Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why Donate a Car to Charity in Milwaukee?

If you have an old vehicle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that you no longer use, you may be considering donating it to charity. But why would you donate a car to a charitable organization? This is because there are actually many benefits to doing so, some of which you may not have been aware of.

1. You Help a Charity

Obviously, if you are donating a car, you are providing an organization with some much needed help. Charities rely on donations from people like you to be able to finance their important services. Some charities will sell your vehicle so that they can use the money to provide services. Others will donate the vehicle to the people they help, enabling them to travel to work, school, medical appointments, and so on. Either way, your donation will be well-received and put to very good use.

2. You Help the Environment

Vehicles are extreme polluters. While driving them causes pollution, simply leaving them on your driveway is just as bad, if not more. It will start to rust, leak oil and fuel into the earth, and more. When you donate a car, Milwaukee as a whole will become a healthier, cleaner, and greener place.

3. You Help Your Finances

It sounds weird, but by giving something away, you will actually help your own finances. This is because in Milwaukee donate a car efforts are fully tax deductible, so long as the charity you donate to is 501(c)3 registered. These charities will send you a tax receipt for your donation, which means you can make a deduction from your income tax.

4. You Feel Good

Why Donate a Car to Charity in Milwaukee?
When you donate a car to charity, you will feel good about yourself and for good reason. A philanthropic act is something that most of us want to do, but aren't able to. Something as simple as getting rid of something that's in your way is a huge philanthropic act, and you can be proud of that.

So what is the best charity to donate a car to? Only you can decide that, but do consider Rawhide with website at They work with at risk youths, helping them to become well-rounded adults.

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