Monday, March 27, 2017

Don't Worry, You Can Still Make a Car Donation in Wisconsin

Don't Worry, You Can Still Make a Car Donation in Wisconsin

With a new government now in place and the various changes and executive orders that are being implemented, residents of Wisconsin will be happy to know that claiming a tax deduction for donating a car is still possible. Donors will continue to be able to help the less fortunate while also benefiting from a reduction in taxes. So, when you make a car donation to a charitable organization like Rawhide, you will still be able reap the rewards. Meanwhile, the said charity will continue to be assisted with its various services for the youth, such as the Rawhide Boys Ranch.

Charities Accepting Cars as Donations Continue to Operate

Although various elements of the government, including the IRS, continue to be in a deadlock, you can still apply for tax deductions, and you will continue to be able to do so. When working with a charity, donors will find that the organization will make sure that all the paperwork required to claim a deduction is in order. You should receive the receipt very soon after donating your vehicle, so there is no need for you to be stressed about it.

The Importance of the Tax Receipt

To claim a tax deduction donors will be expected to have that paperwork, which is known as a tax receipt. All you need to do is submit this with your tax return, just like always. The IRS has made no changes about the paperwork that they accept.

Yes, there have been some shutdowns in the IRS, which is mainly seen in non-critical departments and in the helplines. However, Wisconsin charities like the one featured at have reported that the departments that process and accept paperwork are functioning, whether you hand in your tax return physically or electronically.

No Problem with Claiming a Tax Deduction

Remember that while there have been some significant changes in the government, the IRS will continue to exist, and the vast majority of tax laws will remain unchanged as well. Any good car charity will tell you this, and they will continue to provide you with the required and valid tax receipt you need to claim your deduction, just as you did every other year.

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