Monday, March 27, 2017

Sell, Trade-in, or Donate Car to Charity

You will usually have three main options when you have a vehicle that you no longer need.  You can trade it in, try to sell it, or donate car to charity.

Selling and trading-in

Sell, Trade-in, or Donate Car to Charity
People usually trade-in a vehicle when they are purchasing a different one from a dealership.  The advantage to this is that the value of the trade-in can be applied to the cost of your new vehicle.

Selling your unwanted vehicle can be a pain.  You need to spend money on advertising, clean the vehicle to make it look as appealing as possible, and make time to take strangers on test drives.  There is no way that you can know how long it will take to sell the vehicle, and you will usually get less for it than you expect.

Donate car to charity Green Bay

Possibly the easiest and most satisfying solution when you have an unwanted vehicle is to donate car to charity Green Bay.  Car donation charities Green Bay make the process very simple and straightforward.  There is no haggling – most car donation charities Green Bay will take any vehicle in any condition.  Unlike selling the vehicle yourself, there is no cost to you and very minimal time needed.  All you need to do is to contact the car charity Green Bay and give them some basic information such as your name, address, and what type of vehicle you are donating.  You do not even have to transport the vehicle yourself; car donation charities Green Bay will arrange to have the vehicle towed for you.

One of the biggest perks to giving your vehicle to a car charity Green Bay is the satisfaction of knowing that you have done a good thing.  Charities rely on donations for funding, and for many car donation charities Green Bay, a large portion of those funds come from the sale of donated vehicles.  If that satisfaction isn’t enough of a reward, know that you can also claim your vehicle donation as a deduction on your taxes for the year that you made the donation.  You can learn more about car donation charities Green Bay at

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