have use for - so consider learning enough about the process to make yourself comfortable with donation in order to help those in need.

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