Thursday, May 19, 2016

Donate a Vehicle to Rawhide to Help At-Risk Youth

Vehicle donation is a good way to help charities with funding.  There are many different charities to choose from when you donate a vehicle.  Some are more efficient and effective than others, and one good one is Rawhide.

How Is the Vehicle Donation Used?

Donate a Vehicle to Rawhide to Help At-Risk Youth
Rawhide Ranch is a charity that helps at-risk youths and their families.  They have many different programs, one of which is an intense residential program.  Young men are sometimes put in this program by a judge, or parents can enroll their sons if they are worried that they are on the wrong path.  While living on the ranch, the young men live in a family setting 24 hours a day.  Staff focuses on helping the youths make changes that will help them to make good decisions and be responsible when they leave the ranch.  Other programs include family weekends, foster care, alternative schooling, counseling, adventure camp and more.  You can find charities that support all different causes, but donating to one that helps young people grow up to be productive citizens can benefit our community as a whole.

Rawhide has been accepting vehicle donations for over 30 years, and that experience shows.  Some charities that are less efficient at handling their vehicle donations use the help of a third party and that can lead to extra expenses and money slipping through the cracks.  Rawhide staff members are experts at evaluating a vehicle donation and getting the most for it.  They even hold auctions right on the ranch and sell some vehicles on their eBay store, cutting out the middle man and minimizing expenses.

Some well-known charities spend the majority of their funding on administrative costs and advertising, but not Rawhide.  Rawhide spends 83% of the money earned from vehicle donations directly on their programs and services to help at-risk youths.  This means that if you choose Rawhide when you donate a vehicle Green Bay, your donation can really help to make a difference.

How Do I Donate a Vehicle to Charity?

You can get your vehicle donation started by clicking and filling out their online form.  It takes less than a minute and Rawhide will even transport the vehicle donation for you.

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