Thursday, March 30, 2017

Boat Donation Better Than Letting it Sit

Boat Donation Better Than Letting it Sit

There are many risks to letting a boat sit unused. During colder weather, freeze damage can occur quickly when boats haven't been properly winterized. Improper winterizing (using space heaters or light bulbs to warm the boat) can also pose serious fire hazards. In fact, many boat fires have been reported as a result.

But this isn't just about the off season. In fact, it's amazing just how much damage no use at all can do no matter the weather. Boat insurers report, for example, that for every boat that sinks while sailing, four go down while sitting in their slip.

Why Boats Sink

Boats sink for varied reasons. One culprit can be leaves. When the scuppers get clogged with leaves, it can prevent water from a simple rainstorm from draining properly and the weight from that will accumulate over time. Rubber on the boat can also dry out and crack, allowing water to seep in. Banging against the dock during windy weather can also lend itself to damage that will add up over time, especially if you're not checking in to notice it.

Donate Your Boat Instead

Boats can be great fun for families or for individuals looking for some peace and quiet. However, if your interests have changed or you just don't have the time, don't let your boat go to waste. Much better that you earn a tax deduction and give your boat to a good cause then letting its value drop while it sits and waits.

Making a boat donation doesn't have to be hard. All you need to do is find an organization that accepts donations of that sort (there are more than you'd think!), verify that they're a non-profit (so that you can be sure your donation will qualify for a tax deduction), and you're on your way.

The best part is that companies that accept boat donations want to make the process as easy for you as possible. Most of them will come pick up your boat within a matter of days, and provide you with all the necessary documentation that you need to get the credit you deserve for your gift.

What are you waiting for? Consider making a donation today. 

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